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Mobile is not an afterthought. Embrace the mobile-first mindset.

As an enterprise mobile app development agency, we specialize in building high-performance mobile apps that become an indispensable part of your employees’ routine, optimize their daily workflows, and help them stay connected regardless of location.

Streamline your workflows with enterprise mobile development services

Our experts are well-versed in iOS, Android, and cross-platform app development, making it possible to tailor solutions based on your organization’s unique requirements.

Enterprise iOS app development

Instinctools’ developers stay on top of the latest standards and guidelines of enterprise iPhone app development.
We squeeze the most out of Apple devices while ensuring that your enterprise data is completely secure.

Enterprise Android app development

We utilize the most recent Android app development techniques while sticking to our battle-tested design and user experience practices. Our vast Android expertise allows us to ensure consistent performance for all Android-compatible devices.

Cross-platform development 

Whether you want to empower a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy or have other reasons for a cross-platform solution, we’ve got the tools and expertise to ensure a seamless user experience across multiple mobile operating systems.

Gain accessibility at all levels with enterprise mobile app development

Be it through an app tailored to a specific department or a company-wide ERP system, our enterprise mobile app development company has the expertise to transform a basic concept into a comprehensive solution that will assist your organization in revamping its processes and enhancing the outcomes.

Employee level

Enable your employees to prioritize tasks, collaborate on projects, and access important information from any location. Our experienced developers will ensure your team can stay productive on the go.

Department level

Streamline the processes of your sales, logistics, customer support, or other departments, and make them more efficient. Increase customer service quality, reduce response time, and cut down costs.

Company level

Ensure that the entire organization is functioning at its full potential and all necessary details are communicated to everyone in the team in a timely manner. Create a more connected environment where employees stay 100% engaged wherever they are.

Get the job done anytime, anywhere.

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Enterprise mobile applications to deliver new efficiencies across all business processes

We understand that the success of your organization relies heavily on the performance of its employees. No wonder that 84% of companies acknowledge that their productivity increased when they integrated mobile apps into their business. That’s why we strive to develop reliable, easy-to-use, and agile mobile applications that make managing tasks a breeze. 

Management software

Customer relationship management

CRM mobile apps empower your sales teams to be more agile, take a more proactive approach to interactions with customers, and stay up-to-date with the pipeline.

Logistics management

We deliver mobile apps for your drivers to stay connected while on the road. With secure document retrieval and note-taking features, they can easily access and annotate essential documents on the go. Enhanced with a location tracking system, these mobile solutions ensure complete visibility into your drivers’ whereabouts and activities, enabling you to optimize your logistics operations.

Supply chain management

Our developers build SCM mobile apps that allow your employees to accurately track materials, manage inventory, generate reports, and solve major supply chain pain points from the palm of their hands.

Warehouse management

Our cloud-based warehouse management mobile apps allow supervisors to dynamically manage tasks, improve visibility into warehouse work queues, and track resources in real-time. 

Field service apps

We build robust field staff mobile solutions that optimize task management, tracking, and scheduling, automate reporting and increase overall visibility into field operations.

Accounting systems

Our mobile accounting solutions sync with corporate systems and support access to data from any device, allowing accountants to control payment deadlines, manage transactions, send tax notifications, and automate invoicing from their smartphones.

C-suite dashboards

With dynamic dashboards and analytics solutions accessible on the fly, C-suite executives can always stay in the know about their organization’s performance and are empowered to make critical business decisions whenever and wherever.

Team collaboration and communication

By providing mobile communication and project management solutions, such as text and audio chat, video conferencing, file sharing, task tracking modules, and calendar synchronization tools, we enable teams to be more flexible in their collaboration.

Boost your company’s performance with our enterprise mobile app development services.

Maximize the potential of your enterprise mobility with these must-have features

We know what exact attributes will help your employees carry out their duties more effectively and never implement features for the sake of it — every element we enrich your app with provides tangible value. 

App security

We fortify our apps with authentication control, permission-based access, and sophisticated encryption protocols to ensure your data remains safe and secure in accordance with the latest security standards.

Fast updates

With our refined agile development process, we are able to seamlessly integrate the latest technologies, features, and all the necessary improvements in a matter of days.

Push notifications

In the age of remote working and flexible schedules, push notifications serve as one of the most efficient ways to ensure everyone is kept in the loop.

Offline mode

Blackouts and internet connection issues are a risk for everyone. That’s why we offer mobile solutions with offline capabilities, allowing your users to retrieve crucial data at all times.

Data sharing

We develop mobile solutions that facilitate access to corporate data with a few simple taps and enable employees to share data in an effortless manner.

Instant messaging

By adding instant messaging with video conferencing, file sharing, and other capabilities to your enterprise mobile apps, you can promote team collaboration throughout your organization.

Automated backups

As our apps adhere to the latest security standards, automated backups are an essential part of keeping your systems safe and running. We ensure that your data is regularly backed up and provide Disaster Recovery solutions so that you can sleep tight at night.

Analytics and reporting tools

Our mobile solutions come equipped with intuitive dashboards that allow users to track performance metrics, monitor KPIs, and generate real-time reports in a few taps even if a computer isn’t within reach. 

Real-time geolocation tracking

We equip our apps with geolocation tracking capabilities that provide real-time insights into the whereabouts of your staff, resources, and materials. 

Customizable user interfaces

Instinctools’ designers provide comprehensive UI customization options with an array of features that enable users to tailor the look and feel of their mobile app according to their needs.

Technologies augmenting your enterprise mobile apps

We bolster our mobile solutions with cutting-edge technologies that enhance the user experience, increase the scalability and security of your app, and allow seamless integration with existing corporate systems.

Cloud computing and microservices

Our team specializes in all kinds of cloud integrations, warranting a smooth and consistent collaboration experience across any type of mobile device. With the cloud in place, companies can increase the app’s scalability and security, foster collaboration between teams, and reduce costs associated with hardware maintenance.


We deliver mobile apps that can connect to IoT devices, helping organizations transition from reactive to predictive maintenance, improve asset management, and increase operational efficiency.

Machine Learning

Our engineers integrate machine learning into enterprise mobile solutions to help organizations automate repetitive tasks and unleash the full potential of the gamut of corporate data. 

Mobile BI

We augment our mobile apps with comprehensive BI dashboards that enable users to visualize data, monitor KPIs, and keep an eye on their organization’s performance from anywhere.

Power up your apps with leading-edge technologies.

How we build your success

Here, at *instinctools, we believe in a people-oriented approach, building strategic and long-term relationships with our clients. Our engineers and consultants leverage their diverse backgrounds and skillset to meet your unique requirements with our development best practices.

Instinctools is your trusted enterprise mobile app development company

Capitalizing on over 20 years of experience in empowering businesses with innovative software, we help you hit the ground running with top-tier mobile enterprise solutions. Our team is ready to advise on the best technologies and approaches to ensure you get robust, secure, easy-to-maintain, and user-friendly mobile apps.

Following the design-thinking approach

Our enterprise app development is guided by design-thinking principles, which allows us to decipher your users’ real needs and craft apps that satisfy them, continuously identify opportunities for system improvement, and detect problems before they escalate.

Conducting training sessions for employees

We strive to make our apps as user-friendly and intuitive as possible, yet we also understand that your staff may need additional training to reap all the benefits. That’s why we provide a series of training sessions so that users can quickly become proficient at navigating the app.

Ingraining security in our enterprise mobile app development

When it comes to security, there can be no compromises. To maximize the app’s reliability and safety from the get-go, we rely on DevSecOps. This allows us to react quickly to security issues, ensure swift turnaround times, and enable your staff to focus on what matters instead of troubleshooting.

Ensuring seamless integration with the existing enterprise systems

Our engineers have the needed know-how to orchestrate a smooth data flow between your mobile apps, desktop enterprise systems, and other services, giving you complete control over your processes. It will seem like your new mobile app has been there since day one.

We’ll help your company thrive in the mobile-first era.

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What is enterprise mobile app development?

Enterprise mobile app development is the process of developing mobile applications for enterprises. Enterprise apps differ from regular consumer apps in a way that they put extra focus on security, integration with other enterprise systems, and are tailored to the needs of a specific organization.

How much does it cost to build an enterprise app?

The cost of developing an enterprise app depends on the features required and the complexity of the project. It is usually more expensive than consumer apps due to the need for integration with other systems and customization requirements.

Why do companies use .NET for enterprise app development?

.NET is a popular choice for enterprise app development due to its versatility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and ability to build applications for any mobile platform.

What are Android App enterprise requirements?

Android app enterprise recommended requirements include support for bulk deployment of Android devices, delivery of Android security updates within 90 days of release from Google and validation of a minimum of 10% of engineering staff as an Android Enterprise Expert.

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