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We help businesses to modernize their legacy software systems and empower business growth. Let us bring your business up to speed by replacing outdated legacy systems with state-of-the-art software solutions.

Don’t drag under the burden of legacy software

Software modernization is the key to adapt, grow and remain competitive for an organization. In close cooperation with your company, we will work out the best strategy for this process:

Platform migration

transfer of outdated software to new platforms while preserving the whole functionality and code structure

Code refactoring

optimization of the code architecture and correction of the bugs while maintaining the system’s functionality

Complete re-engineering

development of a new product using modern technologies and platforms while maintaining the original functions

To ensure the smooth process of software modernization, we evaluate all the risks and challenges. During pre-Discovery workshop, our core team will define the objectives through three stages:
  • demonstrating the strategy and expected results from the software modernization process
  • providing with a new vision of the process according to the analysis of the company’s current state
  • projecting the thoroughly structured plan of software modernization actions

We will spend time understanding your business and help you reach your business goals by providing you with the modern software, which will be:


Completely transparent and interconnected architecture, easy to modify in the future


Easily transferable software that can be used in different environments and for several computing platforms


Robust system compatible with the modern standards where the data is automatically backed-up and recovered

According to Unisys Corporation study, the contrast between the features of old-school and updated companies in numbers looks like:





of employees are frustrated withold system usability





of users become less productive working with outdated apps





of workers want to quit their job because of attrition

Our software modernization strategy will do away with most of the problems which are still a part of companies’ daily routine:

  • Slow system performance

huge database and amount of users leading to multiple system freezes

  • Low system flexibility

software is incompatible with modern platforms, services and cloud technology

  • Security vulnerabilities

insufficiency of data backup and recovery results in data losses and security breaches

  • Increased overall costs

increased investments on maintenance and operation of the bulky system structure

  • Complicated user interface

poor user experience due to time lost on trivial things and localization of functions

  • Non-compliance with modern standards

not sticking to HIPPA, PCI, SOX and GDPR breaks trust and you risk expensive fees and penalties

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