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Artificial intelligence technology, like anything, might not work out if not vetted properly. Draw on our machine learning consulting services to build a successful business case for AI projects and turn state-of-the-art technologies into tangible impact.

Partner with expert machine learning consultants to capitalize on AI potential

We parlay our 20+ years of tech knowledge into custom AI solutions that help clients optimize their business processes and develop new opportunities.

Reduce costs in core business

Drive down operational costs by up to 30% and take the inefficiencies out of internal processes by automating repetitive tasks and improving quality control with custom machine learning models.

Create new sources of revenue

More than 23% of high performers leverage AI and data analytics to diversify their revenue streams. Cash in on the new technologies to identify sizable markets for expansion, forecast demand, and create new products.

Increase the value of your offering by integrating AI-based features

Integrate AI solutions into your existing products and services to elevate customer experience, build a competitive advantage, and address old problems with new, unconventional solutions.

Why *instinctools

Increase speed to market


Reduce development cost


Assure information security


Get high-quality software


Scale team up and down


Debunk myths around AI with our machine learning consulting services

Our machine learning consultants help you cut through the complexity of machine learning solutions and address your biggest concerns to promote smooth ML adoption and foster innovation.

They say machine learning technology is so complex that it borders on risks

ML initiatives are complex to develop as the costs and benefits are harder to predict than for most other IT undertakings — but not for those with experience. With over 50 ML projects in our portfolio, our machine learning consultancy has a well-oiled framework for developing similar solutions. We address potential business and technical challenges upfront, giving you a heads-up about the possible lack of training data, preventing non-compliance, and warding off other pitfalls.

They say buying into custom ML solutions is an expensive gamble

While AI and its offshoot solutions do require dedicated investment in terms of skills, talent, and money, you can optimize the development costs by creating a tailored strategy and choosing an optimal tech stack. Our AI and ML consulting company also guides you through a raft of available pre-trained models and datasets, offering expert advice on how to adapt these resources to your specific needs, thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing infrastructure costs.

They say the potential of AI and machine learning is reserved for mainstream tasks

The value of AI applications spans both consumer-oriented solutions and highly complex industrial use cases. ML-based solutions optimize equipment maintenance in the energy sector, simulate building efficiency in construction, and help assess credit risks in banking. Each industry has room for AI revolution, you just need ML experts to play your cards right.

What our clients say

Patrick Reich
Co-Founder & CEO

The expectations for the quality of the initial product were very high. I think *instinctools did a great job ensuring those expectations are met. We met the developers we were going to be working with and it quickly became apparent that they are very qualified and were able to deliver the vision that we had from our side for the product. They clearly told us what they were going to do, and if there were questions or problems along the way, they clarified them really quickly thanks to transparent communication.

Dimitri Popolov
Research Data and Systems Manager

We had a tight delivery deadline and *instinctools has been able to find another developer and assign him to our project from one day to another. And we’ve been able to successfully deliver this project. When the partner is good, things are just getting done. And that was the case with *instinctools.

Matti Vesterinen
Solution Development Manager

The quality has been good. It’s been on the expected level: things come on time, we have a good visibility on the things that *instinctools developers are doing and performing for us, communication is good. Wherever we see that we need some more exra resources, we have found *instinctools to be a good partner in helping us out on those areas.

Tim Rosenberger
Director, Global R&D

I’ve been impressed by the available skillset, tthe flexibility to ramp up resources quickly, and the scalability to extend development teams on short notice. I look forward to continue collaboration with *instinctools and their contribution to our projects.

Richard Lohwasser
Co-Founder & CEO

People at *instinctools are quite tech heads, which I like. They have used very advanced libraries, advanced techniques, advanced coding paradigms. So the advantage is that we get reusable code, that we get well-testable code, we get well-maintained code.

Dr. Jonas Block
Product Owner

The *instinctools team exhibits the flexibility and professionality required for young companies. You can rely on their tested structures and processes that integrate nicely with your internal workflows. Being able to grow your team quickly with experienced professionals that start delivering value immediately and without a long interview process is a huge help. And personally, you will be working with a team of kind and interesting people.

Nadine Walther
Co-Founder & CEO

The team is dependable when it comes to managing time and finances, consistently staying within the designated budget. We’re pleased with *instinctools. Their business analysts are exceptional. They serve as the spokespeople between technology and business, representing both sides effectively.

Jeanine Shepstone
Senior Technical Writer

Instinctools is good at understanding the technical issues – once an issue is outlined, they do not need repeated explanation. They also do not simply accept a proposed solution, but they think about it and propose a better solution. I was really impressed by the custom interface they built for us – we outlined the requirements, and they implemented them in a user-friendly way that makes the interface a pleasure to use.

By the numbers


model accuracy

Up to 3x

ROI in the first year


AI center of excellence with data experts


years of client engagement

If you aren’t using AI, you’re missing out. Jumpstart your AI initiative

Our ML consulting services leave no stone unturned

Turn to our machine learning consulting company and get point solutions geared toward the needs and challenges of your business.

Idea validation

Why is our consultancy different? We find proof first. Our AI machine learning consultants estimate the feasibility, usability, and potential of your AI project. We also define and diagnose the business needs to be achieved with an AI solution and define the right approach to the AI model development — custom, open-source, or publicly available models.

Conditions for solving your business problem

Our machine learning consulting team runs an assessment of the existing environment, including sizing the available data and discovering the potential for gathering additional data. We also audit data management practices within the company as well as the technologies and tools in use.

Dataset recommendations

Collecting the right data is half the battle for artificial intelligence solutions. Delegate your dataset development strategy to our data science team to get actionable recommendations and insights on the operational range of data, data limitations, major dataset dimensions, and costs of collecting a diverse dataset.

Solution architecture

Our team provides a high-level architecture of your AI solution with all the components and integrations involved in building, optimizing, maintaining, and deploying the model. We also match your performance expectations with the optimal feature set and tech stack for AI implementation.

Risk assessment

Instinctools’ machine learning consulting team closely examines your AI solution and the methodology behind its development. We fill you in on the possible model, compliance, and operational risks, including vendor lock-in, tech limitations, and potentially high costs of model training, and offer the ways to take these risks under control. Armed with this insight, we help you manage these risks effectively, keeping your AI journey on track and your costs under control.

Project budgeting and ROI analysis

With machine learning engineers and data scientists who draw on years of work at the front lines, *instinctools helps you measure and improve the accuracy of your ML project estimates. We assess all the economic nuances integral to machine learning projects. These include the costs associated with assembling and maintaining specialized ML teams, expenditures on dataset markup and updates, equipment expenses, the overhead of using Platform as a Service (PaaS) for neural networks, and more.


A well-executed proof of concept serves as a pivotal decision point, either green-lighting a full-scale deployment or wisely shelving an overly costly venture before it’s too late. Rely on our machine learning services to develop a small-scale simulation of your solution to prove its technical viability, refine your business model, and evaluate speed, accuracy, scalability, and other trade-offs.


Developing and training a model is not enough – it’s the effective operationalization of that model that truly unlocks its potential. Embracing the best MLOps practices, our machine learning development team builds up the framework for organizations to seamlessly integrate machine learning into their core business processes. We help you streamline the entire machine learning lifecycle, from data management to live model operations.

Instinctools' MLOps services for reliable AI delivery at scale

Automated data management

Structured and collaborative development

Automated and error-free deployment

Continuous improvement

You have a problem to address, we have the expertise to solve it

Walking the talk with ML development services

At *instinctools, we empower organizations like yours to excel in ML solution development. We do that in many ways — from delivering strategic advice to lending the tech edge for AI development. But most importantly, we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and tackle any challenge custom artificial intelligence solutions throw our way.

  • Optimizing the collection and labeling of a training dataset for your ML algorithms.
  • Performing exploratory data analysis (EDA) to get a better grasp of the data set variables and the relationships between them.
  • Fine-tuning the algorithm to enhance its overall performance and balance relevant metrics, such as time complexity, space complexity, and others.
  • Formulating an effective data strategy to identify the most cost-effective approach to data validation and processing.
  • Developing a custom ML algorithm for your solution or selecting a pre-built algorithm based on the nature of your problem, accuracy requirements, computational resources, training time, and other variables.
  • Continuously refining the algorithm through systematic data science adjustments, including testing and training data enrichment, regularization, hyperparameter tuning, and more.

Awards and recognition

If it was just the tech, there wouldn't be so many AI failures

The failure rate of AI projects is about 92%. That’s why balancing the power of AI requires a holistic approach — there’s no better way to shore up foundational elements for wide-scale AI adoption and net results you are aiming for.

Get ahead with AI
to get ahead of the competition

Our ML consulting expertise across the entire AI continuum

We have software engineers well-versed in a full spectrum of AI-related technologies, which we can mash up to develop unique solutions that match your business goals and technical specs.

Natural language processing

At *instinctools, our dual strengths in machine learning and NLP allow us to deliver solutions that are not only cutting-edge but also instrumental in driving your business forward.

Generative AI

Discover the endless possibilities of versatile language models by integrating them into existing and brand-new products for differentiated experiences and higher automation.

Computer vision

We develop custom image and video analysis software for facial recognition, pose estimation, object tracking, and other computer vision tasks.


Our team combines the power of IoT, data analytics, and the Internet of Things to develop solutions that improve IoT operations, facilitate human-machine interactions, and automate sensor data management.

Reinvent what’s possible with our ML engineering consultancy

Tech stack and ample experience

Debugging & Tracing
Vector Databases
Data Visualization
Anna Vasilevskaya
Anna Vasilevskaya Account Executive

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