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The quality of software can make or break the success of your business. Leverage top-notch software testing services to release glitch-free solutions. 

  • Accelerate time-to-market by 20–25%
  • Slash software maintenance expenditures by 15–20%
  • Speed up testing x7 and reduce its cost by up to 30% with automation
  • Eliminate critical errors at the deployment stage 

We bring QA pros on board to set up any software tests you require

Our QA-versed experts scrutinize your solution end-to-end to highlight its most critical aspects and run only relevant tests, all while safeguarding your budget.

We perform both functional and non-functional testing to wipe out any obstacles on your way to success by examining your system’s components to guarantee its reliability, maintainability, and scalability.

Unit testing

Within test-driven development, we review each testable part of your software in an isolated environment to verify they are working as intended. Unit checks allow our specialists to detect code dependencies that could hinder you in crafting a clear and predictable codebase. 

Integration testing

To provide you with a system working as a whole and cut out all the glitches, *instinctools’ aces run various integration tests and uncover defects arising from merging software units together so they can be fixed.

API testing

Understanding the critical influence of APIs in delivering the precise business logic of your solution, we pay special attention to their thorough testing. This contributes to creating a safe-and-sound back end and securing data exchange between your product and other systems. 

System testing

Within system testing, we verify test cases against your user stories and solution requirements to unravel and iron out inconsistencies. Enlisting our support as your QA company, you get software with no cracks for the flaws to slip through.

Exploratory testing

To uncover non-obvious issues your audience might face, our QA masters run unscripted exploratory tests. Mimicking the end-user’s experience, they delve into the product and scan it for errors and glitches on the go to pave the way for a seamless customer journey.

Regression testing

No software can remain the same forever. Following customer expectations and aiming for top-level user satisfaction, our development team regularly conducts code refactoring and adds new features. Within QA services, we inspect these changes to confirm they don’t put the way the solution works at risk.

Accessibility testing

Committed to fostering an inclusive digital environment, *instinctools consistently prioritizes the needs of users with diverse cognitive and physical abilities in our software accessibility reviews. As a software testing company in the USA, *instinctools also sticks to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ensuring our solutions resonate with a broader audience and ace all the accessibility standards. 

Compatibility testing

To elevate your software’s reach and impact, we examine its performance across diverse environments, operating systems, platforms, browsers, devices, etc.

We also run interoperability tests within compatibility testing to ensure your solution effortlessly integrates and exchanges data with other software.

User interface testing 

Sleek UI is a sure-fire way to captivate users. We test individual visual elements of your application and their layout to ensure consistency, responsiveness, and accessibility in the interface

User acceptance testing  

At *instinctools, we dive deep into your product’s core during software testing to save you from rolling out a half-baked solution. Our QA-savvy pros validate business flow and review it in a dynamic, real-world environment to perfect your software before the commercial release. 

Usability testing

Outstanding UX is another cornerstone of your product that fosters enduring customer loyalty. Based on your user personas, our QA engineers craft a range of interaction scenarios and simulate each of them in a real-world environment.

By putting ourselves in users’ shoes and inspecting the solution from the audience’s perspective, we provide a comprehensive assessment of software go-live readiness.

Performance testing

Within our performance testing services, we analyze your solution’s efficiency, delivering actionable recommendations to eliminate bottlenecks. This paves the way for steadfast operation, even under the most demanding loads, ensuring your venture thrives in the face of challenges. 

Move through the software development process without any hurdles with our dedicated QA team by your side

Why *instinctools

Increase speed to market


Reduce development cost


Assure information security


Get high-quality software


Scale team up and down


Awards and recognition

Instinctools as your stalwart QA Company 

Cemented by our word-of-mouth reputation, QA expertise, dedication to flexibility, and unwavering accountability that sets us apart from other software testing companies, *instinctools is a trusted name in the QA testing arena.

Two decades at the forefront of software QA services

Recognized as one of the top software testing companies in the USA, our reputation is built on promises kept. Backed by 23+ years of field experience, *instinctools dedicated QA teams put this knowledge into delivering tangible business value and safeguarding your software.

Non-disruptive approach to software test services

Even if you need to completely rewire your testing environment or undergo other major QA upgrades, with *instinctools, they will pass seamlessly and won’t affect the solution’s performance. We run all types of software tests ensuring uninterrupted operations. 

ISTQB-certified QA engineers

With our battle-tested experts on board, you won’t need to stay put and wait weeks for QA engineers to create appropriate test case coverage. Instinctools’ test management professionals cover the task in no time, saving your budget and speeding up the overall development process while honing its quality.

Adherence to the TMMi 

Instinctools’ QA services and testing environment are based on the Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi). It covers clear and consistent testing strategy, comprehensive reporting and detailed feedback on the tests’ outcomes, perfecting software’s quality, and constant focus on preventing defects and process optimization.

Methodology-agnostic mindset

The only mindset we always stick to is a value-driven business-like mindset. That aside, we are flexible and can adhere to any methodology your company follows, be it Agile with SAFe, Scrum, and Kanban frameworks, classic Waterfall or a V-model process. 

On-time and on-budget delivery

Staying within the agreed budget and timeline is an underpinning principle of *instinctools as a software testing services company. We’ve calibrated our delivery framework to never jeopardize your delivery schedule.

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QA consulting and strategizing 

With over two decades of real-world experience in the field of software testing, we offer expert guidance in choosing the best-fit testing methodology, reviewing your testing strategy and policies, and more.

Our first-rate quality assurance experts outline the optimal testing strategy tailored for your company — efficient, budget-friendly, and no-frills. Cooperation with *instinctools leads to standardized and thoroughly structured requirements on the software’s testing stack, testing strategy and policies, and solid QA roadmap for continuous testing.

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What our clients say

Patrick Reich
Co-Founder & CEO

The expectations for the quality of the initial product were very high. I think *instinctools did a great job ensuring those expectations are met. We met the developers we were going to be working with and it quickly became apparent that they are very qualified and were able to deliver the vision that we had from our side for the product. They clearly told us what they were going to do, and if there were questions or problems along the way, they clarified them really quickly thanks to transparent communication.

Dimitri Popolov
Research Data and Systems Manager

We had a tight delivery deadline and *instinctools has been able to find another developer and assign him to our project from one day to another. And we’ve been able to successfully deliver this project. When the partner is good, things are just getting done. And that was the case with *instinctools.

Matti Vesterinen
Solution Development Manager

The quality has been good. It’s been on the expected level: things come on time, we have a good visibility on the things that *instinctools developers are doing and performing for us, communication is good. Wherever we see that we need some more exra resources, we have found *instinctools to be a good partner in helping us out on those areas.

Tim Rosenberger
Director, Global R&D

I’ve been impressed by the available skillset, tthe flexibility to ramp up resources quickly, and the scalability to extend development teams on short notice. I look forward to continue collaboration with *instinctools and their contribution to our projects.

Richard Lohwasser
Co-Founder & CEO

People at *instinctools are quite tech heads, which I like. They have used very advanced libraries, advanced techniques, advanced coding paradigms. So the advantage is that we get reusable code, that we get well-testable code, we get well-maintained code.

Dr. Jonas Block
Product Owner

The *instinctools team exhibits the flexibility and professionality required for young companies. You can rely on their tested structures and processes that integrate nicely with your internal workflows. Being able to grow your team quickly with experienced professionals that start delivering value immediately and without a long interview process is a huge help. And personally, you will be working with a team of kind and interesting people.

Nadine Walther
Co-Founder & CEO

The team is dependable when it comes to managing time and finances, consistently staying within the designated budget. We’re pleased with *instinctools. Their business analysts are exceptional. They serve as the spokespeople between technology and business, representing both sides effectively.

Jeanine Shepstone
Senior Technical Writer

Instinctools is good at understanding the technical issues – once an issue is outlined, they do not need repeated explanation. They also do not simply accept a proposed solution, but they think about it and propose a better solution. I was really impressed by the custom interface they built for us – we outlined the requirements, and they implemented them in a user-friendly way that makes the interface a pleasure to use.

Ongoing quality control or ad-hoc testing: we can do both

Enabling continuous quality control of the software is as vital as its robust development and maintenance. At *instinctools, we design and run relevant tests on a regular basis to nip in the bud any issues related to the software development process. 

  • Ensuring your customer-facing and corporate solutions remain sustainable under anticipated load and abrupt ramp-ups in the number of users.
  • Checking whether your current hardware and software combo best fits your application.
  • Evaluating your solution’s responsiveness, reliability, and robustness under fluctuating workloads.
  • Spotting and fixing design issues that influence user behavior.
  • Pointing out and eliminating QA head-scratchers related to implementing new functionality.
  • Assuring compatibility with the existing codebase after adding new features.

Along with covering general software testing issues, we are also on standby to validate urgent software fixes on the go. Book our dedicated QA aces to deal with problems that caught you off guard and need to be detected and eliminated ASAP.

Enjoy frictionless software development

Unlock smooth SDLC with our managed testing services

Alongside bite-sized software testing and QA offers, we provide turnkey quality assurance services covering:

  • Initial audit of your existing software development and quality assurance processes to outline a solid QA roadmap. 
  • Implementing a clear and consistent QA strategy fitting your industry and technology specifics.
  • Test execution designed to your needs, goals, and budget. 
  • Ongoing QA support based on the test outcomes. 

Within managed testing services, our QA ninjas can also establish a TCoE (Testing Center of Excellence) when it becomes imperative for your growing enterprise needs

Refine your software with our QA services

Chad West
Authored by Chad West,

*instinctools USA
Managing Director,
15+ years in IT consulting

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development partner in 2024?

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Services we offer

Based on 20+ years of experience, *instinctools solves complex technological challenges with robust, agile solutions.

Digital Product
Product Design
ERP Consulting
CRM Consulting
AI Software
Custom Software
Mobile App
Legacy Software
Dedicated Teams
Cloud Computing
and Maintenance

On the watch for all types of software 

We know the ropes of testing both customer-facing and corporate software. Instinctools’ skilled experts vigilantly safeguard your mobile, web, desktop, and cloud solutions against QA-related business risks — unstable performance, security breaches, and bad customer experience. 

Mobile app testing

Trust our dedicated QA teams to test your native iOS/Android applications and cross-platform solutions. With comprehensive device coverage, we tackle device fragmentation head-on and guarantee your app’s readiness for peak performance by assessing its load and stress resilience.

Web software testing

We offer web enterprise software testing for platform-based and custom enterprise solutions, such as ERP, CRM, SCM, consumer web apps, and progressive web apps (PWA).

Within web testing services, our QA experts focus on browser compatibility and cross-platform adaptability to ensure quick response time and accurate caching.

Desktop software testing

As your software testing company, we provide seasoned QA engineers to inspect solution’s compatibility with different operating systems, run installation, configuration, and uninstallation tests, examine the post-deployment stability and efficiency of your software. 

Cloud software testing

We know the weak spots of SaaS software and how to deal with them. Performing multi-tenancy, network, integration, and migration tests are a given when partnering with *instinctools.

Worried about the quality of your software?

DevOps practices we follow as your reliable software testing service provider

To be your bulwark against QA-related threats, *instinctools shifts testing left to the earlier stages of SDLC to drive close collaboration between development and QA teams and unveil software defects and quality risks before their fixing will cost you a pretty cent.

Driven by the best DevOps practices, we:

  • Build consistent and reproducible testing environments thanks to using infrastructure as a code (IaC) approach.
  • Timely reframe test prioritization and refine test scenarios based on real-time continuous test monitoring insights.

Software perfection is one click away

Partnerships built on trust


What are testing and QA services?

QA services encompass all activities that help your software meet quality standards. Software testing is a particular example of quality assurance services, which includes uncovering and fixing existing errors, unveiling patterns in these issues, and developing a strategy to prevent them. 

What are the four types of software tests? 

There’s a rich tapestry of software testing types, but, at their core, they fall into two major categories — functional and non-functional. The former group includes unit, integration, and API testing; the latter — incorporates heaps of performance tests, compatibility, interoperability, usability, and accessibility testing. 

What is a software testing company?

A software testing company is your tech ally that ensures the stable quality of your software, be it a mobile, web, desktop, or SaaS solution. Having a reliable QA company by your side frees you from dealing with testing-related issues while accelerating time to market and reducing software maintenance costs.

Anna Vasilevskaya
Anna Vasilevskaya Account Executive

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