Custom Web App Development Services

Having over a decade of experience in web app development, *instinctools builds eminent solutions to help our clients grow their web presence and gain sustainable business traction. With bespoke web applications designed to address your specific needs, you’ll take your business to a whole new level, complete with high security, 24/7 accessibility, and increased productivity.

Full-Stack Web Development Under One Roof

*instinctools handles all the processes of our client’s web  development project, from concept and ideation to deployment and maintenance. The full-stack approach allows our customers to transfer the care of their web application to our team entirely. 

Our engineers are proficient at employing the latest front-end technologies and trends. We use a wide range of web frameworks and follow strict guidelines to maintain code quality for smooth integration.

*instinctools’ back-end architects and developers build the core of a web application to get robust solutions with advanced features that function to meet our clients’ needs. Our back-end teams apply RESTful API and microservices-based approaches and are adept at cloud-native and cloud-ready architectures that work seamlessly. We ensure our clients receive flexible and secure web applications with advanced data architecture.

Web Application Development

*instinctools helps customers develop scalable web solutions from scratch or transform legacy systems into modern solutions, regardless of device type. Our clients can leverage full transparency as well as flexible, dedicated teams that maintain the highest security for web solutions ranging from fast MVPs to large-scale platforms.

Large-Scale Distributed Systems

We offer the development of rock-solid web solutions for automating enterprise needs. Our experts design systems and apps for your organization’s workflow, resource management and data processes. Based on our customers’ requirements, we aim to build scalable and transparent solutions that meet their business needs and exceed expectations.

Custom E-commerce Solutions

We build custom e-commerce web applications of any complexity, designed for different loads. These include apps for CRMs, trading software, real estate or hotel reservations, payment gateways, and classified portals. We help our customers tailor user experiences to their needs by focusing on the data and avoiding decisions solely based on previous campaigns.

  • Online stores
  • B2B trade platforms
  • eCommerce aggregators
  • Third-party integration
  • Auction and bidding platforms
  • Booking and ticketing solutions

Digital Asset Management Systems

*instinctools’ team develops a wide range of web applications to upload, store, organize, manage, and share customers’ digital assets. We regularly deliver robust and secure custom DAM systems for media, Ad-Tech, and other industries. These include IT systems for:

  • Brand asset management
  • Library asset management
  • Production asset management
  • Digital supply chain services

Real-Time Big Data and Analytics Software

Real-time analytics gives businesses a powerful competitive advantage, enabling them to make data-driven decisions. *instinctools’ team helps our customers build secure big data and web analytics applications such as sales dashboards, develop AI for personalized purchase recommendations, and utilize machine learning (ML) models for complex forecasts and accurate predictions.

Integrating AI into Web Apps

Artificial Intelligence helps companies leverage high-value web apps that boost business productivity, decrease costs, and bring them more customers. We develop customized, AI-based solutions to meet your business objectives. Our web developers have the expertise to design and integrate:

  • Web-based AI chatbots or voice searches
  • High-load AI-enabled websites
  • AI-based personal digital assistants
  • AI-powered online shops
  • Predictive analytics software
  • Computer vision

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid apps provide a combination of seamless user experience, flexibility, and fast performance. Choosing a hybrid app means a rapid development process that brings a product to the market faster, saves time, and budget. Our full-stack developers are highly proficient at building fast, cost-effective, and scalable hybrid apps for many domains.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) provide an excellent user experience and help improve customer satisfaction thanks to its smooth, fast data exchange and user-friendly UI. Using a wide range of technologies, including Service Worker, Web App Manifest, HTTPS, app shell, push notifications, *instinctools’ web developers can build high-class PWAs tailored to customers’ needs.

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