Custom OKR Application For a European Retailer With $700 Million Revenue

How switching from manual and time-consuming Google spreadsheets to a custom Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework empowered a retailer with 1,400+ stores in 12 countries to get a hassle-free and fully transparent OKR progress tracking, boosted staff engagement rate from 15% to 59%, and increased employee productivity by 33%.


3 months


Setting goals and keeping employees in sync in terms of accomplishing them is essential for every company. That’s exactly what the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework is for. It helps employees to focus on a certain goal and measure the progress toward it.

Before turning to *instinctools, our customer had been using Google spreadsheets to track their OKR progress. However, it was a manual, time consuming, not-at-all engaging process that was difficult to manage and keep track of. As a result, teams used to lose interest in keeping the spreadsheets updated.

Having considered a bunch of out-of-the box solutions, the customer realized that it’s difficult to find “the one”, that would be a perfect fit for their business. Some lack certain features, others cost too much.

That’s why we suggested the most efficient option: to design a decent OKR app, which would help the company to accommodate all their needs and stay away from any problems the teams might face while setting and tracking OKRs.


  • to let the employees know the business goals so that they can work together in achieving these goals
  • to enable the teams to integrate goals with everything they do and allow employees to align their individual achievements along with business success
  • to track the progress towards goals instantly to see if you are going in the right direction
  • to share the feedback on the goals and the process of achieving them


We’ve developed a flexible product that offers a wide range of features, making the process of creating and tracking OKRs easier and faster.

  • quick and intuitive creation of objectives
  • possibility to assign users, add duration, description, and name for each OKR
  • setting the deadlines of objectives so that everyone can see them
  • grading the OKRs mid-term which helps to highlight areas where the team is falling behind so that appropriate measures can be taken
  • cascading OKR implementation with the possibility for individuals and teams to set their own goals and align them with company’s goals via measurable results
  • real-time dashboards to display the dynamics and monitor the progress of goals
  • charts that contain description for each task
  • graphs that show information about goal contributors
  • collecting and giving feedback to identify bottlenecks before they occur
  • integration with other communication and business apps – such as Gmail, Jira, etc. – to make updating the OKR progress hassle-free


According to the customer, the implemented OKR application has become, abstractly speaking, a compass which shows what to focus on to help the team and company to be successful. Specifically, it resulted in:

  • being more effective and clear in setting goals
  • boosting engagement and empowerment through goal-setting
  • defining and measuring team performance against clear objectives
  • increasing transparency between management and teams and, thus, preventing ambiguity
  • creating a greater sense of shared accountability, transparency and purpose


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