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Our team offers automotive software development services to OEMs, suppliers, dealers, and other automotive companies to tackle problems the industry faces and create new opportunities. We bring together a unique combination of technical expertise and business knowledge to help our clients build value-added software-driven solutions based on a robust architecture.

Our automotive software developers address the unique needs of your business

Providing software development for the automotive industry for over a decade, we ensure global companies of all sizes master automotive software excellence and adopt innovative technologies to accommodate unique business objectives.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Our automotive software development company helps OEMs promote effective collaboration across organizational units, build strategic partnerships with tier-1 suppliers, and leverage the power of data and analytics to optimize operations and services.


Whether it’s inventory, accounting, or DMS platforms, we design custom software solutions that enhance efficiency in dealership service departments, automate low-value processes, and drive more sales.

Rental agencies

Keep track of your fleet with feature-rich car rental management systems, or stay on top of it all with a unified solution for customer and fleet management processes. We help you leverage technology to support your rental business and digitize your workflows.

Car sharing

Our automotive software development services enable car-sharing companies to scale their business reach and improve customer experience with digital-first solutions and streamlined workflows.

Auto parts stores

Sell more car parts with less effort and delegate manual processes to our innovative automotive solutions. Be it inventory, workforce, or client management; we can cover it all with comprehensive software or standalone modules.


Our driver assistance software redefines your driving experience and offers safe mobility on the road. To ensure this, our developers help you harness the power of data, cloud, and connectivity to pave the way for autonomous driving and elevated in-car experiences.

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Navigate change with our software development for the automotive industry

As a mature automotive software development company, *instinctools embraces present-day innovations and time-tested technologies to deliver business-driven solutions for the automotive industry.

Fleet management software

Gain more visibility into vehicles’ location, fuel consumption, and other data to schedule vehicle maintenance, reduce operational costs, and improve driver safety. We employ a robust combination of location technologies, IoT connectivity, ML, and data analytics to transform your fleet management into a transparent and fully managed digital estate.

Automotive ERP

With ERP solutions developed by *instinctools, automotive companies gain real-time access across all business operations. We build feature-rich ERP systems for inventory, finance, and quality tracking to eliminate the complexity of day-to-day records’ management and uncover growth opportunities.

Auto parts inventory software

Make the operational shift from dated spreadsheets to an intelligent inventory system and never run short on essential parts. Our developers build custom inventory platforms with time-saving features that do the hard work for you. Organize, manage, and visualize your inventory within a single interface.

Automotive Dealer Management Systems (DMS)

Capture and manage critical control points via a single DMS platform. Our company builds tailored DMS systems for dealers to monitor every aspect of the sales process, CRM, accounting, insurance, and inventory management. We help organizations unlock seamless data flows and achieve consolidated operational experience.

Automotive e-commerce

Transform the way you sell online and drive more sales with dynamic e-commerce experiences. Leverage our expertise to get an online selling platform that attracts new customers and keeps existing ones coming back. Our marketplaces help you to boost your market share and secure partnerships with dealers and merchants.

Creating capabilities for the automotive industry

We assist forward-looking companies in adopting new driving modes based on evolving industry trends and technology innovations.

Software-defined vehicles

We help you make the leap from a hardware-based to a software-centric electronic device on wheels. Meet and exceed the evolving needs of your customers with a wide range of innovative features — from driver assistance to intelligent connectivity.

Connected vehicles

Turn conventional vehicles into a domain-focused system with connectivity at scale. We help elevate the in-car driving experience by enabling vehicles to receive over-the-air software updates for better vehicle performance, infotainment, and navigation.

Self-driving cars

Our developers support control, navigation, and monitoring features of autonomous vehicles with a wide range of machine learning, IoT, geo-tracking, and analytics capabilities. Automate and enhance vehicle systems for safer and more comfortable driving.

Shared mobility

Deliver a new generation of automotive mobility experiences through user-centric e-hailing software, vehicle safety analytics, and insurance management solutions. Our team also builds vehicle-as-a-service solutions for car rentals, ride-sharing, and shared micro-mobility.

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Automotive custom software development

As your automotive software development partner, we support each stage of mobility software creation — from architecture choices to maintenance.

Decoupled architecture

Our developers choose a flexible modular architecture for your software engine to reduce development effort, accelerate the speed of innovation, and cut development costs. Add new features with the least disruption possible and provide an uninterrupted mobility experience.


We rely on best automotive UX practices to build user-centric and experience-focused interfaces. Our UX/UI design brings technology and driving together via seamless driver-oriented interfaces to transform vehicles into intuitive, personalized devices.

Quality assurance

Our QA team tests every aspect of your automotive solution to make it high-performant, reliable, and error-free. Our development process is based on the best data security standards and industry guidelines, including ISO 26262, ISO/SAE 21434, TISAX, ASPICE, and others.

Embedded automotive software development

Achieve real-time visibility across braking, steering, suspension, and other vehicle systems through data-driven software architecture. We build embedded automotive solutions for automotive OEMs, including advanced driver assistance systems based on ASPICE-certified processes.

Mobile app development

Our app developers design and build lightweight mobile applications for vehicle monitoring, safer driving experiences, and performance tracking. Detect anomalies via telemetry apps, manage in-care experiences using IoT mobile solutions, or improve customer experience with car service apps.

Leading-edge technology expertise:

*instinctools drives up your business potential with innovative technologies that secure your company for the future.


We model and build intelligent workflows and analytics solutions to help automakers design better vehicles, improve vehicle performance, and ensure driver safety. Our expertise in AI-enabled solutions helps automotive companies meet the modern needs of autonomous driving, connectivity, and smart driving with unmatched data processing capabilities.

Cloud computing

We enable a seamless connected-car experience by moving your computing workloads into the cloud. Reach higher onboard-computing power, reduce latency, and perform sensor data analysis in real-time with our cloud proficiency. Deliver over-the-air updates, infotainment, and in-car office options with faster and more reliable cloud networks.

Big data

Leverage unified data architectures and data analytics to predict demand, improve procurement management, and boost vehicle performance. Our big data architectures help you drive actionable insights from connected vehicles and drill down into sensor data points to keep the vehicle at its peak performance.

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Based on 20+ years of experience, *instinctools solves complex technological challenges with robust, agile solutions.

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