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Stop feeling anxious about the results of your software development initiative. Drawing on 20+ years in digital product engineering, we have crafted a delivery model that irons out all the kinks in your project landscape. By being more calibrated in how we work and more exact in squeezing out value, we bring your project to fruition — always.

Software development goes beyond coding. It’s about keeping up with evolving business expectations and ensuring that coveted return on investment. However, the path to meeting those goals is often a bumpy one.

Missed deadlines, bloated budgets, and a jerry-rigged product that doesn’t align with your vision – this isn’t just a hypothetical scenario; it’s a reality faced by many.

To ensure the distilled value of your software development undertaking, we build on top of a well-considered blend of disciplined agility and rigorous project management, tailored to ward off all project complexities.

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Decoding the delivery framework

The heart of our projects’ success lies in a unique delivery model, inspired by the principles of DAD (Disciplined Agile Delivery) and PMBoK. This model isn’t just about following a standard playbook. Instead, it focuses on building an optimal way of working to achieve consistent, desirable outcomes.

From inception to completion, our delivery framework serves as a guide for the entire software development lifecycle. It helps to tackle a multitude of hurdles that come with product development, such as technical intricacies, inefficient collaboration, changing stakeholder needs, and legacy code issues.

Good things come in threes: the linchpins of our delivery service

Instinctools’ delivery framework is anchored in the PM Handbook, an architecture-driven approach, and robust engineering practices. Together, they form a cohesive strategy that ensures excellence in every aspect of project delivery.

Fostering effective project management

In the realm of project management, achieving success requires more than expertise. It calls for a reliable guide to navigate through the journey. Our PM Handbook serves as that guide, carefully steering teams toward smooth project delivery. Rooted in efficient communication, transparent development process, and risk management, our handbook encompasses best practices, advanced tools, and comprehensive checklists. It empowers project managers and teams to establish clear objectives, adapt to dynamic environments and maintain a trajectory of excellence, ensuring every project reaches its intended destination of success.

Creating on top of a foundation of excellence

At the core of our delivery framework lies the architecture-driven methodology – a testament to our belief that strong structures are built upon solid foundations. This approach unfolds in four stages:

Getting into the weeds of the client’s requirements and constraints to tailor our solutions according to both functional and non-functional requirements

Designing a solution architecture that’s both groundbreaking and attainable

Preparing detailed documentation to chart the course for developers and stakeholders

Evaluating architecture to identify potential risks, trade-offs, and benefits of various architectural choices

Cultivating technical brilliance

We refine the way engineers work through best industry practices, well-honed processes, and continuous learning.

  • To ensure the success of each development phase, we have implemented Code Quality Gates that include, but are not limited to, peer reviews, compliance with code standards, and static and composition analysis. 
  • Weaving unit tests into our development process allows us to detect problems immediately and fix them right off the bat.
  • To avoid the risk of the critical project information becoming siloed with a single expert, we’ve implemented a well-oiled knowledge sharing mechanism among our development team members, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of information and collective expertise.
  • Adding features on top of poorly written code is a recipe for frequent system failures, security vulnerabilities and performance issues that slow future progress and increase costs. That’s why our engineers proactively manage technical debt by assessing it through a static code analysis, and strategically reduce it.

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Streamlined governance & escalation

Underpinned by a well-honed governance framework, our delivery model supports seamless collaboration between the client’s representatives and the *instinctools team throughout every project stage. Not only does this approach allow us to work in lockstep with a client, it also spurs deep involvement from various levels of management, contributing to successful project delivery.

Executive leadership

Senior management from both sides conducts quarterly reviews to oversee the Statement of Work, financial operations, and service adjustments. These check-ins ensure that the overarching goals of the project are aligned with the client’s vision and facilitates smooth operations at the macro level.

Account management

Along with the client’s IT or Business Unit managers, our account managers review service agreements, manage risks and give final approval on deliverables. Apart from that, our very own activities entail providing account status reports and project status updates — all to keep tabs on project’s progress and not let any issue imperil it.

Delivery management

Weekly coordination of the client’s program manager and *instinctools’ delivery manager helps keep all the aspects of project delivery in check. This includes planning and prioritizing tasks, requirements estimation and refinement, reviewing deliverables, and monitoring resources-related issues and potential risks.

Team leadership

Team leaders from the client’s and *instinctools’ sides collaborate daily on tactical issues that impact day-to-day project delivery. The responsibilities of our PMs span across updates on the milestones status and ongoing tasks, risk identification, and creating plans to mitigate them.

Escalation process

  • Continuous Low Performance / SLA ratings
  • Unresolved Client / Provider difficulties
  • Issue impacting MSA / SOW
  • Issue Unresolved at Level 2
  • Falling Performance / SLA ratings
  • Non-Action on Action Item
  • Quality / Productivity
  • Issues Unresolved at Level 1
  • Project issues
  • Process Deviations
  • Unresolved Task Request Prioritization
  • Workload adjustment
Participants from customer's side
  • CXO
  • Procurement
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • IT / Business Unit Manager
  • Product Owner
  • Program Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
Participants from *instinctools
  • CXO
  • Managing Director
  • Delivery Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Technical Lead
  • Architect
  • QA Lead

Effective communication is key to your project’s advancement

From vision to growth: our all-encompassing product delivery process

At *instinctools, we take pride in our approach to product delivery, laser-focused on engineering software solutions that cut above the rest. Our methodology consists of five stages, each carefully designed to progress the project from a concept to a fully functional and market-ready product.


At the outset of your project’s journey, we explore and prioritize the most viable options to bring your ideas to life. With us, you can be sure that your initial project vision will be transformed into a strategically aligned action plan.


During the inception phase we dive into defining and planning the architecture of the system. This involves understanding business processes and creating a domain model. Our business analysts strip down your concept to non-negotiables and transform them into software requirements, which are then sized and prioritized to see how they lay out over the sprints.

We build wireframes and prototypes to assess the technical feasibility of certain features and address functionality issues early on. Transforming abstract concepts into tangible samples makes it easier for team members, stakeholders, and clients to be on the same wave when it comes to project vision.


The construction phase is where our team iteratively develops a system. We elaborate on requirements, refine designs and fix any issues that come up during testing. Working hand in glove with the stakeholders, our team regularly gets feedback from them and acts on it to guarantee the uncompromised quality of the future solution. 


At the transition phase our main focus is on getting the software ready for production and release. This involves completing all documentation and conducting final system testing. We also provide training to end users and support staff, so that they have the skills to effectively use the system. Once everything is in place, we move on to beta testing — a critical part of preparing the product for the market.


The primary goal of the production phase is to operate and provide support for the released system. Instinctools’ experts identify any defects or areas that can be enhanced to ensure the product is fine-tuned to the nines and surpasses both market and user expectations. Our continuous support guarantees the performance and adaptability of the system in today’s changing market landscape.

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Delivery-as-a-service mindset: the *instinctools way

Explore *instinctools’ cultural outlook to discover how we transform business challenges into growth opportunities, setting new benchmarks for software service delivery.

Advancing Development with Usefulness

Our focus on effective usefulness enables us to put our clients’ goals first and embrace lean development practices. We prioritize the end goal over the tools used, ensuring technology choices align with each project’s requirements. We are dedicated to building long-term partnerships while thinking holistically and nurturing growth, for both our clients and ourselves.

Empowerment through Responsibility

With each member of our team responsible for compliance with high standards within their field, we manage expectations realistically and adopt software development practices that guarantee top-notch quality. Our employees’ freedom to make decisions autonomously allows our clients not to stretch thin while staying confident that innovations will be delivered right to their threshold.

Emphasizing Individuality within Teamwork

We value both teamwork and individual strengths equally. Our teams are tailored to each project focusing on goals while fostering growth. A strong feedback culture forms the foundation of our work philosophy, emphasizing quality, improvement and accountability.

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