Open-Source BI Platform Development

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of open-source BI software. We help get your startup or midsize business off the ground with no significant investment or vendor lock-in. Start small and build up your BI fast and at affordable costs.

Bringing the best of the two worlds together: custom BI development based on an open-source technology stack

Own your end-to-end business intelligence journey with our bespoke BI solutions built for the unique challenges of your company at a reasonable cost. Our team of BI engineers will help you organize data, generate visualizations and promote data literacy within a transparent code base.

Benefits of open-source BI at *instinctools


Minimize your overhead costs with freeware and open-source business intelligence. As a license-free solution, open-source BI tools require a one-time development investment with no additional fees. Unlike cross-platform commercial solutions, open-source BI is also cost-effective for small to extensive data needs.


Accessible code enables you to compete in agility by adding modules or integrations. Embed your open-source BI tools into any business system – from ERP to critical web applications. Unlike generic solutions, open-source business intelligence platforms do not limit your interoperability.

Highly compatible

Open-source software is compatible with a plethora of software products. Custom BI development allows you to integrate data from all the possible data points, connecting the dots within your entire enterprise ecosystem and providing insights into cost savings and improvements in efficiency.

Trouble-free cutomization

Bespoke business intelligence software boasts high maintainability, allowing you to scale and upgrade your data capabilities. You don’t have to wait for the vendor’s updates and rebuild your customizations. Instead, open-source code allows you to roll out new functionality with no system disruptions or downtime.

Large talent pool

We offer personalized BI solutions with a well-crafted code visible to your team. It means that your in-house developers can easily enhance the program’s performance or add some features with no software migration or re-development.


Off-the-shelf solutions are designed for all data needs and rarely hit the spot of individual data efforts. Customized BI solutions are fine-tuned to your decision-making and perfectly accommodate your analytical and data monitoring requirements. Unlock faster analysis, read your performance metrics, and remain aware of your company’s well-being at all times with no technical complexity.

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Going above and beyond with custom BI

We apply software-agnostic development processes to all custom BI tools. Our team of BI engineers dives deep into your data assets and helps you pick the right combination of technologies to connect parts of the solution into a single source of truth.

API integrations

Get a robust and scalable system that gives you the freedom to create any integrations you need. Our BI team employs mature API management practices in place for application integration. We create a consistent data patchwork that draws insights from all kinds of business systems — from Google Analytics and Google BigQuery to CRMs and social media.

Custom data sources

We let your data tell stories regardless of its type and format. Our team of BI developers connects your tailored business intelligence software with custom data sources, be it spreadsheets, in-house storage, or enterprise data lakes. We enable you to have complete control over how the insights to index are selected.

Our Custom BI Development Process

Not every problem can be solved with a ready-made solution. Every business is different and so are its data needs. That’s why we help you sculpt unique, business-specific data strategies through fully custom BI software that fuels your decision-making with a data-first approach.

Data extraction

Our team of data scientists and BI engineers first obtain your data from existing sources and databases. We retrieve disparate data pieces to make them work in synergy and provide you with a new meaningful context.

Data preparation

We then set up a custom-built ETL pipeline with the most suitable tools, including Pentaho data integration studio, Apache NiFi, Airbyte, and Apache Airflow. Our well-established ETL then transforms your unstructured data into a verified and cleansed body of knowledge, ready for ad-hoc analysis.

Data repository setup

Our BI team establishes a solid database infrastructure that gathers, manages, and stores your enterprise data sets for analysis, distribution, and reporting. Your mission-critical data will be stored in a data warehouse for 24/7 availability and long-term storage. We also set up a data lake for the flexible collection of raw and granular data pieces.

Data analysis and visualization

The final destination of your tailored business intelligence journey is making your business data actionable through analysis and visualization tools. Our BI experts can inject your data into ready-made business analytics solutions, including Qlik and Tableau, or personalize data visualization through hand-coded solutions, including Redash, Metabase, Apache Superset, and libraries: D3.js, echarts, etc.







Showing the right people the right data with custom dashboards

Keep your top management updated on core business milestones with our custom visualizations and analytics dashboards. We help you channel the right message with a goal-driven set of KPIs displayed on a custom dashboard, designed exclusively to fit your needs. Our tailored visualizations allow you to create role-specific views for users, including managers, supervisors, operators, and team leads to show them relevant insights that reflect your company’s growth.

Ensuring data privacy in open-source solutions

At *instinctools, we prioritize your intellectual property rights and the impeccable security position of your company. As a company with 20+ years of experience, we have always been vigilant about what code we use and how we use it. Following best data privacy standards, our developers integrate all open-source components according to GDPR and other local- or industry-specific data policies. Along with traditional open-source software like PostgreSQL and Airflow, our team employs additional tools to make your code vulnerability-free and risk-resistant so that your data is safe and compliant.

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