Technology-Enabled Business Transformation

X2 more revenue is generated by companies leading with tech-enabled transformation than by those who are less digitally inclined. However, only 20% of digital transformations succeed in building significant value. We ensure our clients will make it into this success cluster.

Empowered by technology. Driven by business

Organizations embarking on transformational projects often buy into the idea of some magical piece of technology that will make their problems vanish into thin air. This, unfortunately, isn’t a reality. Without a change in business processes, well-trained personnel, and confident leadership, tech initiatives will hardly get off the ground. On the other hand, the value of new tech tools’ implementation should not be underestimated. It’s almost impossible to transform a company’s business operations in an administrative way only, without implementing any proper and effective tools for improved operations.

Let’s see what can be done about it. Welcome to the concept of Technology-Enabled Business Transformation. What does it mean? It’s a complex service at the intersection of Business and IT consulting, providing an integrated solution.

Our consultants, each having 15+ years in Technology and Operations, analyze the current state of your operations, propose the end-state solutions based on your vision, and define the gaps. We do not just implement a new geeky IT system. We do not just create fancy reports and presentations with a piece of advice. Instinctools reinvents the processes to make them truly efficient and implements cutting-edge tools to power your business into the future while bringing value today.

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How we help our clients transform and innovate

Evolve your business with our operations expertise

Optimization and improvement in a business is a never-ending process. Unlike many consultants who share their vision of how to do things, we bring this vision to life. Our services include but are not limited to providing advice. We are your one-stop-shop for strategizing, development, and implementation of the best solution for your business.

Armed with vetted expertise across midmarket and enterprise-size companies within 10+ industries, we adapt a technological solution to the existing processes if they are effective enough and enhance the processes to match your business demands throughout the entire value chain.

Instinctools Consultants’ Operations Expertise:

Finance & Controlling

Sales & Marketing


Warehousing & Logistics

Talent Management

Strategic planning

Services we offer

Based on 20+ years of experience, *instinctools solves complex technological challenges with robust, agile solutions.

Digital Product
Product Design
ERP Consulting
CRM Consulting
AI Software
Custom Software
Mobile App
Legacy Software
Dedicated Teams
Cloud Computing
and Maintenance

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Stable and predictable product and platform strategy

You have plans for where you want to be in terms of sales volume and market position for the next five years, don’t you? You should have the same for your tech infrastructure. The ‘we’ll see’ approach doesn’t work. Acting on a whim is fraught with painful consequences.

Eventually, you may find yourself in a situation where your current system won’t be able to handle your rapid growth. Remember, the Titanic could have been saved before the collision with the iceberg, and not when the vessel was already sinking. Our strategists draw upon their knowledge and expertise not to let your ship crash on the iceberg of IT limitations.

Taking into account the inefficiencies and shortcomings identified in the gap analysis as well as your business development ambitions, we draw up a blueprint for your tech infrastructure to make sure all your goals will be met. We create strategies for different time frames — from 3(6) months to 5 years — to prioritize critical things in the short term, without losing sight of longer-run ambitions.

Working on your tech infrastructure strategy, we define key parameters such as the number of shipments, orders, transactions, etc. the system must handle per month, the number of users of a particular system, and more. From there, we calculate the quantity of licenses and estimate how performant the current system is in relation to the expected number of users and transactions. If the existing software doesn’t pull it off, we offer a plan for its modernization. With TCO and ROI analysis, we calculate how much your legacy system truly costs you, highlight where money can be saved, and define the profit you’ll get after the implementation of a new solution.

All about people, or the importance of the organizational enablement

It’s the role of the leader to guide a team through organizational challenges, but it is also the responsibility of employees and key stakeholders to implement the vision.

You could have a brilliant idea and perfect product-market fit. Your IT systems could perform a hundred times better than a competitor’s ones. But you will lose the race if your company culture leaves much to be desired.

When proposing business process changes or new technology implementation, *instinctools always bears in mind that people are the key to success and the cornerstone of any business. What sets us apart from others is that we focus on people, not just on technology or business processes.

Delivering full-scope personnel training

People are used to working in a certain way, even if they don’t always understand why they do it anymore, it’s just a matter of an ‘it’s-always-been-like-that’ approach. That’s why *instinctools, from the earliest stages of the project, works with your employees to understand their needs and worries. Our consultants and business analysts provide many one-to-one consultations with customers’ key stakeholders as well as group training with rank-and-file workers. These consultations and training goals ensure employees’ engagement, make them our supporters in business process change and provide 100% knowledge of how to use new systems and follow new rules.

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Bringing our stellar IT-consulting and engineering expertise to the table

At every stage of your transformational journey, you’ll have access to a broad range of skill sets across our extensive suite of digital services. Backed by our expertise, you can confidently make the right choice for your business to stay ahead of the game.

Data-powered transformation

Whether you’re interested in adopting business intelligence technology or want to revamp your existing BI solution, we focus on your individual needs, helping you find and follow a BI strategy that works best for you.

Awashed by terabytes of data, many organizations still fail to use it to their benefit. We have a vast expertise in turning the ore of raw data into the gold of valuable information by adding Business Intelligence to a wide array of company’s units and organizational levels from executive leadership to rank-and-file employees.

Cloud-based transformation

Instinctools helps companies unveil and leverage the potential of cloud solutions. Our experts assist you in designing long-lasting, scalable, and cost-effective cloud architecture. We handle the process end-to-end, including migrating to the cloud platform and developing, integrating, and optimizing your cloud applications.

As certified partners of the world-leading cloud providers, we bring the platforms’ comprehensive capabilities to enterprises across various industries. Our experienced team of cloud architects and engineers design, configure and maintain stable and secure cloud infrastructure, not forgetting periodic audits for cloud cost optimization.

We care about the security of the delivered solutions. As opposed to manual checks that happen to be at the end of the software development life cycle, the DevSecOps practices we apply when building a solution make security cheaper, more efficient, and less time-consuming.

Innovation Consulting

With over two decades of experience in IT consulting and engineering, we help our customers create new businesses. Our innovation consulting approach provides comprehensive services for your next start-up as well as the complex digital transformation of the existing business or its parts.

Our Innovation Consulting approach consists of:

  • a free, non-commitment Clarification Call to discuss your objectives and potential solutions
  • the Pre-Discovery Workshop dedicated to conducting a profound analysis of your business and designing a solution architecture overview along with a detailed roadmap for further stages
  • a Discovery phase completed with MVP delivery

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