Odoo On-Premise Implementation For a European Streaming Platform

How replacing outdated software with Odoo ERP and custom BI tools allowed a streaming service provider to implement a monthly billing model, get a 360-degree view of their customer data, save 1000+ hours of manual operations on inventory management, and bring thousands of new customers to the platform all over the EU.

Media and Telecommunications

12 months

a project manager, two business analysts, a UX designer, a solution architect, four backend and four frontend developers, four quality assurance specialists, and a business intelligence consultant


Any company’s growth brings opportunities for investment and new market outreach, and entails a transformation of business processes, operations, IT infrastructure, etc. Experiencing a significant rise in customers, our client decided to improve their subscription-based business model, allowing their end-users worldwide to be billed for IP television services on a monthly basis, not annually as it had been before.

The introduction of such a seemingly simple change in the subscription model required a significant transformation of current business processes, which also led to the implementation of a corporate ERP system. The company got in touch with *instinctools for IT consultancy to find a solution and for ERP system development to run their business more effectively and quickly adapt to ever-changing market needs.

The main goal for our team was to advise on and implement an ERP system that would match the company’s existing business processes, taking into account growth plans. Another essential requirement was choosing an ERP system that was easy to maintain and develop in terms of cost and availability of specialists.

During the Pre-Discovery workshop, our team analyzed a current client’s business model and suggested a best-fit solution. The customer’s key non-functional requirements for an ERP software were the following: an on-premise solution that can be managed on company servers, free licensing, fault tolerance, and customer support. Implementing the solution as soon as possible was vital, as they needed to handle an ever-increasing array of data.

*instinctools provided a detailed project estimate with a scope and vision of the future ERP solution as a primary output of the workshop. After a thorough analysis, our experts suggested implementing the Odoo ERP system. Here are a few reasons why we’ve chosen Odoo, alongside the fact that it ultimately met the client’s requirements mentioned above:

  • Multiple module integration. The Odoo system has a broad set of features and modules ready for customization according to any department’s needs.
  • Odoo is among the leading ERP solutions in the market with a huge community and app store.
  • Odoo fits small and medium businesses bringing them high flexibility and scalability.

Dedicated team

To successfully complete the project within the time frame set by the customer, *instinctools gathered a dedicated cross-functional self-managed team able to implement the project end-to-end. The project’s dedicated team consisted of: a project manager, two business analysts, a UX designer, a solution architect, four backend and four frontend developers, four quality assurance specialists, and a business intelligence consultant. The right composition and skill set made it possible to implement the project within the required timeframe.


When implementing new IT solutions, companies usually face many challenges in operations and processes, not just purely tech issues. Our customer collaborated closely with the *instinctools dedicated team, allowing them to focus mainly on IT challenges and some organizational issues.

  • Data migration

    The data about users’ quantity was one of the unknowns in the first stages of the project estimate. It complicated the process of data migration to the new system, as the actual number of users (internal and external) was much bigger than the pre-estimated. As a result, we had hurdles with the performance of certain system operations and needed to react quickly to changing requirements and other issues.

  • Odoo modules integration and customization

    One of the benefits of the Odoo ERP system is the variety of modules for different units, operations, and management. The choice of the modules for particular business needs wasn’t as challenging as their integration into the current system. Most essential components needed customization and adjustments that our engineering team managed to implement.

  • Data visualization and reporting

    Companies not using an ERP system may lack data visualization and fast reporting available for different units. With the growing amount of data and the length of Excel spreadsheets, the implementation of Business Intelligence became a necessity for our client. The standard Odoo module didn’t meet the client’s data visualization and reporting requirements. We needed to build a BI tool and enable its connectivity and accessibility within different units.

  • Integration with third-party services

    The last but not the least important challenge for our dedicated team was integrating the Odoo ERP system with the services, enabling the sustainability and smooth operation of the whole business machine, from notifications and stock management to acquiring systems and legal resources.


Instinctools’ dedicated team, working closely with the customer’s IT and Operations departments, was able to implement a holistic ERP system, connect all the necessary integrations, and develop and set up the required Odoo modules. It fully met the demand for sustainable and scalable software solutions that are compatible with internal and external services, running on on-premise servers, having fast reporting and visualized analytics, and ensuring reduced costs on the maintenance and support side.

With this solution, we helped our client achieve its primary goal, the upgrade of a subscription model provided to their customers.

Key features

  • Customized Odoo modules for stock management, logistics, accounting, legal operations, and marketing analytics.
  • Internal integrations with Google Analytics, e-mail services, and notification systems.
  • Tableau business intelligence tool with distributed access for all units and fast reporting.
  • External integrations with DHL, Hermes, NevelNet, Stripe, and other services.
  • Sepa acquiring system.
  • DATEV-format reports compliant with the law for tax authorities.
  • Odoo Website SSO (Single Sign On) module.

Business Value

Thousands of new customers have tried the monthly subscription service offered by our client since the first project solution release. It allowed the company to understand their customer’s pains and needs better while interacting with the product and services. That, in turn, helped to deliver value and improve customer experience.

We revealed the hidden issues in our client’s company’s complex processes and operations during the project implementation. They noticed the flaws of the old system that had been holding the company back from innovations and opportunities to scale faster and increase clientele worldwide for a very long time.

The client’s digital transformation became the enabler of positive changes bringing their business more revenue, new market opportunities, and, most importantly – customer loyalty.


Odoo Material UI

The *instinctools team was very responsive and effective in customizing the system, trying to engineer and offer the best fit solution. We were very satisfied with their project management and delivery approach. Working with *instinctools agile development team, having transparent processes and clear communication, we’ve managed to finish delivery phases on time. They also participated in decision-making processes, being a part of our internal team.

Maxim Wilhelm VP of Business Development

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