Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

*instinctools is a cryptocurrency exchange development company that delivers turn-key and custom software solutions for businesses operating in the emerging cryptocurrency market. We offer full-fledged services of cryptocurrency exchange consulting and development, as well as the deployment of a white label crypto exchange software for your business needs.

We implement cryptocurrency exchange software for businesses operating in a variety of industries, including Fintech and Banking, Gaming and Gambling, ICO and STO, among others.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

Explore emerging blockchain-based technologies opportunities and reach new markets with end-to-end solutions for buying and selling digital assets. With almost five years of experience in crypto exchange software development, we’ve proven our expertise in delivering stable, scalable, and secure solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients from various industries.

Crypto wallets development and integration

Expand your service offering with exclusively developed and designed cryptocurrency wallets. Our team can help you develop a secure multi-currency wallet for your customers’ digital assets storage and transactions. We also ensure you have a smooth integration of a wallet with your existing system meeting your specific business needs and requirements.

Web and Mobile Application Development

Let your customers benefit from your cryptocurrency exchange product by accessing it via multiple devices with a unified and human-centric interface design. We augment our crypto exchange development services with modern web and mobile applications delivery, enabling our clients to provide fast and convenient access to the system for their customers, system administrators, and other stakeholders. With proven experience in software development, the *instinctools team of qualified experts employs only modern technologies and agile tools to achieve faster project implementation speeds and higher quality solutions.

Crypto payment processing gateway

A custom cryptocurrency processing gateway can help merchants receive payments from their customers in digital currencies and convert them into national currency without hidden fees and risks. Our dedicated team of experts has proven experience in developing and implementing the functionality for crypto payment processing, allowing your business to accept and process payments in cryptocurrencies instantly.

Before implementing the payment gateway, we check and analyze the regulator’s requirements in case your gateway needs integration with the banking payment system.

Cloud managed services and DevOps

Simplify operations and maintain your service levels, seamlessly adapting to new requirements and dynamic workload changes with our all-round cloud services. Our team is ready to supplement cryptocurrency exchange development services with private, public, or hybrid cloud enablement applying best practices in DevOps, DevSecOps, and cloud infrastructure management. Holding certifications from world-known cloud providers, our experts are committed to delivering sustainable cloud solutions with features customization and service delivery management for whitelabel crypto exchange software or other cryptocurrency solutions for your business.

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Bring your business to a new level by employing instant cryptocurrency exchange software into your business model aiming at simplifying the process of buying and selling digital assets and expanding your service line by providing your customers the opportunity to deposit and withdraw their crypto assets in fiat. Our experts can help you implement a white label cryptocurrency exchange platform covering various areas of expertise: legal consulting, banking integration and payment system enablement, customization, modern software development, design, and more.

  • Multi-assets exchange
  • KYC/AML procedures
  • Customization and integrations
  • Fast transactions
  • Enterprise-grade architecture

Key components of the solution

  • Full-featured backend, which includes a multi-functional module for managing exchange operations, currency exchange rate, hedging deals, etc.
  • Designed frontend solutions for the client’s side and administrators of the service
  • Modern web and mobile applications for fast and secure access to crypto exchange software solutions
  • A highly reliable and scalable solution based on cloud and with optimized usage of in-house and rented nodes

Integration and customization

We build and improve your cryptocurrency exchange software by employing modern technologies and proven industry-related experience to customize and integrate with blockchain, payment, and other systems, enabling a fast, stable, and secure process of buying and selling digital assets. Here are some of the possible integrations and customizations we implement for our client’s needs, to meet regulatory and legal requirements as well:

  • customization of the CRM solution, specifically adapted to meet the regulator’s requirements
  • CRM integration into the service of the compliance department and customer support
  • integration with the identification service, including automated document recognition, authentication, and export to CRM
  • integration with services relating to cryptocurrency financial control
  • integration with liquidity providers for getting optimal rates, hedge deals, and balancing liquidity
  • refinement of the technical solution on the part of the bank and Bank Processing Center
  • integration with the identification service, including automated document recognition, authentication, and export to CRM
  • integration with liquidity providers for getting optimal rates, hedge deals, and balancing liquidity
  • integration with services relating to cryptocurrency financial control
  • refinement of the technical solution on the part of the bank and Bank Processing Center

Business Success

White-label crypto exchange software benefits for business


We customize your solution to meet the regulator’s requirements and make it compatible with third-party services and integrations


Our development team delivers whitelabel crypto exchange solutions using best practices in DevSecOps to build secure, scalable and reliable infrastructure and make your software solution compliant with the strictest regulation standards and requirements


Our customers can start their digital currency payment business and reach new markets faster by implementing white label crypto exchange platform within several months

Competitive Advantages

White-label crypto exchange software benefits for your customers / end-users

Security and data privacy

The platform doesn’t keep users’ digital assets and is used as an instant crypto-fiat exchange. When working with other crypto platforms, customers more commonly need to entrust their funds to the platforms

Pricing transparency

Commissions and other costs are included in the exchange rate. So the users do not need to track commissions on each step of bitcoin exchange software procedures

Speed and simplicity

Users can exchange fiat money to cryptocurrencies and vice versa in one step, with no need to go through the procedure of depositing or withdrawing funds with extra pay

Partnerships Built On Trust

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Based on 20+ years of experience, *instinctools solves complex technological challenges with robust, agile solutions.

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