White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

Instinctools is your trusted software partner for white label cryptocurrency exchange development that delivers bespoke, ready-to-go software solutions for businesses breaking into the cryptocurrency market. As an experienced player in the field, we offer a full spectrum of related services, including market research, regulatory advisory, and full-scale development.

We ship white label crypto solutions and platforms to companies across a variety of business verticals, including Fintech and Banking, Gaming and Gambling, ICO and STO, and other domains.

Ensure top-notch quality of white label exchange solutions we build

Gain from our 5+ years of crypto experience to gear up for new revenue models and create the best white label cryptocurrency exchange software in no time.

We put sustainable growth at the center of your white label development strategy and build future-proof solutions powered with cloud and microservices architectures.
Our developers can also base your solution on an innovation-ready monolithic core for a quick transition to microservices in the future.


Instinctools’ experts help you iterate on your existing crypto exchange software or build a new cryptocurrency exchange platform that covers your technical, business, and regulatory needs. We also integrate your solution with blockchain, payment, and other systems, enabling fast and secure transactions under regulations.


Our white label cryptocurrency exchange development company powers your cryptocurrency exchange software with tamper-proof code complemented by time-tested DevSecOps processes. This allows us to deliver a secure and reliable ecosystem that safeguards sensitive data internally and externally.


We get your cryptocurrency software to near-instant crypto-fiat transaction speed with an elastic network capacity based on the powerful combination of in-house and rented nodes. Our experts also select an optimal architecture type for your white label development project to accommodate expected workloads.


Turn to our white label crypto exchange development company and join the market leaders with a high-grade platform packed with client-side and admin features. From multiple currencies and payment methods to automated hedging, our developers make sure the feature diversity adds to your business value.

Looking for an experienced crypto development partner?

White label crypto exchange consulting

Pairing professional advisory with functional services, *instinctools offers a one-stop solution for developing white label cryptocurrency exchanges. Venture into leading-edge financial services with confidence and build a state-of-art white label solution for seamless trading of digital assets.

Crystallizing the product vision 

We first help you to set a clear vision for your future product and understand the white label exchange development process in depth. Our technology strategists bring your goals and requirements into one succinct concept and test it for a market fit. We also dedicate this stage to:
  • Meticulous analysis of regulatory laws applied to your jurisdiction
  • An overview of market opportunities and trends
  • Identifying competitors in your industry
  • Exploring interactions with traditional financial institutions for fiat-crypto transactions
  • Performing risk analysis of crypto asset adoption for your company

Covering all the aspects of your solution-to-be

Our high-value white label cryptocurrency exchange development services take care of all core components that form your solution to remove any complexity from your development process.


Our experts provide proper legal counsel to ensure all legal technicalities are addressed. As your white label crypto exchange development partner, we assist you in turning your business into a legal entity and help your cryptocurrency exchange software solution achieve compliance excellence. We make sure you meet all relevant regulations, including global, regional- and industry-specific standards such as AML/KYC processes, GDPR, FINRA, and others.


As a part of our white label cryptocurrency exchange platform development, we help you establish all cryptocurrency trading processes for seamless transactions, easy monitoring, and hassle-free management. Our experts also identify the right set of banking and financial integrations for your white label exchange software.


Drawing on our wide development experience, we create a custom-tailored solution architecture that optimizes your costs and accelerates time-to-market. Be it brand new cryptocurrency exchange software or a pre-engineered script, our developers elaborate on your needs and build a digital asset ecosystem based on business-driven and technology-led grounds.

White label crypto exchange development process

Building a culture of excellence, we bring industry-best practices to the table combined with an individual approach to find what works best for your project.

Product Ideation

We start by brainstorming the concept of your product, taking into account customer needs, market dynamics, and your unique business objective. To get a better handle on your business ideas, we also research high-level technical aspects and define how this solution can sustain your business in the long term. At the end of the ideation phase, we produce a business concept that articulates the product-market fit and provides a clear direction for further steps.

Discovery phase

We scope and refine the product concept, evaluate its market viability, and match your concept with an optimum technological solution. Our experts source business requirements, define the project scope and provide accurate time and cost estimates for your white label development process.

  • UX/UI. Our design team defines user requirements and aligns them with your business goals. To represent the look and feel of your future product, our designers create high-fidelity mockups and then transform them into clickable prototypes to give you a taste of the final version.
  • MVP development. Working closely with stakeholders, *instinctools’ experts prepare a workable Minimum Viable Product that de-risks your development project and allows you to glean customer feedback on the first bare minimum set of features. We then iterate on your MVP to make your product more valuable to your customers.
  • UX/UI. Our design team defines user requirements and aligns them with your business goals. To represent the look and feel of your future product, our designers create high-fidelity mockups and then transform them into clickable prototypes to give you a taste of the final version.
  • MVP development. Working closely with stakeholders, *instinctools’ experts prepare a workable Minimum Viable Product that de-risks your development project and allows you to glean customer feedback on the first bare minimum set of features. We then iterate on your MVP to make your product more valuable to your customers.

Development & testing

Our team provides white label crypto exchange development services with quality code adherence and on-time delivery. Building on the best Agile practices, we move your solution forward in meaningful iterations and seamlessly adjust it to evolving requirements. Our testers run checks in multiple environments to validate code quality, including in a testnet environment.

Maintenance and upgrades

After the system deployment, our team delivers software updates to make sure the product stays at its peak performance at all times. Our specialists keep your infrastructure fully functional, adaptable and secure while identifying the key opportunities to reduce your total cost of ownership. We also help grow your product and expand your company’s target demographic to new locations.

Entrust your end-to-end crypto development project to experts.

Making use of cloud technologies and DevOps for your product to take off

Benefit from our cloud expertise to achieve better product output, inject more agility into your solution, facilitate scaling, and slash software costs. Our team of cloud engineers ground your white label cryptocurrency exchange software on a flexible cloud infrastructure. We supercharge this transition with our competence in DevOps, DevSecOps, and cloud infrastructure management. 

The profound knowledge of our cloud developers is validated by certifications from the leading cloud providers, allowing our specialists to tap into unique techniques and implement them to deliver highly customized cloud solutions for your cryptocurrency exchange platform development.

Key features of white label crypto solutions and platforms

Build and grow a next-gen cryptocurrency exchange that can challenge market leaders and get an edge in the crypto trading industry.

A full-fledged backend solution

Our white label crypto software package incorporates everything you need to power an impactful crypto experience — from a feature-packed admin module to seamless integration with banking and payment systems.

Payment automation

Streamline crypto-fiat flows through a variety of automation capabilities, including interaction with the user, exchange rate offers, submission of applications, and other tasks.

Automated hedging

Our white label crypto exchange platform is based on an optimal hedging approach to trade against currency fluctuations and improve the efficiency of the hedging process.

User authorization and verification

By employing automated algorithms, our solution allows you to streamline the boarding process, including managed KYC and AML checks.

Redundancy storage of user and transaction data

Our developers throw an extra layer of security on your sensitive data and reinforce the availability of information through data replication and granular access control.

Push notifications

Build a positive rapport with the users and keep them updated regarding price fluctuations, trend changes, or transaction statuses.

Comprehensible user panel

A dedicated, reliable, and easy-to-use user panel can be tailored to your customers’’ exact needs and provide users with a smooth-running trading workflow.

Control panel for the administrator

Our crypto exchange software is supplemented with an advanced admin dashboard that enables you to manage rates, work directly with system crypto wallets, and do everything you need to effectively navigate the system.

Delivering value to your end-users

Engaging a white label crypto solution for your business allows you to build a strong presence in the market and offer extensive coverage of crypto and fiat to your customers without becoming involved in every facet of its development. With an automated KYC flow, a collection of features, and high-speed components, our white label crypto exchange solution takes your business to the next level and drives a sustainable source of revenue.

  • seamless, one-step exchange process
  • guaranteed legitimacy
  • fast and clear KYC procedure
  • intuitive user interface
  • fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat transactions
  • multiple currency support
  • credit cards acquiring
  • timely technical support

Custom integrations

Enhancing the integrity of your software with multiple integrations, we create an all-in-one platform that provides an easy way for traders to access their accounts, place orders, and withdraw funds securely via a single interface. A well-integrated system keeps you ahead of the game and adds distinctive, self-managed features for easier platform management.

  • blockchains
  • payment systems
  • customized CRM with built-in compliance and customer support
  • automated client identification service
  • liquidity providers
  • analytics tools
  • services on cryptocurrency transaction financial control

Capitalizing on your solution by partnering with businesses across multiple industries

Along with turnkey cryptocurrency exchange software, our developers provide universal crypto processing SDKs that can be leveraged by your partners. Avail of our expertise to grow your business and usher in additional streams of revenue into your business strategy.


Our crypto processing SDK securely extends the payment infrastructure of banking applications with cryptocurrency to help financial institutions meet customer demand.


Using our development kit, merchants can easily embed crypto purchases directly into their checkout flow to enter global markets without the burden of national currencies.


With our solution, your customers can fund their accounts or withdraw winnings instantly, securely, and under regulatory requirements.

Mining pools

Our ready-made kit allows for more consistent mining pool payouts where users can instantly withdraw money from their fiat wallets directly to their credit and debit cards.

NFT marketplaces

Crypto processing kits set up NFT marketplaces to receive and withdraw fiat payments and sell NFTs globally through a broad range of payment options.

Why choose us?

As a company that has launched one of the first legal crypto exchanges in Eastern Europe, we know how to remove the blind spots from your incentives.

We meet the requirements of the local regulator in terms of business processes, financial reporting, legitimacy of operations, data security, and fault tolerance.

We establish payment processes and user verification methods according to FATF regulations and the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5).


What is white label crypto exchange software?

A white label crypto exchange is a solution that allows companies to deploy a feature-packed crypto exchange platform in a short period of time. With white label cryptocurrency exchange software development, you can get your exchange up and running quickly and at a fraction of the cost.

What is cryptocurrency exchange development?

Cryptocurrency exchange development refers to the process of creating a digital platform that enables users to buy and sell digital assets. The main goal of this process is to create a platform that is user-friendly and efficient, while also providing the necessary security measures to protect users' data.

How much does a white label crypto exchange cost?

The costs of white label bitcoin exchange development services depend on your tech stack, feature set, the number of integrations, and regulatory requirements. Contact our experts to get an accurate estimation of your project.

How long does it take to develop a crypto exchange?

With a dedicated team of experienced professionals, it takes from three to six months to create a full-scale cryptocurrency exchange solution.

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