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Driven by the latest technologies and industry-leading practices, our eLearning software development company helps organizations of all sizes to turn a humdrum learning process into an engaging, goal-oriented experience.

Having successfully delivered eLearning software development services for more than two decades, *instinctools crafts solutions that perfectly fit into an ever-changing educational environment and never fail to adapt to how, what, and where people want to learn.

Harness the Power of Cutting-Edge EdTech With Custom Education Software Development

We develop educational software from the ground up so you don’t have to trade your needs and brand identity for the limited possibilities of ready-made platforms. Tailor-built solutions ensure the high level of scalability and sustainability you need to provide a seamless digital experience for students and teachers, and meet their growing demands. Capitalizing on the combination of vast expertise and talented teams, we offer turnkey EdTech solutions, including end-to-end custom eLearning development as well as post-implementation support and enhancement.

Connecting the Dots Within Your Business Ecosystem

As managing learner information across multiple independent platforms is incredibly time-consuming, the ability of the software to incorporate data from different sources into a unified system is imperative for it to stay viable. Instead of putting up additional barriers, we break down the existing ones by ensuring your solutions complement each other to improve overall performance, reduce costs, and increase user benefit. To unleash the full value of our educational software development, we integrate eLearning solutions into business applications without compromising the core architecture or front-end performance.


By tying an eLearning system to a corporate ERP, we help companies to unify administrative and learning information, revamp their educational resources, hone training delivery, and optimize learning budgets.


The integration with CRM software makes the possibilities of your eLearning solution almost endless. We link the two systems together to improve your in-house productivity by automating a number of processes related to communication with customers, enhance users’ learning experience by getting a better grasp of their needs, and define sales opportunities with real-time data about the users at hand.


The combined power of eLearning software and Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) lets you understand your employees more holistically and offer them engaging and targeted training based on HR data analytics. HRIS-eLearning integration sets the right tone from the start, making the onboarding process smoother, and doesn’t fall short later on, when it comes to cross-boarding.

Fill the gap with dedicated EdTech software

E-Learning Software Development Beyond Platforms And Devices

As learning can happen wherever and whenever, EdTech solutions should not be limited to desktops only. To reach as many users as possible, we ensure your educational content is available 24/7 via any device, whether it’s a personal computer, tablet, smartphone, or a wearable device. We build feature-rich applications perfectly optimized to study on-the-go that are pleasant and easy to use thanks to intuitive UX/UI and bespoke screen sizes.

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Breaking Through Barriers To Skill-Building With Assistive Learning Solutions

Recent technological advancements have not only enabled access to education regardless of location, race, and income but have also made learning more accessible to people with special needs. With our AI-powered solutions, bolstered with text-to-speech and speech-to-text features, writing support, task management, and more, we break down educational barriers so that everyone has a chance to achieve their educational goals.

Having All The Safeguards In Place To Protect Sensitive Data

While delivering EdTech solutions that stand out, we also ensure they conform to major technical standards, including SCORM, AICC, xAPI, LTI, as well as industry-specific data regulations, such as GDPR, HIPPAA, and others.

Apart from that, we adjust eLearning software to all your inner security requirements to protect your business from all sorts of vulnerabilities, such as cyberattacks, data leakages, and others.

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Streamline Teaching

Learning management systems (LMS)

We assist you in building impactful training programs by designing learning management systems that make all the difference. Take the headache out of lesson planning and coordination, and ensure convenient enrollment, tracking, and assessment for your online learners. Tailored specifically to your needs, LMS solutions, developed by *instinctools experts, open up a plethora of powerful features for instructors to embrace.

  • Handling all the eLearning content activities: authoring, storing and management, delivery, analytics, and more
  • Managing the eLearning processes: training session scheduling, assigning and enrolling learners to courses, tracking training activities, sending and receiving notifications
  • Giving assessments to students and getting feedback from them: tests and quizzes, polls and surveys, etc.

Education management software for schools, colleges, and universities

We know how tedious and time-consuming administrative work can be if processed manually. Student registration, their enrollment in classes, management of learning activities, monitoring attendance and academic results… To tackle these and many other monotonous paper-filling tasks and uncover the full potential of the precious workforce, we use world-class technologies that help streamline, automate, and simplify the academic and administrative processes of educational units and institutions of all kinds.

  • Admission management
  • Student and staff management
  • Academic calendar and timetable management
  • Attendance management
  • Fee tracking and payment management
  • Report card and grade monitoring
  • Event management
  • Library management
  • Communication portal

With a centralized system unified for students, teachers, sponsors, parents, and service companies, we standardize and facilitate multiple management aspects and help everyone involved in the educational process execute their day-to-day tasks more efficiently.

Proctoring software

*instinctools experts develop software to hold tests and exams in an error-free, non-biased environment. Our technology-driven proctoring solutions outperform human proctors by a mile, with multi-factor identity checks, browser lockdown, end-to-end video recording of each test taker’s face and screen, incident alerts, and other anti-cheat measures.

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Facilitate Learning With Smart Interactive Solutions

Learning experience platforms

As an experienced education software development company, we convert promising ideas into powerful solutions by crafting game-changing virtual hubs that enable high-speed access to educational content and help to create an individual learning path for each student. We design fully automated, custom-fit, cloud or on-premise platforms, bolstered with:

  • AI-based recommendation system
  • User analytics
  • Content creation and aggregation from various sources
  • Social features, such as interactions via chats, forums, likes, shares, etc.
  • Video streaming solutions

Mobile learning

To boost eLearning availability and detect new revenue opportunities, *instinctools develops full-fledged native and cross-platform mobile applications, that are distinguished by their:

  • Smooth user experience
  • Sturdy security measures
  • Outstanding performance regardless of the number of concurrent learners

Peer-to-peer learning

When a colleague is teaching, their context, reference points, and personality improve student engagement and make it easier to relate. Our peer-to-peer solutions encompass all the stages of the ‘learning loop’, giving students the opportunity to gain knowledge, practice by applying it, get feedback, and reflect on what’s been learned.

  • Smart virtual study groups based on students’ activities
  • Chats with other students inside and outside their friend network
  • Video recording and sharing
  • Instant tutoring sessions
  • Micro content and micro tests

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Building Prime Education Solutions For Your Audience

Preschool education

Kids never settle for less. That’s why we develop educational solutions where learning and joy stop being mutually exclusive notions and start complementing each other to achieve unprecedented synergy. Designed by a team with profound technology and industry-related expertise, our apps bridge the educational process to children’s existing knowledge while nurturing their curiosity in the most engaging way possible.

Gamification elements infused in the software bring about experiences that can’t be created off-screen and help keep young learners focused.

K-12 and higher education

Accelerating in popularity during the pandemic, eLearning software is now an indispensable solution for educational institutions all over the globe. However, if not for the high-quality digital assistance, the virtualization of classrooms that have been brick-and-mortar forever could become too big a challenge to meet.

*instinctools builds educational platforms for schools, colleges, and universities, enabling students to leverage personalized learning while in the comfort of their own homes. Our custom eLearning solutions are enriched with compelling features that allow not just to replicate traditional classroom practices in the virtual realm but try new, more engaging models, such as flipped learning. Teachers are empowered to create and share videos and podcasts for students to explore in their own time and at their own pace, ensuring precious class time is reserved for active learning activities in small groups with individual attention.

Adult education and retraining

In a world undergoing all-embracing digital transformation, the nature of work is changing. The need for upskilling and reskilling has been boosted as people have to swap jobs or even industries to stay on track. In such circumstances, old ways of getting education are no longer viable. By the time people finish their drawn-out programs and get certificates or degrees, their acquired skills will have probably been outdated. As an education software development company with years of expertise, we create high-performing all-round eLearning solutions that allow our customers to reach new audiences, regardless of geography, income, or time constraints.

Education opportunities and social integration for older adults

The elderly, more than any other age group, tend to feel anxious and withdrawn, especially in the new reality shaped by the coronavirus pandemic. *instinctools age-friendly EdTech solutions help combat social isolation, giving older adults the possibility to connect to their peers, stay active, and reimagine themselves in the digital world.

With educational platforms tailored specifically to the needs of senior citizens, learning stops being the privilege of young people and reaches out to much wider audiences.

Corporate learning

For a number of organizations, whether mid-sized or large ones with offices scattered across the world, online education is more lucrative than traditional seminars or training in many ways. It’s easier, cheaper, better standardized, with learning happening on-the-job. We help you leverage all the advantages of corporate educational initiatives by supporting them with the right tech. Delving deep into the specifics of your business and studying your corporate vision, *instinctools experts create a one-stop solution that helps to boost employee acquisition and retention by upgrading employees’ skills, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, and keeping your staff motivated. A robust LMS, augmented by integrations with other corporate systems, enables convenient learning from a familiar interface, provides advanced analytics, and more, for your employees to grow professionally.

Transforming The Education Journey By Bringing In Innovations

Chatbots and virtual assistance

To compensate for the lack of in-person communication as well as save the instructor’s and learner’s time, we equip our solutions with a virtual assistant that drives interactive learning and automates a significant part of the educational process, including distributing tasks, checking assignments, dealing with students’ queries, and more.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI/ML technologies fundamentally transform the educational experience allowing for unprecedented personalization, routine task automation, and smart content aggregated from multiple sources.


The Internet of Things (IoT) makes education truly accessible and brings it closer to the learner through connecting the dots between a wide array of smart devices.

Extended Reality

Open up possibilities of augmented and virtual reality to help students overcome the challenges caused by a rapid shift to remote learning and practice their skills in a simulated reality.

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Empowering Your Education Systems With The Cloud

With organizations going remote, the challenge of providing sufficient resources to support eLearning solutions has become critical.

We help you leverage EdTech potential to the fullest by constructing a first-rate cloud computing educational environment. *instinctools partners with best-in-class cloud providers to ensure the scalability, security, and cost-efficiency of our eLearning services. Building upon practical industry-related experience and deep expertise in cloud technology, our specialists:

  • Design rock-solid virtual classroom environments not limited by resource allocation capacity
  • Make it possible to develop training materials and add new features to a cloud eLearning platform at a high speed and low cost
  • Ensure high availability, fault tolerance, and automatic recovery if the infrastructure is overloaded
cloud consulting services instinctools
  • Design rock-solid virtual classroom environments not limited by resource allocation capacity
  • Make it possible to develop training materials and add new features to a cloud eLearning platform at a high speed and low cost
  • Ensure high availability, fault tolerance, and automatic recovery if the infrastructure is overloaded

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Business Intelligence Technologies To Reinforce Your Educational System

Turn your educational solution into a heavy hitter by making effective strategic decisions based on real-time data. With Business Intelligence (BI) technology and online analytical processing (OLAP), you can reap the benefits of truly insightful analytics. Make use of automatically generated reports at your fingertips, covering all aspects of an eLearning solution — from students’ performance to training ROI — to craft unique training materials, pinpoint areas for improvement and stay ahead of the competition.

Capitalizing on our expertise in BI and Big Data, *instinctools provides an entire suite of analytics services designed to transform your data into value for learners and business.

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