Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental responsibility

*instinctools recognizes the importance of global environment protection for human well-being. Keeping this in mind, our locations operate according to the local environmental laws. We pay particular attention to the environmental challenges and follow the “precautionary principle” in conducting our business operations

We follow GreenIT concepts while choosing equipment and infrastructure for our offices by using:

  • Hetzner Online, which was awarded GreenIT Best Practice Award for responsible attitude to environment, as our main cloud data centerility
  • Apple and Dell equipment at our workplaces, the equipment created by leaders in Green Technologies
  • Hewlett Packard equipment, well known for its environmental sustainability, for building the office infrastructure in our company
We strongly believe that we can help in improving environmental plus ecological condition and help in preventing environment from further deterioration. Thus, we:
  • have reduced the use of paper in our offices by using mostly electronic mail as a means of communication and scanning documents rather than printing them
  • save water and electricity by using common water filters and energy-efficient appliances and we avoid any harmful activities for the nature at our events
  • sort garbage by collecting glass, paper, plastic, used batteries and hardware into separate containers
  • use renewable energy to power some of our offices

Social responsibility for our employees

Compliance with the law and the legal systems is a fundamental principle for *instinctools. *instinctools’ offices operate according to the legal system of the location of registration. Thus, we adhere to all aspects of employee legislation for each of our locations and for every employee

Beyond this, *instinctools supports a nurturing environment by offering a variety of benefits to promote well-being and positive mood for our employees:
  • sport activities
  • career training compensations
  • discounts on our partners’ services
  • fruits and vitamins as per season needs
  • corporate holiday celebrations
  • birthday and special occasions gifts
  • corporate contests and rewards
  • family events

We also endeavor to provide a comfortable work space, convenient offices and pleasant office atmosphere, which is meticulously organized by a team of office managers in each of our locations

Education and training

We believe that career development as well as personal growth opens new horizons and level of satisfaction for individuals. We support any educational initiative from our specialists by providing them with extra finances and spare time for self-development

  • *instinctools regularly organizes courses for IT specialists on different technologies. Our lead and senior developers were mentors for beginners in IT career at IT-Marathon and Blockchain School
  • soft skills development trainings are also regularly held for the *instinctools team. World-class trainers are frequently invited to teach us best practices for developing soft skills
  • we provide our specialists with English classes: our teachers share their in-depth knowledge in order to improve the level of English of our specialists constantly. Everyone is invited to attend classes and our teaching programs are developed based on an individual approach
  • our senior specialists often teach at IT academies and High Tech Park and lecture at local industry organizations. *instinctools is also in close connection with local universities where our specialists are regularly invited to share their knowledge and give career guidance to students


*instinctools always endeavors to help those who are in need in our local communities as well as worldwide. We frequently organize collections for people with health problems and donate for their medical treatment

  • we also donate to international help organizations like “Doctors without Borders” and local organizations like “Menschen in Not”
  • we support local pet shelters as well
  • we have been participating in the movement called “Lid for life”. Now, we collect plastic lids from bottles and pass them to the organization which sells lids to recycling plants. All funds received are given to the children who need costly medical support. This is our small effort to help sick children and it also helps to keep earth a little bit cleaner from plastic waste
  • *instinctools supports creative artists by sharing our international growth and success with them. In 2019, we egnaged ourselves with international cultural project at the Venice Biennale 2019 through a sponsorship agreement with the German artist duo Müller & Sohn

Sustainability management and leadership

*instinctools’ objective is to achieve long-term profitable growth and develop new international market segments. This involves commitment to our stakeholders: clients, investors, employees and partners as well as the society in general

Our managers are responsible for planning and implementing a sustainable corporate governance.

Furthermore, all *instinctools managers are required to lead by example as they are the role models for our employees in terms of principles set out in the Compliance and Sustainability Guideline 

  • *instinctools managers are responsible for the employees reporting to them. They have to set an outstanding example in terms of personal conduct, performance, transparency and social skills. Our leading model is based on trust, allowing employees as much autonomy and freedom as possible
  • *instinctools managers have organizational and supervisory duties and are responsible for ensuring that no infringements of the law occur within their area of responsibility. Managers retain this responsibility also for the delegated tasks

In particular, *instinctools managers have to adhere to the following rules:

  • hire employees carefully, ensuring that they have the appropriate personality traits and work expertise

  • delegate tasks precisely, fully and definitively, especially regarding compliance with legal requirements

  • ensure monitoring of compliance with legal requirements on an ongoing basis

  • clearly inform employees that breaking the law is unacceptable and will entail disciplinary proceedings

To reveal leadership skills, the most outstanding employees are encouraged to attend Leadership Club at *instinctools