Industrial Software Development

We specialize in software development for manufacturing companies, helping them to achieve better performance and productivity, as well as reduce costs overall. Developing solutions both for back-office and industrial operations, we upgrade your operational processes on every level for digital success.

Our industrial software services address the demands of both light and heavy manufacturing industries, including aerospace, machine building, textile and transportation. Whether you need to integrate a new software system into your infrastructure or redesign and upgrade outdated solutions, we can give you a hand in projects of any type and difficulty level.

Innovative Technologies

Utilize modern technologies, such as AI, IoT, industrial robotics, and smart manufacturing, to maximize efficiency and minimize spending.

Integration with Third-Party Systems

Our software can be seamlessly integrated into your enterprise infrastructure, as well as with other third-party systems and hardware. 

All-encompassing Manufacturing Software

Having experience in software development for all screens and platforms, our experts can create web, desktop, mobile or embedded software, based on your business needs. 

Solutions that Minimize Environmental Impact

We implement solutions that reduce environmental impact from manufacturing factories with such tools as raw materials inventory management, priority-based production planning and auto-booking engines.

Perfect your Manufacturing Processes

Custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

We offer ERP development services that optimize manufacturing processes on every level, providing such capabilities as:

  • Efficient order management
  • Asset management
  • Production process tracking
  • Centralizing product data
  • Raw materials and consumables tracking
  • Integration with lifecycle management

Our ERP solutions can be used for various types of manufacturers, including Make-to-Stock (MTS), Make-to-Order (MTO) and Configure-to-Order (CTO).

We provide software functionality that gives you the flexibility to customize and configure industrial processes, as well as automate configuration, depending on clients’ needs.

Production and Workflow Monitoring and Automation Apps

Manufacturing Workflow Automation

Solutions Improve the efficiency of your industrial processes by introducing workflow automation solutions, such as planning automation, procurement automation and compliance automation. Minimize manual administrative tasks and document management procedures. We provide various options for automating your processes with the help of such technological advancements as AI, robotics, IoT and other software development services for manufacturing companies.

Production and Workflow Monitoring Software Development

Utilize monitoring software solutions to track all aspects of your production processes, receiving real-time visibility into every little detail of your manufacturing organization and supply chain. Use real-time unobtrusive employee monitoring tools to improve workforce management, team scheduling and planning. Achieve such benefits as improved productivity and quality of your manufacturing operations and eliminate downtime with the help of timely data capture and analysis. 

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Optimize your production processes with robust manufacturing execution software. We develop manufacturing execution systems that gather precise real-time data about every stage of the production lifecycle, including material management, performance and traceability. Integrate your MES with ERP, product lifecycle management, enterprise asset management and supply chain management for better results and performance.

By implementing a manufacturing execution system you receive such benefits as a lower manufacturing cycle time, increased machine utilization, improved supply chain visibility and regulatory compliance, while eliminating paperwork and mundane data-entry processes.

  • Monitoring movements of materials and personnel in real-time
  • Visual representation of the shop floor, workstations and equipment 
  • Capturing data from SCADA systems
  • Production plans and schedules implementation
  • Resource planning

Software Development for Project and Workforce Management

Our company offers IT solutions for manufacturing companies that help perfect project and team management processes leading to increased employee productivity. Providing such functionalities as Kanban boards, Gantt task lists and charts, user permissions and customer workflows, we aim to reduce your lead time and eliminate bottlenecks while keeping the quality of your projects high.

Implement a workforce monitoring and management system to control labor costs, simplify compliance and improve employee efficiency. With such features as accurate labor deployment, control of costs, employee empowerment and compliance management, a workforce management system will optimize numerous aspects of employee management processes.

Ensure the Robustness of Your Manufacturing Equipment

Our industrial software development solutions help manufacturing companies prevent equipment failures, predict malfunctions, minimize downtime and improve equipment performance while reducing maintenance costs and maximizing production output.

Equipment Maintenance Application Development

We provide manufacturing software development services, which allow conducting both predictive and real-time maintenance of industrial equipment. Gathering data about the maintenance from ERP software and about previous malfunctions from IoT sensors, our company applies AI technologies and helps you predict possible future equipment failures. To ensure that your equipment is in good condition, we implement the following features in our software:

  • Maintenance history tracking
  • Customizable alerts
  • Asset and inventory tracking
  • Work order
  • Purchase order modules
  • Vendor management
  • One-off and recurring services scheduling

IoT Solutions for Tracking and Controlling Machinery and Assets

Implement Internet of Things (IoT) services and solutions to monitor and control your manufacturing machinery and technology remotely, with such features as GPS for location tracking and setup of sensors for movable machinery connected to mobile apps.

Cloud IoT services bring more visibility to industrial operations and allow you to monitor the conditions of assets directly, as well as guarantee solid security.

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Software Development for Condition Monitoring

We develop manufacturing software that helps extend equipment life cycles, achieve longer maintenance intervals and simplify key maintenance activities management. Using such technology as real-time data processing and data analytics and by integrating with control systems and industrial systems, our software gives the opportunity to automatically capture critical data and respond in real-time.

Our software uses industrial sensors, external systems and measurement devices as data providers, and visualizes gathered data with such tools as dashboards and RT graphs.

Software for Test and Measurement Equipment

Reduce the time you spend on system performance analytics and achieve faster decision-making by enhancing your test and measurement equipment with robust software solutions. We specialize in software development that provides manufacturing companies with such tools as:

  • Real-time data recording and large data flow processing
  • Mathematical filters analysis and the automated generation of reports
  • Visualization of measurement data
  • Comparison and monitoring of data during and after test completion

From test automation to equipment parameterization and calibration, we develop software that can enhance every aspect of your test and measurement equipment.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

We specialize in Human Machine Interface software development, which optimizes industrial workflows on multiple levels, including:

  • Streamlining the execution of commands
  • Streamlining the execution of commands
  • Minimizing errors
  • Facilitating faster and more accurate decision-making
  • Cutting down on the time for onboarding employees

Leverage HMI software to achieve higher productivity of your manufacturing equipment and machinery with the following features:

  • Hardware diagnosis
  • System maintenance
  • Equipment control and calibration
  • Visualization panels
  • Graphic flowcharts
  • Alarm notifications
  • Access to information about equipment components

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Cut Down Costs and Improve Efficiency with Supply Chain Management Apps

Manufacturing Inventory Management Software Development

Speed up your industrial processes, optimize workflows and minimize human factor errors with inventory management software. Our manufacturing software development services help to simplify inventory management with such features as:

  • Advanced reporting
  • Product assemblies
  • Back-ordering
  • Multi-warehouse management
  • Costed purchase orders
  • Production planning

Warehouse Management Software Development

Reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and achieve better warehouse efficiency with warehouse management software. Our WMS solutions can seamlessly integrate with ERP, sales, transport systems, purchasing and supply chain software, helping you streamline manufacturing processes on numerous levels. Introducing a WMS allows you to:

  • Customize how orders are processed and delivered
  • Improve visibility into inventory
  • Monitor employee working hours
  • Reduce stockout with automatic reorder points
  • Support warehouse channels around a variety of locations
  • Reduce dead-head time
  • And more

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Use Troubleproof Software to Create a Safe Working Environment for Your Employees

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Management Systems

We develop solutions that facilitate a healthy and safe working environment for manufacturing companies’ employees. Introduce an EHS management system to embed a safety culture in your organization, mitigate risks, drive incident rates down and reduce administrative work with such features as:

  • Job safety and process hazard analysis
  • Injury and illness management
  • Root cause analysis
  • Automated safety program management
  • Safety data tracking and reporting
  • Industrial hygiene management
  • Exposure assessment
  • Claims management
  • Compliance requirements management
  • OSHA reporting

Employee Tracking Apps

Utilize IoT technology, such as pedometers, GPS receivers, altimeters and gyroscopes, to monitor employees’ health and prevent injuries and work-related hazards, including overheating, overexertion and poison inhalation.

Manufacturing Workforce Monitoring

Avoid accidents and improve workplace safety in your manufacturing business by implementing workforce monitoring software. Program employees’ key cards individually to manage permissions for entering various shop floors.

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Leverage Business Intelligence Tools to Grow and Scale your Manufacturing Business

cloud cost optimization

We specialize in industrial data analytics, helping you cut down costs, improve operational efficiency and gain insights into your manufacturing processes with the following features:

  • Data acquisition, storage and visualization
  • Real-time analytics for large data streams
  • Models of equipment and business processes
  • Real-time analytics of shift performance and bottlenecks
  • Scrap rates and production performance

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