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Constant disruptions, economic pressures, volatile input costs, and intense competition has pushed the manufacturers to reshape their business models into more digital ones. However, a rapidly shifting environment created by Big Data, AI, and IoT can be difficult to navigate. We help our customers create, deliver and manage innovative solutions without compromising on safety and security


*instinctools provides your manufacturing business with the following benefits:

  • smart manufacturing:

    improve the operational efficiency of your manufacturing facilities by automating your operations and using advanced analytics for better performance and results

  • supply chain optimization:

    integrate cutting-edge technology into your apps to enable greater supply-chain efficiency

  • inventory management:

    handle a complex task using a single click by taking data from your multiple stores

  • order management:

    let the system examine your processes and supplies and allow your clients to track their orders

  • high quality of your customers’ experience:

    leverage predictive-maintenance services, analytics, and AI

  • security:

    embrace best practices in IT security and disaster recovery to keep data and systems protected

  • support:

    support a solid framework to streamline manufacturing tasks across sales, operations, marketing, and customer support

  • omnichannel digital strategy:

    use mobile and web channels to perform tasks and track your business manufacturing cycle

  • cloud infrastructure:

    simplify your operations, automate your processes and modernize your legal processes using cloud technology

You get

  • better control over the manufacturing process and faster time-to-market

  • the ability to streamline your day-to-day operations and proactively detect equipment inefficiencies for improved handling

  • a 360-degree view of customers, sales pipelines, and your operations so that you have a better understanding of what goods or services your customers are looking for and based on that, you can build an intelligent supply chain

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