Reimagining Reporting With a BI Solution For a Multi-Industry Corporation

How the adoption of Oracle BI with dynamic data visualization templates allowed a global multi-industry corporation with 150.000+ docs turnover to automate 92% of its document management and reporting tasks, decrease flaw detection time from several days to 2–4 hours, and leave no room for human error.

Construction and Engineering

$2.000.000 +

13 developers, 4 QA engineers, 2 Team Leads, a Project Manager

4 years


About 150.000 documents of different kinds are created annually within our customer’s concern. As a rule, their life cycle includes alignment, approval, execution, archiving, and storage. Undergoing the aforementioned procedures in the paper-based management system naturally results in huge piles of waste paper, lost documents and a long search for them, numerous copies, delays in sending and receiving the papers, personnel mistakes, etc. All these problems stimulated our customer to implement an electronic document management system.

However, the achievements reached after the transition to paperless document circulation appeared to be a short time-out before taking inevitable steps on the way to further transformation. There were still critical issues to deal with: the amount of time spent on working with documents continued to be huge and the analysis of staff productivity left a lot to be desired. Being a corporation with more than 200.000 employees, the customer had substantial difficulties in controlling their staff performance. The assignments were not always carried out on time. In the case of a small company, where flaws can be easily detected and fixed, it’s not disastrous at all. But for a huge one, with a number of interconnections, any delay or lack of coordination may entail giant losses and deadline shifts. Under these circumstances, automated reporting and a holistic, in-depth analysis of unit and staff performance are not just optional though favorable attributes but necessary conditions for future development.


*instinctools team was supposed to improve the already implemented document workflow software, providing the customer with an unblurred vision of work processes and the possibility to analyze personnel performance according to specific cross-sections (e.g. divisions, positions, areas of expertise, etc.)


Working on the project, our team:

  • reworked the system of report building, optimizing it and making it faster
  • added the mechanisms of deferred reporting, that allow to run reports as a background task while continuing other work, and dynamic reporting, wherein visualization changes along with data
  • introduced on-demand reporting and the system of report processing for particularly large and heavy uploads without preliminary preparation
  • worked out a view-based data model for Oracle DB (including dynamic and materialized views)
  • created a system of templates (including dynamic ones) for data visualization
  • refined the customer’s internal system, turning it into more intuitive and user-friendly

Key features


upgraded UI/UX design


the possibility to “slice and dice” big data


historical data preservation


Access Control List integration


  • The customer’s got an illustrative view of current – and past – work processes
  • Reports have become more informative
  • It’s become possible to rapidly direct attention to what is really important for the time being
  • The time for flaw detection has been decreased
  • Thanks to ACL integration, reports are now available to a wide range of employees according to their access rights, which fosters the proper distribution of responsibilities
  • End-to-end control principle provides the executives with the ability to control the fulfillment of their instructions at every stage and level of the organizational hierarchy
  • Data export in different formats permits to do post-processing in third-party applications, thereby making data analysis even more thorough.


  • ECM Documentum

  • JasperReports

  • Oracle Database

  • Propriate SW (Spring, Java)

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