Shopify Development Services

You are on a mission to grow your ecommerce business. Our Shopify development company is on a mission to get you there — with the right solutions. From the first click to check out, *instinctools’ team crafts shopping experiences that generate revenue, promote your business growth, and enhance the entire customer journey.

Gain an edge with our Shopify development services

Our Shopify ecommerce development company has helped dozens of merchants scale their ecommerce stores and achieve their business goals. We can make your ideas a reality, too.

  • 45% increase in online sales, driven by improved site functionality and user experience
  • 60% reduction in site loading times
  • 70% growth in organic traffic thanks to our advanced SEO techniques
  • 35% boost in conversion rates as a result of checkout process optimization
  • x3 more sales due to virtual try-ons
  • 30% cut in overstock after *instinctools’ team streamlined inventory management 

Shopify store development services to take your ecommerce business to the next level

Sales-driven, business-focused, customer-centered — our Shopify development agency knows what matters most for merchants. At *instinctools, we offer end-to-end Shopify ecommerce development services so you can build a fully custom store that aligns with your brand.

Shopify store setup

Our Shopify developers handle the basics of store setup and help you come to grips with everything you need to make a head start on your ecommerce business. 

  • Store creation
  • Theme selection and customization
  • Product catalog organization
  • Payment and checkout setup
  • Shipping settings configurations
  • Basic SEO setup
Custom development for Shopify

Supercharge your online store with custom Shopify apps and tailor-made features like filters and rewards programs — all designed for reliable performance on a global scale.

  • Shopify web development
  • Module development (SEO optimization, product import, and more)
  • Custom-coded store features
Custom Shopify theme development

Make a strong, lasting impression on your store visitors by developing a distinctive, branded, and mobile-friendly Shopify design that makes your store stand out from the rest.

  • Custom storefront development
  • UX research
  • Mockup development
  • Wireframing and prototyping
Data analytics

No more flitting between tracking and reporting tools. View customer data, dive into customer journeys, and get real-time tracking notifications within a single interface.

  • Proper setup for accurate data collection
  • Custom dashboard creation
  • Conversion tracking
  • Customer segmentation and behavior analysis
User training and support

Our dedicated support team makes sure your Shopify store sells effectively 24/7. We provide post-implementation support and maintenance services, and assist you if any questions or issues arise.

  • User training sessions
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Ongoing support and troubleshooting
Performance optimization

Bring in our Shopify web development company to increase store speed, boost page performance, elevate user experience, and fix other tech issues that hamper your Shopify websites.

  • Page speed optimization (lazy load implementation, image optimization, and more)
  • Shopify cart optimization services
  • Code audit and optimization
  • Device compatibility
Migration to Shopify

Tap into our Shopify website development services to move your store from the current ecommerce environment to the Shopify platform. Our developers perform seamless and hassle-free transitions from Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Opencart, Squarespace, Yahoo, Lightspeed, Volusion, Wix, Prestashop, and other platforms to Shopify.

Need a hand with your Shopify store?

Awards and recognition

Fast. Integrated.
Do commerce your way

Spend less time transferring data between your disjointed software and more time managing your business. Our Shopify development agency builds custom APIs tailored to your unique business needs and links your Shopify store to third-party apps and business systems. The result? An ecommerce hub that unites all ecommerce-related activities of your business.

Payment gateways

Our Shopify web development agency enables you to sell more easily and on a larger scale by integrating your Shopify stores with popular payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, Square, WePay, Braintree, and others.

Shipping and fulfillment

We integrate your ecommerce store with the warehouse software of your choice to streamline your fulfillment process, provide accurate delivery information at checkout, and enable real-time monitoring of order fulfillment.

Inventory management

Inaccurate inventory can result in lost sales and customer dissatisfaction. We make sure you always have optimal stock levels by integrating your store with an inventory tracking system like Oracle NetSuite, SumTracker, and others.


As a development partner for large-scale ecommerce companies, we develop custom ERP integration solutions that help top retailers centralize their operations and improve data accuracy in the value chain.


Providing consistently great customer experience is easier when your customer service, sales, and marketing functions are all connected to a centralized CRM. And that’s exactly what our development team does.

Marketing and SEO tools

Whether it’s Semrush, Instafeed, Tidio, or any other marketing and SEO app, our developers connect your store to the tools you need to expand your reach, boost conversions, and beat competitors.

Analytics and reporting tools

Drill down into your online store performance with in-depth analytic reports and dashboards. We interface your store with Google Analytics, Geckoboard, and other tools so you can track vital ecommerce metrics and act on the insights.

Reach, acquire, and retain your ideal customer with Shopify marketing automation

Just setting up a Shopify store and expecting customers to flock to it is not enough. You have to engage customers at every stage of their journey and our Shopify ecommerce development agency gears you up for it.

Email marketing automation

Sell smarter, not harder, by getting tools like Mailchimp, Hubspot, and SendGrid to work in sync with your store. Send tailored messaging to different audience segments – at scale and with a few clicks.

Automated reporting and analytics

Lost in the numbers? Our Shopify experts have got your back. We streamline reporting and analytics within your store so you can sift through the necessary data in minutes or generate a detailed report for a specific POS location.

Loyalty and reward program automation

Let customer retention take care of itself by automating various aspects of loyalty program management. Our Shopify team simplifies program administration which helps you tailor offers at scale based on individual behaviors.

SEO automation and optimization

Automate SEO tasks like keyword tracking, content optimization, and backlink monitoring to optimize your product’s visibility on search engines and have customers come in droves — with less manual effort.

Customer segmentation and personalized campaigns

Shopify has 700 million consumers — each with different preferences and likings. By setting up segmentation and campaign management tools, you can send out tailored messages to the right customer, at the right time.

Automate your marketing
to drive more conversions

Delivering high-performance solutions across every business context

Take it up a notch with our ShopifyPlus design and development services

Your ecommerce business is on its growth curve and you need a flexible selling environment to address your evolving needs. Rely on our Shopify web development services to migrate to the ShopifyPlus platform, optimize its performance, and customize its look and feel — from checkouts to visuals.

  • More customization options
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Multi-channel sales
  • Advanced security

Creating a consistent shopping experience across all channels

Online stores, shopping apps, or social media — sell everywhere your customers are. Pick the brains of our Shopify website development agency to establish a multi-channel ecommerce presence and unify your product, order, and customer management in a centralized Shopify hub.


Our Shopify agency connects your Shopify product catalog to third-party marketplaces so you can manage your orders and listings through a Shopify admin. We also enable real-time sync between the channels, adopt versatile fulfillment options, and set up automated currency conversions.

Social media

Go all-in on social commerce, launch ads campaigns, and find new customers through social media platforms without going back and forth between the channels. Our developers can consolidate your social commerce efforts and enable you to manage orders, payments, and returns within Shopify.

Online search

We help your store get onto the Google shopping feed and YouTube to scale your sales and get your product in front of the customers. Our developers perform the initial setup, optimize your product listings, and sync inventory.

What makes *instinctools your go-to Shopify development company?

Proven expertise, technical knowledge, and business-first mindset — that’s what sets *instinctools apart from other ecommerce development partners.

If you can dream it, we can
make it

Our Shopify web development experts performed our first Shopify project in 2010 and since then we’ve delivered over 20 Shopify solutions. We are fluent in third-party integrations, custom API development, and custom module implementation.

Customer-centric delivery management

Over the years, we’ve come up with a unique delivery model based on the principles of Disciplined Agile Delivery and PMBoK. This approach allows us to stay flexible in the development process, effectively tackle challenges, and adapt to the changing stakeholder needs.

Comprehensive service offering to cover your tech gaps

Instinctools offers a level of flexibility akin to a yoga master in everything we do — from our cooperation models to services. We meet you where you are and provide solutions for any level of your digital maturity. Shopify store design, app development, custom functionalities — you name it.

Expansive footprint, so we are convenient to work with

We have a presence in the USA, Germany, Poland, and Kazakhstan. This allows us to manage your projects on-site and have at least 4 hours of time overlap with any location. For the European Union, United Kingdom, and the United States East Coast, we guarantee 6 to 8 hours of time overlap.

Keeping a close eye on the code quality from the get-go

We do it the right way from the first time as our developers put clean, efficient, and maintainable code at the heart of our custom solutions. Our engineering practices are backed up by a mature quality management system and result-driven KPI-based project management.

Partner up with *instinctools
to accelerate your Shopify project

Why *instinctools

Increase speed to market


Reduce development cost


Assure information security


Get high-quality software


Scale team up and down


Capitalize on modern tech to give your store an edge in the competition

We extend the possibilities of your Shopify store by adding custom functionality rooted in the latest tech.

Extended reality

XR technologies make ecommerce experiences 200% more engaging. Count on our Shopify app development services to build 3D, VR, or AR functionality into your platform or develop standalone applications with immersive experiences.

Gen AI

Leading ecommerce companies use gen AI models to automate back-office tasks and customer support. Our developers help you customize foundational models such as ChatGPT, DALL-E, and others to build human-like chatbots, content generation assistants, and more.

Machine learning

Our ML engineers develop demand forecasting tools, fraud detection systems, revenue prediction algorithms, and recommendation engines to create more rewarding experiences for merchants and buyers alike.

Computer vision

Give customers more possibilities to explore your products by developing unique digital experiences for virtual try-ons and visual product searches. We also develop inventory management systems for virtual warehouses and image moderation solutions for marketplaces. 

Shopify’s strengths to play on for an impeccable ecommerce solution

As a platform, Shopify takes over a lot of things to make your ecommerce journey easier. Our developers can take care of the rest.

Excellent security

Shopify operates a proprietary database technology that is built and managed in-house to safely store your and your customers’ private data. The ecommerce platform also has other security essentials such as two-factor authentication, application-level controls, encryption, and more.

Ultimate starter pack for ecommerce businesses

Shopify is a compelling choice for ecommerce companies as it offers a variety of built-in tools and features that make managing and optimizing your online store seamless. The platform supports customization in all ways – and our developers take it even further.

Easy app integration

Shopify allows users to build an entire ecommerce system with internal and external Shopify apps, automation tools, payment systems, and digital solutions working in sync. This enables you to build custom features, automate tasks, and elevate shopping experiences.

One template, many selling opportunities

Shopify allows you to create up to 10 storefronts based on a single template, each with its domain name, products, and settings. It means that you can test different markets and sell to different audiences without setting up multiple templates.

Hire a Shopify development partner you can trust


How do I choose a Shopify development company?

First and foremost, you should assess the experience and expertise of the Shopify developer agency you have in mind. Make sure the selected company has a proven track record in working with Shopify. You might also want to consider the company's years of experience and the size of its team. The more diverse and knowledgeable your team is, the easier it will be to handle the complexities of your project.

What are Shopify development services?

Shopify development services include basic Shopify platform setup, developing custom features, and executing Shopify migration. They can also cover custom theme design, integrations of all kinds, and module development.

Can I hire someone to build my Shopify store?

At *instinctools, you can hire a Shopify developer to build your Shopify store and complementary digital solutions. We offer Shopify website development services for Shopify merchants and businesses just starting out with Shopify.

How much does Shopify development cost?

The cost of Shopify development services in the USA depends on the scope of your project, the functionality of your store, and other variables. Contact our team to get an estimate for your project.

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