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We specialize in custom B2B ecommerce website development to help you gear up for high-performance commerce, adopt new sales models, and achieve today’s goals while preparing for the future. Our dedicated team of skilled B2B ecommerce developers creates well-balanced and business-led solutions to drive profitable growth from your digital commerce transformation.

Support your sales efforts and propel growth with B2B ecommerce development

According to Forrester’s latest study, 74% of B2B buyers now conduct at least half of their research online before sealing the deal offline. Maximize that share of wallet by making your B2B business digital-first. 

More informed buyers

Bring your business into the limelight of customer focus and help your prospects make the right decision by serving comprehensive product information directly to the leads.

Better data insights

Discover more about your customers and reduce your time-to-sale by capturing actionable insights throughout the entire digital decision journey.

More efficient service delivery

Adopt the latest technologies to deliver, automate and enhance services, regardless of the channels your customers prefer to use.

Customers’ self-service and control over their interactions with vendors 

B2B customers want self-service digital-first portals just as B2C buyers do. Much appreciated shopping experience — something that can be delivered with our custom solutions.

Why *instinctools

Increase speed to market


Reduce development cost


Assure information security


Get high-quality software


Scale team up and down


Revamp your performance with forefront technologies and optimized operations

A successful ecommerce strategy calls for new twists to familiar patterns. Our B2B ecommerce development team helps you lay a solid foundation for your new business growth initiative.

Adapting the operating model

Our business consultants assist you in creating an operating model blueprint so that you can better plan and sequence initiatives, allocate resources, and increase integration between divisional units and functional areas, such as sales and marketing, supply chain and operations, and customer service.

Building on top of agile and cost-efficient technologies

Our B2B ecommerce development agency designs a platform that accommodates an easy and efficient buying process. Grounded in tried-and-tested architecture, our custom ecommerce solutions unlock seamless integration across the company’s entire ecosystem while bringing down costs and increasing margins.

Delivering value across all B2B e-commerce platforms for your business model

Back up your commerce strategy with a holistic tech ecosystem that creates an always-on, personalized, and integrated experience for your customers.


We help companies tap into economies of scale and deliver products or services to customers through an integrated supply chain of B2B2C models. Whether it’s a solution design tune-up or at-scale compatibility, our developers match your business requirements with the optimal tech stack.


Give your business the platform it deserves to maximize sales volume, increase average order value, and reach international and local suppliers. Let us solve your warehousing and inventory challenges, accounts payable problems, and customer management pains with a unified commerce ecosystem.


Provide your clients with 24/7 access to product information, lighten the admin workload, and eliminate the inefficiencies of offline order management. With seamless connections to key applications like ERP, PIM, and CRM, our tailored ecommerce solutions power a scalable sales engine for your business.


Our custom B2B ecommerce solutions can get you on the road quickly, powering your entire distribution business end-to-end — gain from having one integrated application for stock management, orders and fulfillment, EPOS and CRM.

You have a vision. We have a solution.

Industries we serve

and Media

Reimagine your digital trade with our B2B ecommerce software development services

Our B2B ecommerce software development company owns the end-to-end solution development expertise, driving your project from in-depth discovery to successful adoption.

Platform-based B2B development

Cut your development costs and reach the market faster by building on top of the leading commerce ecosystems. Our developers help you leverage the potential of SAP commerce Cloud, OpenCart, Shopify Plus, Adobe Commerce and customize these solutions to accommodate the unique needs of your business.

  • Consulting and platform selection
  • Data and processes migration
  • Custom integrations
  • Complimentary mobile app development
Custom B2B development

Benefit from our customized B2B ecommerce development services and build a bespoke technological solution that moves units. Our dedicated teams can handle full-cycle development or give you a helping hand at any stage of your project.


Build up your digital ecosystem and prepare it for shifting sales models and changes in consumer behavior. We help you expand the application portfolio with new solutions or enhance the existing IT core of your business.

  • Ecommerce software integration
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Microservices and headless commerce
  • Extensions and new feature development

Up your digital strategy and move to new environments with added scalability, cost-effective management, and full-on automation. Our engineers perform full-scale migrations while keeping your critical data safe and sound.

  • Transition to cloud-first architecture
  • Platform to platform migration
  • Legacy system migration
  • Data migration and integration

What our clients say

Patrick Reich
Co-Founder & CEO

The expectations for the quality of the initial product were very high. I think *instinctools did a great job ensuring those expectations are met. We met the developers we were going to be working with and it quickly became apparent that they are very qualified and were able to deliver the vision that we had from our side for the product. They clearly told us what they were going to do, and if there were questions or problems along the way, they clarified them really quickly thanks to transparent communication.

Dimitri Popolov
Research Data and Systems Manager

We had a tight delivery deadline and *instinctools has been able to find another developer and assign him to our project from one day to another. And we’ve been able to successfully deliver this project. When the partner is good, things are just getting done. And that was the case with *instinctools.

Matti Vesterinen
Solution Development Manager

The quality has been good. It’s been on the expected level: things come on time, we have a good visibility on the things that *instinctools developers are doing and performing for us, communication is good. Wherever we see that we need some more exra resources, we have found *instinctools to be a good partner in helping us out on those areas.

Tim Rosenberger
Director, Global R&D

I’ve been impressed by the available skillset, tthe flexibility to ramp up resources quickly, and the scalability to extend development teams on short notice. I look forward to continue collaboration with *instinctools and their contribution to our projects.

Richard Lohwasser
Co-Founder & CEO

People at *instinctools are quite tech heads, which I like. They have used very advanced libraries, advanced techniques, advanced coding paradigms. So the advantage is that we get reusable code, that we get well-testable code, we get well-maintained code.

Dr. Jonas Block
Product Owner

The *instinctools team exhibits the flexibility and professionality required for young companies. You can rely on their tested structures and processes that integrate nicely with your internal workflows. Being able to grow your team quickly with experienced professionals that start delivering value immediately and without a long interview process is a huge help. And personally, you will be working with a team of kind and interesting people.

Nadine Walther
Co-Founder & CEO

The team is dependable when it comes to managing time and finances, consistently staying within the designated budget. We’re pleased with *instinctools. Their business analysts are exceptional. They serve as the spokespeople between technology and business, representing both sides effectively.

Jeanine Shepstone
Senior Technical Writer

Instinctools is good at understanding the technical issues – once an issue is outlined, they do not need repeated explanation. They also do not simply accept a proposed solution, but they think about it and propose a better solution. I was really impressed by the custom interface they built for us – we outlined the requirements, and they implemented them in a user-friendly way that makes the interface a pleasure to use.

Ecommerce integration services that keep bottom lines positive

Run your ecommerce business in an integrated, well-sequenced way to create value in every interaction and get rid of duplicate tasks.

Customer relationship management

Our CRM ecommerce integration helps you improve lead management, while also collecting customer data from each touchpoint for a 360-view of your customers. Stay on top of prospect communication and streamline all customer-related processes from one ecommerce platform.

  • Customer experience management
  • Sales cycle management
  • Full-cycle lead and deal management
  • Automated B2B marketing
Enterprise resource planning

Make a feature-rich ERP part of your ecommerce solution to establish a single source of customer, order and inventory information. Our developers sync your commerce solution with an ERP system to eliminate the back-and-forth of resource allocation, accounting, and invoice tracking.

  • Finance and accounting
  • Marketing and sales integration
  • Inventory tracking
  • Automated document management
Supply chain management

Effective supply chain management starts with a consolidated view of all business operations. Our ecommerce web development company sets up a seamless data exchange between your SCM platform and an ecommerce stack to increase your production efficiency and minimize delays in product and service delivery.

  • Inventory and procurement management
  • Warehouse tracking
  • Order management
  • Logistics management
Product information management

Push out omnichannel, revenue-driving product information with zero disruption by integrating your PIM system with an ecommerce core. Capture product data at every stage, keep your teams on the same page, and reduce the manual workload associated with product data updates across sales channels.

  • Product data intelligence
  • Advanced rights management
  • Cross-channel inventory synchronization
  • Product feeds and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Analytics systems

Go from a one-size offering to personalized customer service and make informed business decisions by embedding a unified data infrastructure into your ecommerce engine. Apply commercial analytics to uncover upsell opportunities, locate effective sales channels, and join the outperformers.

  • Pipeline forecasting and customer analytics
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Cross-selling and upselling
  • Next-best action
B2B payment solutions

Compete in a global arena, facilitate fast transactions, and make your cash flow more predictable. From e-wallets to gateway integrations, our B2B ecommerce software development team helps you bridge the gap between the banks and eliminate your receivables challenges.

  • API or non-hosted payment gateway integration
  • Self-hosted payment gateway integration
  • Hosted payment gateway integration
  • Custom payment gateways
  • Ecommerce POS integration

Build a centralized solution for maximized value.

Streamline your sales process with all-round automation

Let your teams run at a faster cadence by minimizing admin complexities and eliminating communication lags.

Inventory management

Simplify stock, supply, and sales tracking without you breaking a sweat. Our developers build a proactive inventory management platform that monitors stock levels automatically with minimal human intervention.

Pricing automation

Reduce repricing time by embedding automated real-time and batched pricing into your business ecosystem. Consistent and flexible pricing based on a predetermined set of rules (market-driven, rule-based, and personalized).

Payment handling

We provide you with faster, more accurate, and hassle-free ways to get a handle on your account payables. We supplement your system with automated approval management to streamline your payment flow across multiple approval hierarchies.

Order processing and tracking

Delegate your sales management to a fully automated order management platform that handles and confirms orders right after they are placed online and sends the data directly to your ERP.

Marketing automation

Turn prospects into revenue by setting up an automated lead nurturing process based on our custom automation solutions. From targeted messaging to lead scoring, move your leads through the funnel in a new, smarter way.

Featured success stories


Let your customers interact with you the way they want

The traditional sales model cannot take on the needs of today’s customers. These days, prospects want to engage seamlessly across ten or more channels. And those B2B firms that are quick enough to meet that demand hit it big in the market.

We help your company stitch together the unpredictable routes your clients take to reach a decision and create resonant experiences both in-store and digital.

  • Ability to purchase from any channel
  • Real-time customer service
  • Easy-to-place orders via mobile
  • Hybrid sales model
  • Omnichannel account management

Make sure it’s all set on your way to a customer-focused ecommerce portal

Our cross-functional teams lead you on the way to value-driven transformation of your ecommerce infrastructure. From visuals to mobile, we provide you with all levers to empower your sales across multiple channels.

Portal design

Our B2B ecommerce web development team delivers fast and smooth ecommerce portals with self-service functionality, clear logical layouts, and easy integrations.

Mobile commerce
Connect with your customers on multiple devices with our custom mobile-first solutions and PWAs that deliver a native app-like experience to users.
Data security

We help companies measure their digital resilience, identify critical assets for protection, and put the necessary safeguards in place to protect sensitive data.

Ecommerce personalization

Upgrade to higher margin products and boost the average order value by embedding data-driven insights into your upselling and cross-selling strategy.

Self-service and customer support

Improve customer experience, while lowering your support costs by supplementing your sales channels with smart chats and next-level customer self-service.

Ramp up your ability to scale.

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Custom ecommerce development

We deliver a comprehensive range of ecommerce services, empowering our clients to build a robust online presence, enhance customer interactions, and boost sales. Armed with our vetted expertise, businesses can establish a strong digital footprint, effectively connect with their target audience, and achieve substantial revenue growth.

Marketplace development

Instinctools provides boundless opportunities for manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers worldwide with our leading-edge custom marketplace development. Seamlessly merging buyers and sellers, our digital solutions accelerate sales, increase conversions, and supercharge incoming traffic for businesses of all sizes.

Awards and recognition

Tech stack and ample experience

Our team’s proficiency in modern technologies and programming languages allows us to provide professional custom web development services. Today, our established tech expertise includes:


What is B2B website development?

Business to business website development is the process of designing and building websites with business clients in mind. Unlike B2C ecommerce development, this type of software is geared towards a different target audience. B2B websites typically need to be more focused on functionality and delivering a specific type of content, such as product information.

What is B2B ecommerce software?

Ecommerce platforms enable wholesale ecommerce between business customers through online transactions via digital sales channels. B2B digital business solutions include ecommerce platforms for online sales, business-oriented ERPs, SRMs, and SCMs solutions as well as customer portals and marketplaces.

What is an example of B2B e-commerce?

Any exchange of products, services, or information between businesses followed by a transaction can be considered B2B ecommerce. Amazon's business to business selling and purchasing marketplace is a prominent example of an ecommerce platform leaned toward business clients.

How do I create a B2B eCommerce website?

You should start by defining your business goals and identifying the core functionality for your online store. With a well-defined vision on hand, you should turn to a B2B ecommerce marketplace website development company that will match your requirements with the most optimal solution.

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Anna Vasilevskaya Account Executive

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