Promo Website For a European Retail Company

How launching a website for a promo event allowed a retail company to proceed with the new market entry strategy and increase the number of customers by 13%.


To create a website for the promo event with intent to use as part of advertising campaign. The Website should give the user an opportunity to get acquainted with the promo event, put a question to Technical Support, to look through most-oft asked questions, to see the prizes, etc.

*instinctools team need to develop:

Wordpress plugin which displays the list of winners, adds ability to edit this list from the admin panel of the website

Display all information about future events on the landing page located on the wordpress CMS

Plugin for the news which allows news to be editable, to add or remove them from admin panel by administrator

Wordpress plugin which allows to subscribe on the website news

Add countdown to the promo event which sponsors are going to run soon.

Give users the ability to view most frequently asked questions and ask their own questions

View participating rules of the planned event


The website meeting the objectives has been developed, which allows to look through information of the following types: HTML pages, video, images, PDF. It is integrated with WordPress CMS.

Key features

learn rules for participating in promo event

view some recent news about past and future events

subscribe on exclusive offerings & news

ask question to Technical Support

get acquainted with frequently asked questions

see prizes


  • Methodology: Waterfall

JS, Ajax

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