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Our custom PHP development team transforms the efficiency and maturity of PHP into dynamic digital experiences. With over 20 years of experience in creating software systems, we are primed to deliver every type of web-based solution imaginable, no matter your challenges.

Top-performance web solutions made easy with our PHP development services

Our PHP development company makes this time-tested scripting language a part of your IT stack while solving your tech challenges with the latest and greatest PHP frameworks.

PHP consulting

Realize your vision faster, get a step-by-step implementation plan, and identify risks before you jump into development with our PHP software development company. We assist you at every step of your tech journey, making our seasoned expertise yours.

  • Technology and security audits
  • Overview of your system performance
  • Requirements identification
  • Project roadmap and solution design
API development and integrations

Our custom APIs fill in the gap between your application and third-party services or internal systems to unlock seamless data exchange. Our developers build tailor-made REST, SOAP, and RPC APIs that automate data flow and supercharge business efficiency.

  • PHP web API development
  • API development for mobile apps
  • API testing
  • API integration
Custom PHP development

Our PHP service company develops secure and scalable server-side applications that will keep you in the lead. The PHP services we offer come with unmatched stability, easy scalability, and inexpensive hosting.

  • PHP web app development
  • Custom solutions for IoT
  • SaaS development
  • Data storage systems
Maintenance and support

Our PHP development service team keeps a close watch over the health of your application to fend off crashes, iron out bugs, and deliver timely updates. We make sure your application isn’t just operational, but running at its best.

  • Troubleshooting
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Regular code audits
  • Version upgrades
Backend development

Tap into the universally compatible and capable server-side technology to set up a robust backend infrastructure. Our backend experts will help you select the best tech stack or spot improvements in the existing architecture.

  • Architecture design
  • Microservices development
  • PHP code audit
PHP version upgrade

Get hold of the newest features, ramp up performance and keep your security up-to-date with the latest PHP upgrades. Our developers switch your application to the new PHP version and tackle compatibility issues head-on to ensure bump-free operations.

  • Application porting
  • Version upgrades
  • Plugin development
Prototyping and rapid application development (RAD)

Thanks to cost-effective infrastructure and an ample ecosystem, PHP development services excel at validating and developing projects with short schedules. Our PHP developers implement your concept in days rather than months using Agile and DevOps.

PHP application optimization

Crashing apps are a burden on your company and an inconvenience to your customers. Be it external API issues or poorly written queries, we address the performance bottlenecks of your applications to reduce your IT costs and get rid of downtimes.

  • Performance benchmarking
  • Performance optimization
  • Application testing
  • Remediation services
Migration to PHP

An easy way to boost performance, our migration services will save you tons of maintenance costs and breathe greater efficiency into your existing applications. Our developers execute your app migration project end-to-end with zero disruptions and data security risks.

Our team is up to any challenge your business meets

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Delivering PHP-based solutions across multiple domains

Enough with generic solutions. With a nuanced understanding of your needs, our PHP web development company creates industry-specific applications that set the bar high.

Web development

Your customers require standout experiences and you need a PHP development partner to live up to the demands. Our PHP web development services span custom websites and web apps for B2B, B2C, D2C, and other business models.

Enterprise web development

Whether it’s a portal or ERP, we craft enterprise apps of all stripes that solve complex business challenges and support mission-critical tasks. Our developers also upgrade outdated solutions that lag behind performance benchmarks.

Social media applications

Build applications that users love by leveraging our proficiency in custom PHP development services. Favored by industry leaders, PHP is a simple, yet powerful tool that contributes to the unbeatable experience of your social media solutions.

Content management systems (CMS)

Higher automation level, clear UX, and increased productivity of content managers — all this and more is possible with the right CMS software. Our PHP development agency develops robust CMS systems with ample functionality and easy administration.

Ecommerce websites

A partner of choice for ecommerce businesses since 2000, *instinctools will help you design an easily scalable website, tailored to your target customers, smoothly operating, and integrated with necessary third-party services and systems.

SaaS development

From WordPress to Mailchimp, the world’s leading SaaS applications have PHP at their core. Our custom PHP development company puts your app on the same growth trajectory and helps you maximize the benefits of the PHP ecosystem.

Harness the power of PHP to create new sources  of business value

Services we offer

Based on 20+ years of experience, *instinctools solves complex technological challenges with robust, agile solutions.

Digital Product
Product Design
ERP Consulting
CRM Consulting
AI Software
Custom Software
Mobile App
Legacy Software
Dedicated Teams
Cloud Computing
and Maintenance

The power of PHP software development, curated

PHP is a household name for innovative companies. However, you need a trusted PHP outsourcing partner to make the most out of its benefits.

Extensive documentation and resources

Tested, proven, and trusted, PHP is backed up by an avid community and a large base of reference and educational materials. Packed with innumerable libraries, frameworks, and components, the PHP ecosystem also ensures fast-track development.

Integration capabilities

PHP connects well with various databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. It also has extensive support for other technologies and protocols, such as XML, JSON, SOAP, RESTful APIs, and more. This interoperability lends itself well to building complex web applications and APIs.

Wide platform support

As a highly flexible and adaptable language, PHP enables you to develop and run solutions on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, and other operating systems. You cover multiple platforms with a single technology and don’t hop between teams to build a standalone solution for each.


With reduced workload and loading time, PHP boasts impressive processing speed and efficient resource consumption. Each update ushers in performance optimizations and enhancements, while its caching mechanisms and accelerators further boost performance.

Open source language

PHP is entirely open source, with no expensive licensing or extra expenses, unleashing continuous innovations at fewer costs. This also makes it trouble-free to develop and add new features when the need or opportunity arises for your company.

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What makes *instinctools your best bet as a PHP development company?

As a leading PHP development company, we are strategic in making this technology work for your business.

Flexible approach

Whether it’s a one-off project or a long-term collaboration, we offer different engagement models to get it going. Our dedicated teams, staff augmentation, project-based collaboration, and other cooperation modes will make sure you score the optimal price-value ratio for your PHP development project.

On-time and on-budget delivery

Successful application development calls for a high-quality, battle-tested, and mature development process, and we have that in spades. 650+ projects later, our experts know how to find the right cadence, maneuver project management frameworks, and balance the variable part of solution development.

Rock-solid security

We employ industry best practices to protect your data and follow ISO 27001-certified security management supported by thorough policies, latest security technology, and skilled professionals. Our in-house experts ensure full compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS/SSF, and other domain- and geography-specific regulations.

Superior PHP team

With excellent knowledge of core PHP, and frontend frameworks like jQuery, Angular JS, React JS, and PHP-based MVC framework, our developers don’t simply build applications, they solve your business challenges. Our experts are also steeped in API development, payment gateway integration, and SaaS-based development.

Experience in multiple industries

Our custom PHP web development doesn’t practice a one-size-fits-all approach. Equipped with rigor and well-earned domain knowledge, we identify the right solution to your problem based on the industry trends and the unique specs of your business. Proficiency in industry regulations included.

Transparent service

We prioritize integrity in client communication and strict adherence to a documented course. Project information is easily accessible throughout the development process, while our delivery manager is always there to give you updates.

Ready to kick off your PHP project? Bring your dream team on board


What is custom PHP development?

Custom PHP programming services help companies tackle their business problems with tailor-made solutions adjusted to their business needs. Custom PHP solutions are based on your unique requirements and mimic the workflows of your teams or customers.

Are PHP developers still in demand?

With over 80% of websites powered with this technology, the number of PHP projects has been steadily growing over the last few years. Being a mature programming language, PHP also has a community of dedicated adherents and is backed up by market leaders. Therefore, PHP developers are among the top-hired talents in software development.

Is PHP great for web development?

PHP is a great option for web services thanks to its adaptability, simplicity, speed, and compatibility with other technologies. PHP website development services allow companies to develop dynamic and interactive web pages, solve a wide range of web tasks, and manage databases.

Why is custom PHP development so popular?

Unlike ready-made solutions, custom software development is most apt for the specific requirements of your business and long-term objectives. Bespoke PHP solutions also come with the benefits of higher security, complete ownership, easier maintenance, and broader functionality.

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