Mobile Staff Management Platform For a Danish Company

How launching a mobile platform for briefing and training the non-desk employees empowered a Danish company to bridge the gap between the head office and the shop floor, speed up onboarding by 11%, and boost staff engagement by 13%.

Remote briefing and training service

Lack of two-way conversation between head office and the shop floor is bad for business. Stuff should be always engaged with personalised, relevant information. Such engagement motivates staff by defining their role in product launches.

To cover enterprise needs on all levels, solution should:

  • Broadcast targets to end point employee
  • Be reachable everywhere
  • Track their reaction and feedback in real-time
  • Have support for pep talks
  • Broadcast work/decision results to all team/company members


  • Solution should be cross platform and work on enormous device models in the same manner
  • Solution should be available 24/7
  • No downtimes is allowed
  • High load expected


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Node.js as main platform

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Advanced caching with Redis

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