Application Support and Maintenance Services

We provide startups, mid-size companies, and enterprises with end-to-end application support and maintenance to ensure business resilience and continuous growth under any circumstances. 

Results-oriented IT maintenance efforts always pay off

The post-implementation stage holds as much importance as the development and deployment of your software solution. Availing of robust software maintenance services during this stage can significantly enhance your chances of achieving desired business objectives.
  • Accelerate software updates deployment
  • Spot the issues before the system performance plummets
  • Fix urgent problems in no time
  • Prevent major malfunctions
  • Increase user satisfaction rate
  • Optimize the software maintenance costs and the total cost of ownership

Keep your software up and running.

We provide application support and maintenance services for a wide range of solutions

With *instinctools’ 23+ years of experience in crafting sleek software and taking care of its upkeep, you can rest assured that your IT infrastructure is in capable hands.

Website maintenance and support

Instinctools enhances your website’s performance and helps your business deliver a fast, secure, and seamless online experience.

Our website support and maintenance services cover:

  • Updating website software
  • Improving website speed Security scans and patches
  • Monitoring your website analytics
  • Fixing broken links
  • Correcting HTML errors
  • Backing up files

CRM maintenance and support

Your customer relationship management system should stay flawless and up-to-date to bolster your business development teams’ efforts.

Our CRM IT maintenance services incorporate:

  • System analysis and diagnosis
  • Features updates
  • Security and performance audits
  • Workaround provisioning
  • Updates and new releases

ERP maintenance and support

Neglecting the proper upkeep of ERP software can result in unexpected breakdowns, system outages, and data loss, disrupting your business operations and leading to financial damage. Prioritize regular monitoring of your ERP to make sure it operates like clockwork.

Our ERP maintenance services include:

  • Post-implementation support
  • Regular backups and patches
  • Installing updates
  • Monitoring ERP application servers
  • Tracking the state of the ERP backend servers

Android and iOS mobile application support and maintenance

As your tech partner, *instinctools ensures your app will remain solid and secure under any conditions.

Our application support and maintenance offering encompasses:

  • Bug fixes
  • App updates
  • OS and library updates
  • App monitoring
  • Code maintenance 
  • Application security management
  • Performance enhancements

Products and platforms support and maintenance services

If you make use of any ready-made products or platforms, yet encounter difficulties in managing them, we’re dedicated to optimizing your solutions to their fullest potential.

Our product and platform maintenance services incorporate:

  • Regular product and platform audits and updates
  • Plugin review and update
  • Security checks and vulnerability patches
  • Report maintenance
  • Timely backups and recovery audits
  • Database administration

Don’t let maintenance issues drain your budget.

Why *instinctools

Increase speed to market


Reduce development cost


Assure information security


Get high-quality software


Scale team up and down


Types of application maintenance services to keep your systems in top shape

Instinctools’ team helps you uncover which maintenance and support strategy will fit in with your business requirements and limitations. There are four types of collaboration we provide.

Preventive application support and maintenance

By nipping the issues in the bud, *instinctools’ developers minimize the risk of software deterioration. As part of our preventive maintenance services, we proactively anticipate software aging and provide frontline practices to enable your software longevity.

Our experience reveals that compared to reactive application maintenance services, the preventive approach costs 15–20% less in the long run and ensures 10–15% increase in the software uptime while minimizing the possibility of security threats caused by outages.

Perfective application maintenance

Once your software is running smoothly, we focus on enhancing its operation. For instance, we can perform stress tests before the holiday season to ensure your web app will handle spikes in customers and will be able to retain a high level of user experience despite the extreme workload.

To lighten your dev team’s load, we conduct a code review. It might be worth rewriting and optimizing it according to current standards to make its maintenance more convenient and cost-effective. 

Reactive application support and maintenance

With this option, we address any technical problems that have already occurred. Reactive troubleshooting may suffice for minor issues or one-time incidents. This approach does not require substantial upfront investment and necessitates minimal planning. 

Adaptive application maintenance and support

In the dynamic world of software solutions, it is essential to adjust to any changes within the environment where the software operates. These changes can be driven by your organization’s decisions, such as implementing new corporate policies, incorporating a brand-new payment option, switching to a new cloud provider, or installing new hardware.

Alternatively, they can be caused by conditions outside your control, such as new requirements introduced by GDPR, PCI DSS, NYDFS, and other regulations. Either way, our adaptive support and maintenance services aim at keeping your application resilient to any sudden fluctuations and ensuring its optimal performance.

Wondering which type of collaboration suits your business needs better?

Ongoing or on-demand IT maintenance services: we can do both

At *instinctools, we understand that support and maintenance services cannot be approached with a one-size-fits-all playbook. That’s why we provide our clients with different options to choose from.

Keep The Lights On (KTLO) approach to application support & maintenance

Take advantage of this model to keep your business critical systems and infrastructure working and stable. KTLO tasks incorporate scheduled system maintenance, ad-hoc requests, standard updates, and other garden-variety undertakings. KTLO is an effective way to maintain the software in optimal condition without draining your IT budget.

On-demand application support services

If your software requires continuous support, our team is always ready to adjust to your maintenance needs, even during your busiest hours. Whether you’re an education provider looking for 8–12 hours of support daily, or an ecommerce giant in need of extended hours during seasonal sales, we’ve got you covered. Our dedication to providing top-notch support services ensures your systems run smoothly at all times.

Grow your business while we take care of technicalities.

What our clients say

Patrick Reich
Co-Founder & CEO

The expectations for the quality of the initial product were very high. I think *instinctools did a great job ensuring those expectations are met. We met the developers we were going to be working with and it quickly became apparent that they are very qualified and were able to deliver the vision that we had from our side for the product. They clearly told us what they were going to do, and if there were questions or problems along the way, they clarified them really quickly thanks to transparent communication.

Dimitri Popolov
Research Data and Systems Manager

We had a tight delivery deadline and *instinctools has been able to find another developer and assign him to our project from one day to another. And we’ve been able to successfully deliver this project. When the partner is good, things are just getting done. And that was the case with *instinctools.

Matti Vesterinen
Solution Development Manager

The quality has been good. It’s been on the expected level: things come on time, we have a good visibility on the things that *instinctools developers are doing and performing for us, communication is good. Wherever we see that we need some more exra resources, we have found *instinctools to be a good partner in helping us out on those areas.

Tim Rosenberger
Director, Global R&D

I’ve been impressed by the available skillset, tthe flexibility to ramp up resources quickly, and the scalability to extend development teams on short notice. I look forward to continue collaboration with *instinctools and their contribution to our projects.

Richard Lohwasser
Co-Founder & CEO

People at *instinctools are quite tech heads, which I like. They have used very advanced libraries, advanced techniques, advanced coding paradigms. So the advantage is that we get reusable code, that we get well-testable code, we get well-maintained code.

Dr. Jonas Block
Product Owner

The *instinctools team exhibits the flexibility and professionality required for young companies. You can rely on their tested structures and processes that integrate nicely with your internal workflows. Being able to grow your team quickly with experienced professionals that start delivering value immediately and without a long interview process is a huge help. And personally, you will be working with a team of kind and interesting people.

Nadine Walther
Co-Founder & CEO

The team is dependable when it comes to managing time and finances, consistently staying within the designated budget. We’re pleased with *instinctools. Their business analysts are exceptional. They serve as the spokespeople between technology and business, representing both sides effectively.

Jeanine Shepstone
Senior Technical Writer

Instinctools is good at understanding the technical issues – once an issue is outlined, they do not need repeated explanation. They also do not simply accept a proposed solution, but they think about it and propose a better solution. I was really impressed by the custom interface they built for us – we outlined the requirements, and they implemented them in a user-friendly way that makes the interface a pleasure to use.

Leverage *instinctools’ multi-level approach to maintenance to save your budget

To deliver efficient IT maintenance services that won’t cost you a fortune, we provide professionals of different seniority levels.

At the entry-level, junior developers solve 70% of commonplace problems.

At this stage, middle-level specialists who have access to all monitoring systems deal with 20% of more serious issues.

At the final stage, senior developers and reliability engineers operate at the code level to fix the problem and cover 10% of the most complicated challenges.

By adopting a multi-tiered approach to application support and maintenance, you won’t need to hire a squad of costly engineers. The majority of issues can be resolved at the first level, with significantly less effort and expenditures required.

As a software maintenance company, *instinctools understands the struggles that come with maintaining and supporting your software applications day in and day out. That’s why, we offer help and guidance, becoming your problem manager, who analyzes the flow of all incidents and monitors the percentage of problems at different levels.

With our keen eye, we identify any distortions and quickly categorize incidents, uncovering what drains your team’s capacity and optimizing workflow. This role caters specifically to mid-size and large enterprises with full-time engineering teams handling hundreds of hours of application support and maintenance.

Hire a support team to ensure your software runs like clockwork.

What do we do to ensure your software never skips a beat?

Keep your software running smoothly and up to speed with our IT support and maintenance services. That’s how we help you uncover bottlenecks, fix errors, and ensure your software solution is stable.
SLA review
If your solution has undergone software modernization or other significant changes, SLA also needs to be upgraded in line with the current solution. We check if your previous agreement is realistic, enforceable, and fair under new conditions and suggest changes, if necessary. If you continuously cooperate with us for support and maintenance services, the *instinctools team regularly reviews the SLAs and adjusts them to the relevant solution.
Performance monitoring and solution stabilization
Our team of skilled developers keeps a watchful eye on your solution, detecting any underlying problems before they become critical, and quickly defuses them. We also follow the best DevOps practices when it comes to maintaining and updating your IT infrastructure, reducing the risk of regress issues and ensuring seamless integration of new features and enhancements. 
Backups and disaster recovery
To ensure that all your data is appropriately protected, we track software changes and provide you with backups to preserve your data and a disaster recovery plan to restore your software infrastructure in case of a system crash. 
Security patches and fixes
We go beyond code reviews and feature updates to ensure your software remains secure and fine-tuned. Our experts monitor the libraries your system depends on and assess their reliability. The legacy ones with a high vulnerability rate are promptly updated to the latest version. If we come across a system weak point for which there are no available updates, our developers create custom security patches, so that your solution won’t be imperilled by any vulnerabilities. This way, your software remains well-maintained, dependable, and resilient against various types of attacks. 

Focus on the business while we take care of your tech routine.

Industries we serve

and Media
Oil and Gas

Move ahead with confidence thanks to our software maintenance and support services workflow

Instinctools’ team is well-versed in employing a strategic approach to software maintenance services. Our experts follow a rigorous four-step workflow that guarantees exceptional results.

SLA review and update

We discuss the type of support and maintenance services, performance requirements for your solution, support hours, maintenance and support KPIs, etc., to reflect them in the service level agreement.

Ongoing software maintenance

Depending on the type of application maintenance services you choose, we identify weak points and determine how to strengthen them, fix bugs, resolve non-standard technical issues, update your solution, and implement new features. 

Maintenance plan proposal and strategy implementation
Based on your requirements and budget, our team identifies the most beneficial method of software upkeep for your solution and outlines the maintenance strategy. 
IT landscape review

We conduct a thorough pre-support audit and carefully curate a knowledge base tailored to your unique needs. This allows us to provide you with only the most efficient changes that will keep your software performing at its best, all while minimizing any potential downtime or disruptions. 

Let’s discuss your software maintenance needs.

Tech stack and ample experience

Programming languages and frameworks
Reporting and visualization
On-premise solutions based on open source stack
Software products
Cloud platforms

Don’t see the technology you need?

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What is application support and maintenance?

Application support and maintenance services imply one-time, on-demand, or ongoing expert guidance and support to ensure your software is stable, secure, updated, as well as meets regulatory requirements and end-user expectations. Depending on your business needs, these services can be reactive, adaptive, perfective, or predictive. 

What is the role of application support?

Application support aims at establishing robust yet flexible operational processes that run smoothly and don't require your involvement so that you can focus on your business. We handle troubleshooting, adapt your application to expected or abrupt changes, and optimize your solution to ensure it remains stable under any conditions.

What are the benefits of application maintenance and support?

Application maintenance services reduce system downtime, enhance security, and boost performance. This contributes to delivering a superior user experience and gaining users’ loyalty. 

What is application support management?

For application support to be running like a well-oiled machine, it needs to be properly managed. From managing service requests and incidents to maintaining detailed issue documentation, planning infrastructure maintenance activities, tracking KPIs, and coordinating a support team, application support management gets it all covered.

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Anna Vasilevskaya Account Executive

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