CANet Healthcare Platform


CANet was in need of building a robust platform for patients, supervisors and researchers. The aim of the platform was to improve patients’ engagement and communication with a wide spectrum of health care practitioners.


The project included mobile application development for patients on both iOS and Android platforms as well as creating a web-based application for researchers.


On project estimate stage it was agreed that the mobile application would be built using React Native framework – what allowed us to speed up the mobile application development providing native mobile applications for Android & IOS using the same code base.


For creating a researcher application ReactJS was selected as the most suitable technology.


After the choice of technologies was made *instinctools team collected all the needed data, listed carefully all the requirements, and started the process of development.


It took 2 months for *instinctools team to implement a 13 person-months project from idea to product.

Key features

    IOS & Android application:

  • collecting information about patient’s health status with a detailed breakdown of already used medicines;

  • providing notifications to the patient on the goals/targets of the research;

  • letting patients read articles thoroughly prepared by the researchers.

    Researcher web application:

  • patient’s clinical data overview;

  • communication channels with patients;

  • integration with FHIR-compliant data storage SMILE.


  • mobile application allowed patients track their progress in communication with their supervisors;

  • a researcher got the ability of getting accurate results of patient’s progress using the web application;

  • implementation of this solution led to more productive cooperation between patients and researchers.


React Native
Smile on FHIR

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