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As a Node.js development company, we create real-time, responsive, and scalable web and mobile applications and dynamic websites with a minimum-to-zero chance of performance glitches.

Instinctools provides dedicated Node.js development services for you to unlock the power of the open-source, cross-platform, Java-based Node.js environment and transform it into tangible business value for your company.

  • Avoid memory overrun
  • Enable fast and scalable front-end and back-end development
  • Ensure efficient data streaming for heavy applications
  • Avoid memory overrun
  • Enable fast and scalable front-end and back-end development
  • Ensure efficient data streaming for heavy applications

Experience the unmatched efficacy of Node.js development services for diverse solutions

Thanks to its reusability, event-driven, and non-blocking nature, Node.js is suitable for creating both a flexible frontend and robust backend. The processing speed this environment offers provides manifold possibilities in software development, and *instinctools’ experts are ready to help you leverage them. Our developers use Node.js to build various solutions, from single-page apps to e-commerce and IoT-based systems.

Single-page applications (SPA)

Single-page Node.js-based apps can process many requests with low response times thanks to the environment’s asynchronous data flow on the backend. This approach ensures seamless data updates without the need for manual page refreshes and significantly reduces the burden on system resources.

Additionally, with Node.js, we can enhance the visibility of your SPA by rendering page meta tags on the server side.

Real-time solutions (RTA)

Avail our Node.js development services for a world of possibilities, from real-time chats to seamless collaboration applications and instant messaging solutions. With this environment’s event-driven and non-blocking architecture, we build easily scalable RTAs that can cover multiple client requests simultaneously instead of creating a separate loop for each request.

Thanks to binding Node.js architecture with WebSockets protocol opportunities, we can provide you with fast messaging between the server and the client on both iOS and Android operating systems.

Streaming applications

Node.js development services are your golden ticket to developing a high-performing streaming app. We use native Stream API to leverage the power of composability in the code. Our Node.js developers skillfully utilize small pieces of code to generate larger code segments. These will seamlessly handle high volumes of HTTP requests and responses on the fly.

Dealing with a substantial number of records, these streams operate without the need for caching temporary data. As a result, they help you save time and minimize the risk of poor application performance due to excessive memory usage.

Ecommerce solutions

Node.js environment provides over 800 ready-made packages that support specific ecommerce features. As a reliable Node.js development agency, *instinctools helps you identify and implement the most beneficial of the available options.

To slash your app’s maintenance costs, we set up a microservices architecture that allows you to scale and update each service independently.

Our Node.js web application development services bridge the gap between your business needs and their technical implementation, ensuring optimal outcomes for your ecommerce project. Empowered with the latest tools and technologies, our team of Node.js developers is committed to delivering robust ecommerce websites and dynamic web applications.

IoT-based solutions

IoT solutions deal with an avalanche of concurrent requests and data emitted by numerous devices on the network. The asynchronous processing and event-driven architecture of Node.js allows it to handle this load and makes it a perfect layer between IoT devices and databases.

We use the MQTT messaging protocol to achieve smooth data transmission in IoT apps. With our Node.js development services, you can ensure a seamless and fast request-response flow between sensors, microsystems, etc., and provide a consistent experience across all devices.

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On hand every step of your Node.js development journey

As a Node.js development company, we address the challenges of startups stuck in the ideation phase, mid-size companies overwhelmed with rapid scaling, and enterprises trying to get ahead of the competition and stay there.


Competent consulting is the backbone of successful project delivery, warranting that your expectations will align with the final solution. Whether you are just considering Node.js development or have already come to a certain point of your project, our vetted consultants assist with both scenarios.

If you are at the outset of your Node.js journey, we can advise you on a development and implementation strategy, as well as select a suitable technology stack and prepare software architecture blueprint.

If your Node.js-based undertaking is in progress, we run architecture and code reviews and take over the tasks your current team doesn’t have the bandwidth for. 


Legacy applications, built on slow frameworks, may not meet the performance levels required for seamless workflows. Our team offers expert migration services to the Node.js environment with minimal disruption to your operations while delivering optimal performance. Additionally, we conduct rigorous testing to eliminate any potential bugs during the transition.

Plugin development

Enhance the performance of your current Node.js applications and websites or enrich them with new features with the help of your experienced Node.js developers. Instinctools’ Node.js development services entail building function-rich solutions that will forge your path to breakthrough. We improve and extend the functionality and capabilities of your current solution by creating brand-new, custom lightweight plugins or fine-tuning the existing ones.

API development and integration

Regardless of the complexity of your development environment, our experts build robust, scalable, and well-manageable solutions. We design lightweight Node.js REST API to reduce the workload on the server. With such an approach, you’ll be able to handle multiple concurrent customer requests and process them without a hitch.

Microservices development

We empower you to make the most of microservices to facilitate the software development process. Our engineers work on specific tasks without impeding other parts of your application — an advantage not possible with a monolithic architecture. This enables faster introduction of new features, allowing us to deliver the desired results on time. 
We build highly flexible and scalable modules responsible for specific aspects of your web application. To avoid conflicts between the app development environments, our Node.js developers integrate Node.js with Docker and encapsulate each microservice in a separate container.

Maintenance and support

Delivering project vision and offering end-to-end Node.js development services are not all we can do for you. Our team is committed to ensuring a stress-free maintenance of your solution. Instinctools’ support services deal with both technical and functional issues that may arise while using the Node.js environment. We also take care of regular updates to your applications and ensure seamless scaling, providing you with a hassle-free experience.

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Why is *instinctools your best bet when contracting a Node.js development company?

As a well-established Node.js development company in the USA and globally, we lean into 23+ years of experience to deliver impeccably crafted software tailored to your business needs and ambitions. 

Subject-matter expertise

Instinctools is a one-stop-shop for providing Node.js development services in all their variety. Our developers implemented Node.js applications and websites for clients from multiple industries, from entertainment and media to healthcare and fintech.
We merge our expertise in Node.js development with other software development services to build a fully functional solution that aligns with your short-term goals and plans for the long run.

Adherence to the Agile principles

Instinctools’ Node.js developers ensure an iterative, transparent, and flexible development process. We are not limited to a single Agile methodology and offer various options, such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, SAFe, extreme programming, etc. Together with you, we choose the approach to development and reporting that will suit your business processes and workflows better, depending on your project requirements.

Results-oriented outlook

As your Node.js development agency, we thoughtfully guide you through your software development journey and enable the on-time delivery of your app or website. We prioritize tasks so that you can see the results faster.
With a proactive problem-solving approach, our developers triumphantly address the challenges of adopting a Node.js environment, paving the way to a breakthrough for your business.

On-demand scalability

Outsource Node.js development to ramp your resources up and down in no time and lower development costs without compromising the solution’s quality. If you need extra hands to cope with a large scope of development tasks or you have a tight delivery schedule, you can always ask to enroll additional Node.js developers in your project.

Instinctools offers flexible collaboration options, from IT staff augmentation and dedicated teams to offshore development centers to cater to businesses of different sizes and their varying needs.

Flawless communication

Instinctools’ development team is always ready to translate your business goals and ambitions into software features. We adapt to your schedule to solve urgent issues and make decisions promptly.
We also use various communication channels to ensure quick and efficient collaboration with your IT department and regular check-ins with your stakeholders to meet their expectations from our Node.js development services. 

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