crm for marketing company


Working manually with big number of bids and products the company was in need of creating a CRM solution for their business to make internal workflows faster and more effective. The following requirements were set for the use case of the software:

  • An easy & convenient way to create contacts;
  • Inventory support and basic tracking for collectables;
  • Ability to systematically add bids into the system;
  • Reports creation and management.


The main task for *instinctools team was custom CRM development on Angular tech stack supporting large volumes of data and meeting client’s requirements for its usability.


The web application was mainly built on Angular with object-relational database system PostgreSQL.


As required the following features were implemented:

  • Easy-to-use interface for adding new bids into the system and their later processing;
  • Automatic contacts creation after adding new bids;
  • Reports generation and management.

A basic module for inventory support and collectables tracking was integrated into the web application allowing:

  • Keep records on stock balance of collectables;
  • Manage collectables (adding new, editing, deleting options, etc.);
  • Create requests for full-cycle processing (request / shipment / delivery confirmation / returns / return confirmation).


Specially designed and easy-to-use custom CRM solution optimized and improved performance of internal workflows of the company making the processes faster and more effective.



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