Fintech Software Development Services

Embracing the opportunity and grasping the risk 

Capitalizing on the amplified value of transformative technologies, our fintech software development company enables financial institutions to reimagine their business models, foster agility, achieve scale, drive innovation, and modify the customer experience. We cover everything from digital banking and investments to insurtech and personal finance.

Digital Banking

With more than two decades of proven experience in financial software development, we help banks to adapt to new realities framed by pandemic-induced high-speed digital adoption. Combining technology with a personal touch, intelligent use of data, and compelling service delivery models, we pave the way for our clients to increase customer engagement.

Core banking services

Whether you want your banking software to be on-premise or cloud-based, we can deliver a solution that will facilitate the key functions of your bank and drive your day-to-day operations.

  • Account management
  • Currency exchange
  • Payment processing
  • Reporting tools
  • Loan management

Mobile banking

To make banking services accessible from anywhere anytime, *instinctools experts deliver mobile solutions that reshape and simplify communication along with increasing customer engagement and retention. With both the basic and cutting-edge features of our mobile apps, end users can 100% securely and effortlessly manage their finances, make financial transactions, and get personal assistance 24/7.

  • Payment scheduling
  • Personalized customers’ support
  • Money transfer
  • Biometric authentication
  • Opening and managing bank accounts
  • Voice navigation
  • Customized alerts

Banking CRM

As part of our financial software development services, we build flexible CRM systems to drive customer attraction and retention, optimize their journey within the sales funnel, and address customers’ growing needs proactively rather than reactively. Our CRM systems are bolstered with a high level of automation, comprehensive security features, and advanced analytics capabilities that contribute to increased employee productivity, data protection, and better adjustment to customer demands.

To create a full-fledged portrait of the target audience, we integrate CRMs with a plethora of data sources, such as mobile apps, websites, social media platforms, email, call centers, and more. Being provided with almost endless opportunities to gain insights into your customers’ preferences, you can offer them the most relevant options that will meet their financial needs.

Open Banking

Open banking is changing the landscape of financial relationships. By getting access to open APIs, banks can cut down on integration expenses and increase client flow thanks to the information they get from their partners.

We create trustworthy solutions that allow banks to rapidly launch new services developed by third-party companies and easily embed innovative solutions into their ecosystems while reducing overhead costs.

To capture the overall value of open banking solutions without undermining their reliability, we adhere to all the necessary security measures in compliance with regulations such as GDPR, PSD2, among others.

Lending software

To ensure well-informed loan decision-making and reduce the time and costs of loan delivery, we provide end-to-end lending solutions to banks, credit bureaus, and alternative lenders. Our fintech software development services in the lending sector aim at making loan provision unbiased and accessible to all categories of users, including those typically left behind by the traditional banking industry. Backed by leading-edge technologies, our systems spell the end for immense manual input, enable seamless integrations with third-party solutions, and solve our customers’ challenges relating to client onboarding, scoring, document management, reports, and statistics.

AI scoring systems

Just like leading financial software development companies, we utilize the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to let you evaluate the financial standing of potential borrowers rigorously/meticulously and swiftly.

Digital mortgage

*instinctools brings automation and democratization to the homebuying process, making mortgage solutions appealing to tech-savvy consumers who want to get an unbiased answer to their applications in a matter of hours not weeks.

Loan comparison platforms

We create white-label online platforms for loan comparison that enable borrowers to compare interest rates of multiple lenders, loan terms, and various customizable solutions that match their specific preferences — all in one hub to make intelligent, affordable choices.

Mobile loans

Our experts develop applications for your customers to avoid back-to-back bank trips accompanied by the necessity to stand in swirling lines of loan approvals. Instead, with digital tools, users can pursue the entire loan-taking journey online. Augmented with best-of-breed features, your loan app will definitely stand out from the crowd.

  • Dynamic functions
  • Complete management
  • Minimum paperwork
  • Discrete procedure
  • CIBIL analysis

Fill the gap with dedicated Fintech software

Online payments

We help our clients conduct business 24/7 by accepting secure and quick payments through online storefronts, payment forms, and embeddable solutions. Our financial software development company harnesses the power of front-line technologies, such as mobile, cloud, blockchain, etc. to fill online payment capabilities gaps. We can provide all the necessary integrations for API-based or completely custom online payments 100% complied with PCI DSS.

  • B2B and B2C payment systems
  • Peer-to-peer payment systems
  • NFC-solutions
  • Encryption

Personal finance management

Large technology firms have set new and higher bars for customer experience. Here, at *instinctools, we revamp it through the development of new digital products and capabilities.

Our team deploys tailored solutions for end users to reevaluate their finances and manage them more effectively by monitoring their credit accounts, getting a better grasp of their spending, tracking their savings, monitoring their credit accounts, and making use of many other options.

  • Budget management
  • Debt refinancing and optimization
  • Personal analysis of expenses
  • Smart recommendations
  • Retirement planning
  • Automated bill payment
  • Financial goals
  • Automatic allowances, chore tracking, and budgeting with gamification elements for kids and teenagers


Skilled in developing solutions at the junction of cutting-edge technologies and finance, *instinctools helps redefine your insurance ecosystem for you to leverage data effectively and meet customer expectations. We drive your company’s productivity using automatic solutions that ensure labor cost-cutting, data accuracy, and compliance with government regulations, as well as provide a personalized approach to clients and improve service delivery.

Being aware of how high the security stakes in the insurance sector are, our engineers build transparent and highly secure solutions that conform to regulators’ rigid requirements and protect personal data from breaches.

  • Underwriting
  • Claim submission and management
  • Customer portal
  • Risk management and fraud detection

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Investment management

Whether these are financial institutions, real estate firms, investment advisors, or individuals, we provide clients with fintech software development services to anticipate changes and capitalize on emerging opportunities of a complex, ever-changing investment management landscape.

Our solutions help analyze actual market data, manage investment portfolios, optimize their performance as well as assess and mitigate investment risks.

Stock trading

We build full-fledged stock trading solutions or create standalone modules to automate data-heavy tasks out of the investment. Our software helps track and analyze stock behavior in real time, advance trading operations, and make smarter investment decisions.

For users to stay on top of their investment strategy, we bolster our software with alerts and notifications that inform about a target stock price, percentage change, exponential moving average, and more.

  • Concurrent data monitoring
  • Risk rebalancing
  • Trading algorithms
  • Fraud detection
  • Integration with multiple stock data service providers
  • Comprehensible and engaging data visualization

Portfolio management

The algorithms implemented by *instinctools help better forecast stock behavior, analyze asset classes, and maximize the expected return, while minimizing the risk of loss. With integration capabilities of our solutions, users get the opportunity to track their portfolios on a single platform rather than checking multiple applications to view their assets.

Predictive analytics

Empowered with artificial intelligence, data mining, and machine learning, we create forecasting models that help identify financial market trends, predict business outcomes, highlight untapped opportunities, and expose hidden risks.

Risk management

Our risk mitigation approach includes multi-factor risk modeling and stress scenario testing so that users can opt for safer and more rewarding investments.

AI-powered automation

Financial services, paired with AI technology, take over the market and ensure an agile, customer-centric, digitally mature approach to financial management.

Merging data mining and machine learning technologies, we create platforms that analyze vast amounts of financial data, forecast stock fluctuations, calculate stock volatility, and make recommendations on trading strategies.

AI-driven robo-advisers analyze millions of data points, capturing information that current statistical models can’t, and execute trades under optimal conditions.

Focus on your core job with third-party integrations

To meet the highest demands of your tech-savvy consumers on the one hand, and to facilitate the activities of your employees on the other, we build frictionless integrations with different systems, whether these are third-party payment platforms, loan origination systems, or your enterprise applications. Our API and system integration services allow integrating and managing multiple solutions under one roof easily and securely.

Feel confident with robust security

As long as financial firms are more vulnerable to cyber attacks than any other institutions, we believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to fintech solutions.

We get ahead of emerging problems by using carefully considered frameworks and methodologies and taking a security-by-design approach that incorporates cybersecurity requirements into all aspects of the digital architecture. *instinctools security experts make most of the latest technologies to deal with current or potential threats associated with sensitive financial information and customers’ personal data.

We follow best practices for secure fintech software development:

  • Data encryption
  • Role-based access control
  • Intelligent authentication
  • Security testing and quality assurance

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Cope with the mounting pressure from regulators

In pursuit of innovation, it’s important not to overlook regulatory compliance, especially in such a highly standardized environment as fintech. We tailor the compliance strategy to your business strategy, saving you from huge issues down the road. The fintech solutions we build meet the accepted, industry-standard regulations, regarding AML/CFT issues, cybersecurity, and others.

Awards and recognition

Discover the source of the up-to-the-minute insights with BI

The financial sector continuously collides with exponential data growth. Ignoring it means missing out on the chance to unlock the valuable insights hidden within.

To help you make good use of the data pouring from spreadsheets, invoices, journal entries, and other sources, we offer a wide array of services, from BI analysis and consulting, to data processing and BI solution deployment, to data visualization and optimization.

Our business intelligence engineers build ETL flows and data warehouses, ensure data integration within storage platforms, and deploy scalable BI infrastructures used on-premises or in cloud environments. On top of that, we can enrich your existing systems (e.g., CRM, ERP, marketing automation, financial systems, etc.) with embedded analytics so that users across your entire organization would have the necessary data at their fingertips.

Embrace the benefits of DevOps

In the new, post-pandemic reality, finance completely realized the necessity of timely innovation, quick releases, and uninterrupted service to end users. All these advantages become available with DevOps.

We help financial institutions adopt this methodology in the right way, allowing them to:

  • Automate routine operations
  • Facilitate audits
  • Ensure better collaboration for the sake of operational efficiency
  • Reduce downtime and deployment delays

DevOps benefits expand even further, to security. By shifting security “left”, to the earliest stages of the project, we make sure the reliability of your system is no longer an area of concern.

Innovate faster with the cloud technology

Cloud computing efforts in finance don’t just focus on cost reduction and virtualizing the workforce. With the help of cloud services, we allow financial institutions to discover new ways to thrive at the pace they’ve always wanted.

  • Provide increased autonomy to users by building self-service applications
  • Increase the security of systems with zero-trust verification and data encryption
  • Make data management less hectic with all-important information available at any time
  • Set up infrastructure that can scale up and down smoothly and painlessly along with the business
  • Reduce time to market
  • Stay compliant ‘out-of-the-box’
  • Obtain a well-thought-out disaster recovery plan

Partnerships built on trust

Start legacy system modernization to tap into the digital economy

Using complex obsolete software that works haphazardly with third-party services or being able to take advantage of the latest technology and ease the regulatory pressure? If cost considerations are what stops you from this obvious choice, we know how to ameliorate the impact of the modernization on your wallet. Moving gradually but firmly according to a strategy designed specifically for your particular business, we enable financial institutions to address industry imperatives, realize new revenue opportunities, and meet customer expectations by modernizing system architecture in a cost effective way.

Services we offer

Based on 20+ years of experience, *instinctools solves complex technological challenges with robust, agile solutions.

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