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Whatever AWS cloud initiatives you are considering, we will guide you from ideation to a fully shaped vision. As an established AWS consulting company, we cover a full spectrum of AWS cloud consulting services on AWS cloud migration, development, and optimization. With our clients at the heart of all processes, our AWS consultants dive deep into your needs to devise a cloud computing strategy tailored to a tee.

What we offer

Moving to the cloud mandates solid cloud expertise paired with business analysis and security proficiency. As a certified partner of AWS, *instinctools helps to make the most of your cloud strategy. Our AWS advanced cloud consulting provides a full suite of professional services that help you plan, audit, and optimize your AWS resources.

Designing AWS cloud strategy

Any successful cloud initiatives start with a cloud strategy and resilient architecture. Our AWS consulting services help global businesses create a thorough plan and roadmap with TCO, ROI, and platform recommendations. Be it migration or cloud software development, we thoroughly analyze your infrastructure and business objectives to add maximum context to the cloud strategy.

AWS configuration

Our Amazon Web Services consultants create and activate AWS corporate accounts so that you can assess and audit your AWS resource configurations for desired compliance policies and infrastructure. As a part of our AWS professional services, we also take over security analysis, compliance auditing and troubleshooting for your frictionless, and compliant cloud transformation.

AWS cost optimization

Optimize your cloud spending by eliminating money drains and ineffective AWS cloud workloads. Our AWS consultants will help you detect mismanaged resources, and deploy auto-scaling, and right-size instances so that you can achieve more by spending less. Keep tabs on your performance metrics to ensure data-driven decisions to optimize further.

Migration to AWS

*instinctools helps reduce your IT infrastructure costs by moving your tech assets to the cloud. Our AWS cloud consultants maximize your ROI on AWS technology investment by migrating across AWS regions. As your cloud migration partner, we also offer a seamless transition between cloud providers.


We start your migration journey by discovering your business needs and desired outcomes, which define a relevant migration model. With cloud automation tools at hand, our specialists assess your on-premises resources and calculate the costs of running your applications on AWS.

  • Collecting server inventory
  • Setting up migration hub
  • Documentation and knowledge transfer
  • Mapping application dependency


At this stage, our AWS consultants assess your application portfolio to develop a high-confidence migration plan and align it with your business goals. We also prioritize workloads for migration, adjusting the migration plan for each workload. Migration planning is done with AWS Prescriptive Guidance in mind.

  • Performing data back-ups
  • Analyzing cloud KPIs
  • Creating schedule and release plans
  • Identifying performance baseline

Move and modernize

Finally, our cloud experts move some or all of your data centers into the cloud and its applications. We migrate each workload individually, turning a migration process into agile-friendly sprints. You can also resort to our managed cloud services that speed up migration and take over critical AWS infrastructure management.

  • Performing Q&A audits
  • Mitigating migration risks
  • Minimizing app downtime mid-migration
  • Creating a refactor environment

AWS Development

As a certified AWS consultant, *instinctools takes the best from AWS infrastructure to deliver secure and scalable business applications. We help you discover the transformative power of the cloud through microservices or serverless architecture, covering a full development scope. Our AWS cloud experts can also bring legacy applications to the cloud, making them future-proof.

AWS-based microservices

We employ our AWS expertise to introduce microservices applications containing separate services that communicate over well-defined APIs. By making each service independent, we make the scale-up process easier, while improving fault isolation and boosting flexibility. Our team helps implement microservices across many categories, including storage, databases, and others.

*instinctools can also break your monolithic solution into container-based microservices architecture to reduce maintenance costs and promote agility. Being your one-stop shop, our company also performs API and security testing, provides needed maintenance, and enables enterprise microservices adoption through lightweight API and continuous delivery.

Serverless architecture

We put your solution at the edge of innovation with a cloud-native serverless architecture. Having no server management and operational burdens, serverless applications make you highly adaptable to market needs with fast time-to-market and lower costs. We leverage the latest AWS tools, including AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, and Amazon DynamoDB to make each of your stacks server-free.

Our certified AWS team will help you create an integration strategy for serverless network designs and scale up your app architecture with continuous monitoring and reporting. Employ our expertise to build a cost-effective API network for better application security.

The synergy of AWS and DevOps

We combine the power of AWS technologies and DevOps best practices to foster agility and automation. With experience in leveraging AWS DevOps tools, we help teams accelerate testing, deploy faster and reduce development costs with no bottlenecks and siloed structures. As a DevOps-first company, we also know how to establish an effective CI/CD process through AWS-based services.

*instinctools provides you with tools to automate manual tasks, simplify complex environments, and offer your engineers more control at any speed. We can help you ditch complex legacy development practices and add a tailwind to product development and optimization. With this speed, you can prioritize innovation to improve customer service and outperform your competitors.

AWS Cloud Security

Following the best AWS security practices, we help natively guard your workloads and applications on the AWS cloud with security automation, response, and remediation. Our company powers up your security posture by deploying an ecosystem of AWS solutions that prevent misconfigurations, inadequate change control, and other threats.

Along with native multi-layered security, our AWS consultants can also add extra security coverage by enabling third-party integrations. Ultimately, we help you establish a consolidated view of security management practices, governance reporting, and event monitoring across your cloud infrastructure.

Regulatory compliance

As a part of our AWS cloud consulting services, we help keep your organization cloud-compliant amid changing regulatory guidelines. Our team performs comprehensive audits and risk assessments of your compliance mandates within a shared responsibility model and matches them with a full set of cloud tools and necessary policies.

Be it HIPAA, PCI DSS, or FISMA, we make sure you have full visibility and understanding of your security estate with established governance and compliance management processes. On-demand, we automate and optimize cloud compliance management and reporting through activity monitoring services and integrate them with your cloud solutions. Our AWS experts will help you choose the right cloud hosting region covered by relevant data protection regulations.

Why choose us?

End-to-end services

Our certified AWS architects offer turnkey Amazon Web Services Consulting and solutions to businesses of all sizes and domains. We perform and execute complete strategic planning and set up your AWS environment to match your business objectives and tech requirements.

24/7 support

Our cloud support team is always ready to provide Amazon Web Services consulting and address your queries. Our clients get 24-hour support to ensure their issues are resolved at any time — day or night. We also establish stable communication to provide regular updates on your project.

10+ years of experience allows us to design cost-effective and failsafe AWS cloud environments

As an established AWS cloud consulting company, *instinctools has a strong bench of AWS-certified architects who know how to create secure and effective AWS cloud environments. Based on unique business requirements, we design cloud journeys that click with your budget and security priorities.

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