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We offer an integrated approach that combines multiple cloud environments with traditional data center investments. Explore the full power of modern infrastructure with secure and scalable cloud solutions.

  • Leading cloud provider in Europe
  • Open trusted cloud network
  • Certified experts

*instinctools Is an Advanced Partner of OVHcloud

As a leading European cloud provider, OVHcloud operates 400,000 servers in 32 data centers across four continents. Being an OVHcloud Advanced Partner and managed service provider, *instinctools delivers innovative solutions that combine high performance, competitive pricing, and total data sovereignty to support our clients’ growth and development. With OVHcloud and *instinctools experts, your data, IT infrastructure, and applications are in good hands.

OVHcloud Consulting Services

In close cooperation with our trusted partner, we provide a wide range of services for you to solve the engineering challenges that can occur on your digital transformation path. Our cloud consulting framework covers the most critical issues that companies face when moving to the cloud or starting to build scalable and secure IT infrastructure. We create a digital transformation roadmap for you that will help you achieve short-term and long-term business goals.

Together with OVHcloud, we’ll guide and support your company step by step through the entire digitalization journey delivering high-quality consulting and engineering services. Now.

All-round current state audit

Free project estimate considering your needs and challenges

Vast technology stack and engineering capabilities

One Provider, a Huge Ecosystem

The merged power of OVHcloud capabilities and *instinctools engineering expertise allows our customers to get a full-service solution to solve their business problems and achieve the most ambitious goals they have. Explore our offering in detail, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts for a free project estimate and IT consulting services.

Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Solutions

Build a secure multi-cloud architecture with OVHcloud and *instinctools capabilities. Whether your business is growing or needs a solid IT infrastructure for better results, a hybrid cloud solution will be a perfect foundation for you in terms of costs, resources, and efficiency. We provide first-rate professional cloud services, from cloud readiness assessment and strategy development to architecture design, migration, and maintenance. Using our capabilities and profound tech expertise, you will get:

  • efficient solutions available across all regions;
  • scaling opportunities with fewer costs;
  • high connectivity and maximized security across your whole multi-cloud solution.

Cloud Migration and Data Center Expansion

Expand your capacities by shifting on-premises solutions to OVHcloud data centers that are designed with maximum security levels in mind. We help you create a successful cloud migration roadmap and implement your migration strategy with optimized costs and improved data center performance. We ensure that all stages of your cloud migration journey are successfully completed with minimal impact on your current business activity and operations.

  • Legacy modernization services
  • Back-up and disaster recovery plans
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud solutions
  • Continuous support and improvements

Sensitive Data Software Solutions and Hosting

Our main goal is to deliver secure cloud and hosting solutions that help organizations comply with the highest standards and administrative regulations. We aim to keep and handle your sensitive user data properly, focusing on data protection and data loss prevention. By implementing proven coding practices and frameworks, we help our clients avoid vulnerabilities and minimize the risk of data disclosure. We offer software and hosting solutions maintaining compliance with GDPR regulations.

  • Available certifications
  • Compliance with the CISPE European code of conduct on data protection
  • Compliance with the EU data protection legislation

Website Creation and Hosting

Create unique, secure, and scalable websites and portals for your business with a trusted hosting provider such as OVHcloud. Here at *instinctools, we apply industry-leading practices according to the latest user experience, design, and web development trends to help you reach new markets and efficiently communicate your product’s value. Reveal the potential of your business with our top-notch expertise:

  • Web development services
  • UI/UX and Product Design
  • Quality Assurance and Software Testing
  • Website hosting solutions

Machine Learning Solutions

Together with OVHcloud, we enrich cloud computing services with modern big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning tools and technologies for predictive analysis and improved decision-making in your organization. Implementing machine learning models into various datasets and applications, we help businesses harness computing power quickly and more efficiently.

Big Data Storage Solutions

Spend less on legacy data storage with effective solutions managed by the *instinctools team. OVHcloud capabilities allow our clients to store large amounts of structured and unstructured data that meet evolving business requirements and needs. With scalable and data-efficient storage solutions, we help companies innovate faster and achieve reduced costs within a very short period of time.

  • Data accessibility combined with application flexibility
  • Faster innovations and new features deployment
  • Reduced costs and faster performance

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Based on 20+ years of experience, *instinctools solves complex technological challenges with robust, agile solutions.

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