DevOps Engineering Services

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By helping teams leverage processes and tools, we enable exceptional collaboration, the free flow of work, and continuous improvement to ensure that you get the results you need.
  • Secure environment
  • Fast deployment
  • Easy recovery
  • Better customer service
At *instinctools, DevOps services are integrated into software development by default from the initial stages of a product delivery lifecycle. Thanks to our DevOps expertise, we help our clients to deliver software better, faster, and more safely than with a non-DevOps alternative. DevOps significantly improves product quality and minimizes the time to market due to:
  • the elimination of silos
  • solid back-up plans
  • continuous monitoring
  • tooling and automation
  • diligent measuring
  • incremental changes
  • the elimination of silos
  • solid back-up plans
  • continuous monitoring
  • incremental changes
  • tooling and automation
  • diligent measuring

DevOps Engineering Services

As a DevOps development company, we combine skills in software development and automation to create a unified and better approach to both

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

To enhance the existing build, integration, and testing processes the *instinctools DevOps team designs and implements continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) strategies for our clients’ software development projects. Our experts choose appropriate CI/CD tools and technologies which perfectly match every stage of the project.

Infrastructure as Code and Configuration as Code

Automation has always been a fundamental pillar of DevOps. We implement Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Configuration as Code (CAC) models for the technical benefits of scale, reliability, quality, and velocity, and, also, for social impact. Automating repetitive tasks gives our customers breathing room to address strategic issues and allows them to focus on delivering value for their users.

IT Infrastructure Audit for Cost Reduction

Lower costs and better performance always justify migration to the cloud. However, as time passes and a cloud infrastructure becomes more complex, the associated costs can become overwhelming, and performance gains will start to diminish.

An unbiased detailed IT infrastructure analysis that includes a report of any bugs or warning lights, recommended fixes and upgrades can help to alleviate such challenges. The *instinctools experts conduct an in-depth audit of our customers’ technological practices to identify disadvantages, underutilized assets, and recommend how to repurpose them to decrease overall costs.

Cloud Computing

The changes that DevOps offers enable better use of cloud capabilities. Cloud computing delivers numerous benefits to your business: scalability, flexibility, business continuity, and of course, reduced costs. But you need the right technology partner to fly to the cloud safely and securely, and to leverage its advantages. As a certified partner of Google Cloud and OVHcloud, *instinctools has mastered its cloud expertise for over 10 years. Your cloud migration, optimization, development, and maintenance are in good hands with our experts.

*instinctools DevOps Practice

As committed DevOps professionals, we believe that DevOps principles and practices expand beyond the dev and ops teams to finance, human resources, executive leadership and more. Apart from revealing the opportunities of cloud adoption and automation, we guide our clients to a new cultural paradigm of enhanced communication, shared responsibility, and knowledge exchange. The only possible way to benefit from DevOps services to the fullest is to accept that DevOps is more than just an organizational structure — it’s a mindset.

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Information Security

Adopting DevOps practices opens the door to integrating security into the entire software development lifecycle. DevOps is a culture where security is truly a shared responsibility and where issues can be identified early and in the best possible way.

We offer the best DevOps services available to help our customers deploy more frequently and remediate vulnerabilities faster so that they won’t have to choose between feature delivery and safeguarding their data.

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