As software development and operations are now more closely intertwined,
and as companies are becoming increasingly reliant on cloud infrastructure,
DevOps is crucial for the teams to remain competitive and perform at their full
potential. Stated simply, DevOps translates complex manual processes
involving error-prone human interaction into an instrumented approach that
can be tested, measured, and easily scaled.

The reasons to adopt DevOps:

Shorter development cycles and faster Innovation

Reduced deployment failures, rollbacks, and time to recover

Improved communication
and collaboration

Reduced costs and IT headcount

DevOps Engineer is an expert who
understands the Software Development
Lifecycle and brings software engineering
tools and processes to solve classic
operations challenges such as:

  • application management

  • implementation of new features

  • business processes optimization

  • hardware renewal

  • control over the application lifecycle

  • streamlining internal processes and predictable costs

When engineering and operations work closely together throughout the entire lifecycle of development, it helps to scale and deliver high quality services to customers far more quickly than otherwise. By constantly making, releasing, and measuring small improvements rather than confining ourselves to single huge releases, we can improve our offerings all the time.


*instinctools DevOps practice

Functional extensions
of existing solutions

Automation of tests and onerous processes

Continuous integration

24/7 performance

Ongoing maintenance
and support

Regular security

Continuous delivery
of software product

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