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142,658 successful businesses choose Zoho for mission-critical development needs. We offer tailor-made Zoho development services so that you can unlock the power of an all-in-one software suite for your business.

  • Easy access to information with Zoho mobile apps
  • Efficient lead and deal management
  • Less administrative hassle

We address the challenges of adopting a new system and transform them into top-notch solutions

Your CRM’s functionality lags behind growing business requirements

Our Zoho CRM developers help you bypass storage or feature limitations by seizing the powers of Zoho CRM development. We add all the necessary functionality to address the most complex requirements of a thriving business.

Difficulties in migrating data

Our Zoho CRM development team keeps all of your data and retains data relationships during migration. We set up a smooth and easy migration path that eliminates duplicates in your brand new Zoho business environment.

Lack of metrics to track and assess your business performance

*instinctools’ developers help you make data-driven decisions by building powerful analytics dashboards in-app. Drill down into your data and measure business growth through a wide array of reporting components.

Low user adoption

Our team helps you tackle adoption challenges by providing specific training programs contextual to each role. Your team will learn directly from our experts on how to fully embrace Zoho CRM and get 24/7 support during onboarding.

Incorrect implementation

We dust off your CRM implementation worries by running the full cycle of planning and implementation. Our team provides scope clarity, aligns your business needs with the new CRM, sets up test environments, and deploys the system.

Customizing Zoho off‑the‑shelf solutions

We do all the heavy lifting so that your Zoho solution is mapped to each and every of your business processes.

Sales & Marketing

The combination of sales and marketing data is what amplifies your bottom line. Our certified Zoho developers help you merge Zoho sales and marketing solutions so that your client-facing teams work in tandem. We gather your cross-channel data in one solution to supercharge powerful analytics, create a unified customer experience, and foster data visibility across departments.

Customer support

Streamline your case routing, prioritize support tickets, and capture context for each case — all through automated workflows and a self-service support portal. Our team of Zoho-certified developers adjusts Zoho’s Help Desk to help you improve customer service, reduce response times and make it easier for your team to tackle both repetitive and unique issues.

Productivity and collaboration

Improve the productivity of your workforce and build a stronger enterprise with a diverse network of remote-friendly productivity and collaboration solutions. Our team of Zoho experts will help synchronize your business processes at a distance with cloud-based project management and communication apps tailored to your company’s culture.

Recruitment and HR

A rich suite of Zoho’s hiring solutions allows you to secure top talent with no recruitment headaches. Our Zoho experts set up automated hiring workflows, powerful analytics, and reporting within a single integrated HR platform so that your talent acquisition is cost-effective, data-driven, and omnipresent.


Stay on top of your back office with Zoho’s unified financial platform customized for your finance workflow processes. Send automatic payment reminders, import bank feeds, simplify your order management processes, and so much more within an integrated software ecosystem to keep your data up to date at all times and for all departments.

Leverage Zoho solutions in your organization

How we work

Our team of Zoho developers guides you through the entire Zoho journey and provides professional assistance at each stage of your Zoho maturity.


Our Zoho consulting professionals will first dive deep into your business needs and challenges to plan all customization and implementation activities around your unique business goals. We provide you with scalable solution architecture based on the combination of Zoho tools and applications as well as draw up a project implementation plan and budget.

Customization and Implementation

Based on your requirements, our Zoho developers will analyze, plan and build the integrations needed and prep your data for the migration. The implementation process is based on a thorough strategy that includes individual needs and system requirements of your company’s ecosystem.


Your team will get post-launch support to simplify user adoption and make the most of the new setup. Our developers provide your team with training materials and polish the system based on your team’s feedback.

Tailored Zoho development services to meet your growth-centric goals

Zoho app development

Our Zoho Creator-certified developers build ready-to-deploy cloud applications adjusted for all your business processes with the Zoho developer console. Be it extensions, custom applications, or industry solutions, Zoho apps automate each business line — from marketing to logistics and hiring. The Zoho developer console enables your apps to run natively on iOS and Android devices.

Zoho migration

Our developers leverage Zoho’s flexible data migration options with no duplicates or long importing. We migrate your critical data from multiple CRM applications such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics 365, and others in bulk to ensure fast import and loss-free migration. The migration progress is custom-made to address all your data needs.

Zoho integration with third-party apps

Create a unified data flow and improve your customer experience by connecting multiple tools and applications with your Zoho account. Our team integrates your Zoho infrastructure with email automation, billing software, document management, leads follow-up, and more so that you have a 360° overview of all business processes within a single page.

Zoho CRM development

By first making your requirements a blueprint, we then create custom modules, reports, APIs, and data models that foster your business performance through automated processes. Our developers build and fine-tune CRM automation components to work on complex business tasks and minimize your team’s effort.

Aiming for customer excellence, we unify all your customer data through Zoho CRM’s REST APIs and SDKs to help you capture each lead and create personalized engagement. Using Zoho CRM as a backend, our developers can also build role-specific apps for your customers and employees to take care of their unique needs. Hire Zoho developers at *instinctools to benefit from every feature of the Zoho CRM developer console and reach new business summits.

Custom dashboarding with Zoho Analytics

Act on your data and make informed business decisions with Zoho Analytics. We help you inject robust analytics capabilities into everyday processes through customized dashboards based on your business goals and KPIs. Our developers also customize the look and feel of your dashboards through contextual styling, filters, themes, and more.

Ready to start your Zoho implementation project?

Why *instinctools is your ultimate Zoho partner

Dedicated team of experts

When you hire Zoho developers at *instinctools, you get a team of experts selected specifically for your project. We hand-pick each specialist to suit your project’s needs, the candidate requirements, and domain expertise to ensure effective long-term collaboration.

Industry-specific solutions

We bridge technology and business to make your solution both domain-centered and technologically viable. Our applications solve the specific problems you face in the industry, be it hiring, payroll, or marketing.

Strong background in Zoho development

Our team of top-quality developers boasts 20+ years of experience in building performant and functional custom apps. With our hands-on Zoho experience, our developers combine the best development practices with Zoho proficiency to deliver unmatched business solutions.

First-rate customization

Make Zoho suite your own with our granular customization services. We can adjust any Zoho solution to fit your business and test customization needs before launching to ensure maximum compatibility with your requirements. Be it custom layouts, tailored data management, or localized modules, we make sure you operate your Zoho software on your terms.

Flexible approach

Don’t settle for average with our Zoho development services. Whether you want the application to be accessed from mobile and desktop or turn your default script or custom code into a website, you can have it all. Our team can work on flexible terms on demand and dedicate 40 to 50 hours per week to your Zoho development project.

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Based on 20+ years of experience, *instinctools solves complex technological challenges with robust, agile solutions.

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