SAP Commerce Cloud Development (originally SAP Hybris)

We transform an SAP Commerce Cloud solution into endless value for your business and your customers.

  • Personalized engagement with your customers across all channels in real-time
  • Building a commerce solution that suits your organization’s size and scales efficiently as your business grows
  • Entering the global market

Leverage these advantages with *instinctools. Our team provides scalable, multi-region, and multi-currency commerce solutions adjusted to your business objectives.

Our services

We are ready to help you at any step of your SAP Commerce Cloud adoption journey. Our offering includes:


To identify the best way of configuring SAP solutions to your purposes, we first dive deep into the understanding of how to support your customers’ brand loyalty.

Building a commerce solution for your business based on the out-of-the-box modules

We help you determine which of the numerous platform features your organization needs and tailor the off-the-shelf functions to your unique requirements.

Migrating your data and processes from another commerce platform to SAP

When you leave your previous commerce platform due to its insufficient capacity, we take care of all data migration accurately and efficiently.

Ensuring integrations

The platform has numerous pre-built integrations with SAP products such as ERP, S/4HANA, etc. To seamlessly integrate legacy or third-party systems with SAP Commerce Cloud, we apply the Spring framework and configure SAP Process Integration/Process Orchestration.

Developing mobile platform-compatible applications to increase the system’s functionality and efficiency

We offer additional m-commerce solutions development to simplify your employees’ work while improving their performance. For instance, we can provide your sales department with an application through which your staff receive the necessary information from the back office, such as target customers, problems related to the sales process, etc.

Maintaining and supporting the solution

When all the modules are implemented and configured, we continue to take care of timely updates, train your employees to facilitate their adaptation to the new platform and minimize the possibility of cultural resistance to change.

Simplify your commerce setup with the help of the SAP experts

Why *instinctools

Increase speed to market


Reduce development cost


Assure information security


Get high-quality software


Scale team up and down


Centralize and manage your customers’ data across multiple channels with SAP Commerce Cloud

One of the vital advantages of the platform is that it provides high-quality omnichannel interactions with your customers. When configuring SAP modules, we synchronize web, mobile and physical channels so that you can interact with customers at different touchpoints, collect and analyze real-time data on customer behavior to personalize offers. Such an approach provides a better shopping experience for customers turning more random clients into your regulars.

SAP Commerce solution also offers a centralized real-time view of inventory and automated order workflow. Every step of the ordering process is logged in Order Management, so you always have complete visibility of the process.

Benefit from our expertise on your way to meeting customers’ expectations

Backed by our experts, you can take advantage of the SAP Customer Experience (CX) alliance to create an end-to-end experience for your customers. We help you achieve seamless integration and interaction with other SAP Clouds within the scope of the SAP CX to obtain a superior result.

  • Customer Data Cloud. Manage customer information centrally so that you can get to know your customers better and sort out their interests more effectively. Customer Data Cloud is good not only for your staff but also for your customers as the solution simplifies customer identification and access management. You make it easier for customers to interact with a company’s entire system environment via a profile and, thus, increase the conversion rate.
  • Sales Cloud. React and manage leads faster and more effectively thanks to intelligent lead scoring and routing. When leads are distributed among sales representatives based on the expertise of the latter, you can convert more opportunities into profitable business activities.
  • Marketing Cloud. Manage and automate your marketing processes, from customer segmentation and planning campaigns to evaluating their efficiency. In the long run, it allows you to increase customer loyalty while decreasing the cost of customer attraction.
  • Service Cloud. This solution makes the after-sales services easier for you. Service employees work collaboratively and always use real-time customer data as it becomes available for all departments within one platform.

Why choose us: the power of competence

SAP Clouds are designed to meet the needs of enterprises and markets worldwide, so they contain a tremendous variety of functions. On the one hand, it’s convenient and saves you time and money — you don’t have to develop modules from scratch or build additional ones — all the possible functions you could ever need are already incorporated in the out-of-the-box solution. On the other hand, such an elaborate structure results in a complex architecture. Couple that with the closed nature of the SAP — only certified SAP developers have access to the company’s codebase, current documentation, and the latest version of SAP Commerce Cloud. And we can provide you with these experts to configure the modules, so they work correctly and smoothly.

As your SAP Commerce Cloud implementation assistants, *instinctools’ team also boasts:

An extensive background in all technical aspects related to the platform

We develop mobile apps on top of your commerce solution and follow DevOps practices to implement the platform quickly and securely.

A solid understanding of your brand

The more channels of communication you offer to customers, the more tricky it is to ensure the same perception of the company across all channels. Nevertheless, with a reliable partner, it’s feasible to ensure a consistent brand experience anywhere, be it brick-and-mortar stores, mobile devices, or home PCs.

All-inclusive B2B and B2C experience

With SAP Commerce services provided by *instinctools, you are not limited to one type of customer and can take proper care of both B2B and B2C clients.

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Tech Stack and Ample Experience

  • Hybris Core

  • Hybris extensions

  • Hybris modules

  • Hybris templates

  • Hybris B2B/B2C Accelerator

  • Hybris Cluster

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