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The customer’s company is a startup established in 2015. Their solution is a suite of intuitive, streamlined tools for developers with different profiles. It helps them to build more secure applications from the start, even if they’re not security experts and have no relevant experience. The eLearning tool kit is the fastest and the most comprehensive way to improve an application’s security and ensure that security best practices are consistently implemented on other projects and in other products developed by the company


By the time the customer contacted *instinctools, they had already had a complete solution and only needed to maintain it and add some new features. All the aspects of the working process were highly formalized due to the elevated security level of the project. The developers had to coordinate their actions with several executives to get permission to make any changes.


*instinctools team worked on the creation of a special layer for the audit of potential unwanted actions.

The developers also created a new type of report which allows the companies that use the customer’s eLearning product to monitor the developer’s performance.

Key features

The list of implemented features included, among other things, the following features:

24x7 Unlimited On-demand Access

Individual & Group Reporting

Knowledge Checks and Final Exams

Optimized Content Update Process


The customer is pleased with the team’s performance, process and the quality of deliverables. We fulfilled SLA compliance up to 99,9%. The fruitful cooperation on this project resulted in the implementation of several powerful features which improved the quality of the solution and
its value for the end user. After receiving an additional round of funding, the customer plans to return to *instinctools for further product development.


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