Quality management system


The customer wanted to create a web-based Quality Management solution that would help their clients to comply with quality regulations. A fully integrated Procedure Management solution (Document Handling) had to be the first step on this way


  • Our team had to develop a solution that would allow to upload / create / edit documents with revision control and access security.
  • We were asked to create a configurable workflow for the users to be able to approve new document revisions and be notified of them.
  • MS Office documents had to be supported by the solution and the changelog was supposed to be shown between document revisions to facilitate easy search for document content.
  • And last but not the least, the customer wanted to make it possible for the employees to register all the risks and safety-related success-stories so that these success-stories would be addressed to the relevant company roles and, thus, would be prevented in future by implementing particular safety procedures.


Our team has developed a web application that can manage the entire document library and distribute what is required to the fleet or to a specific vessel. We have also reduced the dependency on paper by putting the entire library of documents in one consolidated place accessible to those who require the information. Besides, *instictools solution has provided the users with fast access to information in a web browser available also on the go and intuitive searching feature taking the users directly to the information. What’s especially worth mentioning is that all the document management can be done offline as the application is meant for work on board of ships, where most of the time there’s no Internet access.

Key features

  • Offline document management
  • Secure document storage
  • Responsive web design
  • Configuration panel for common settings (e.g.: Document category, Document Type, Roles, etc.)
  • Company’s position management (roles and sites)
  • Secure sign in & out
  • Document Templates
  • Document revision which includes uploading documents (DOC, DOCX, HTML, EXCEL, IMAGE, PDF, TEXT, etc.), managing the status of the revisions and changes, comparison of the revisions, etc.
  • Links between documents
  • Document Reader configuration to build document chapters and sections
  • Document Reader management


Thanks to the solution implemented by *instinctools, the users got an opportunity to manage the revisions of documents and correlate them with all the necessary regulations in a moreefficient way. It allowed our customer to attract more clients, which increased the business profitability



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