Crowdfunding Platform For a Fintech Startup

How building a crowdfunding platform with Ethereum blockchain at its core allowed a fintech company to shorten the quarterly profit processing from two days to five minutes and grow their user base by 34%.


Within the rapid project’s development the significant growth of the user’s database took place and Caviar faced the following issue:

  • Long-term processing: quarter profit sending process took several days to process;

  • Lack of visibility: Caviar was in need for a tool to show the growth of capitalization;

  • Record system absence: Caviar tokenholders had no established system for tracking their income and remaining up to date with news.


On project estimation stage *instinctools team discussed with the customer all aspects of the future application, technologies to use and best ways for the application implementation.

To show the growth of capitalization it was decided to implement the functionality to build the portfolio allocation tool which will show funds invested to:

  • Real estate;
  • Early stage (ICOs);
  • Assets in cash;
  • Assets in other cryptos.

Key features

The needed data was collected, requirements were listed carefully and our developers started working. In the period of 6 person – months we represented to the customer a well-built solution with the following key features:

One entry point for tokenholders and Caviar stuff:

  • 2 factor authentication as an option;
  • KYC (Know Your Customer) provider integration.

Profit payment:

  • Payment should be confirmed with 2 persons from Caviar;
  • Profits are paid in Ethereum.

Powerful tool to build the portfolio:

  • Manual Entry of Real Estate, Early Stage and Cash Assets;
  • Automatic sync with cryptoexchanges Bitmex, Kraken, Bittrex, etc;
  • Real-time exchange rates powered by CryptoCompare.



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