Blockchain Development

We have been providing blockchain solutions and services since 2015. We develop blockchain applications for a diverse range of industries such as supply-chain, governance, finance.

  • Avoid the vulnerability of the client-server network
  • Reduce costs by removing intermediaries
  • Increase efficiency in transaction processing

Full-cycle Project Delivery and Support

We aim to deliver blockchain solutions that help our clients improve security issues via decentralization, increase transparency in operations and bring innovative ideas to life.

Strategy Assessment and Business Analysis

We assess Blockchain applicability to your system/project, as well as business impact and deployment models.

Design & Implementation

We provide full-cycle software implementation and management, including architecture design, coding, maintenance, and third-party vendor integration.


Our blockchain experts provide you with consulting, guidance, and monitoring services to ensure proper operations and create the necessary technical environment.

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Explore the world of secure, scalable, and interoperable decentralized applications with our end-to-end blockchain development services.

Smart contract development

Smart contracts help automate the execution of agreements between participants within a blockchain network. This technology is successfully applied in service delivery, money exchange, online payments, and digital rights management and guarantees secure transactions and agreements without third-party involvement.

Our blockchain experts are ready to help you encode business logic running on a virtual machine in blockchain or other types of a distributed ledger with secure Ethereum-based smart contracts.

  • Privacy protection enforcement
  • Transparency in operations
  • Reduced costs
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Private network deployment

Build your private blockchain network to get more control over your company’s internal data, operations, and privacy. We create highly efficient and reliable tools for storing and sharing information with authority over the network. Our focus is to deliver a secure and stable private blockchain solution to make your business’s transactional ecosystem even more efficient.

  • Sensitive data integrity
  • Possibility to set the highest compliance guidelines
  • Maximized security
  • Ecosystem scalability
  • Reduced downtime and faster transactions

Decentralized application development

We provide custom DApp development for clients seeking to accelerate processing and operations, establish internal and external accountability, and achieve business goals faster. Delivering scalable decentralized applications, we cover a full range of development services from DApp consulting and design to implementation and maintenance. By employing best practices in cryptography and using top-notch technologies, we aim to deliver DApp solutions matching your business needs and requirements.

  • DApp development consulting
  • Solutions interface design and architecture
  • Blockchain part development and testing
  • DApp deployment and integration with other systems

Blockchain client customization

Reach new markets faster with custom client applications on the blockchain. We help you build your client app and connect it to others in a peer-to-peer manner.

Our experts are ready to deliver reliable software to enable cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as to create digital wallets, and other centralized and decentralized solutions. We are aimed at providing substantial protection against hacks and thefts to store users’ information.

  • Secure, Transparent, Immutable
  • No Intermediaries or 3rd Party Control

NFT marketplace development

Non-fungible tokens represent virtual or real-world objects that can be bought and sold online. We help you build your NFT marketplace or tokenize your digital collectibles to stay ahead of innovations and bring more value to your business. We build secure NFT marketplaces for finances, licensing, gaming, real estate, art, music, sports, and other industries. 

  • Improve accessibility and transparency
  • Represent ownership of rare digital assets
  • Provide standards of transfer, ownership, and access control for every token

Cryptocurrency exchange development

We build, implement, and support cutting-edge software solutions for crypto exchange, employing the most complex cryptocurrency algorithms and modern blockchain-based technologies. Our dedicated engineering team has solid experience delivering white-label products for instant cryptocurrency exchange and integration with a banking payment system. The cryptocurrency exchange solution can be implemented and integrated into your current system providing your end customers with: 

  • Ensuring security and scalability with Cloud and DevOps best practices
  • The development of an exchange process without intermediaries
  • Web application development and customization
  • Integration with third-party systems (CRM, crypto-wallets, payment systems, analytics, etc.)

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