Apartment Renting App For an Accommodation Startup

How creating a feature-rich web application for apartment owners, connected through a friend, allowed an accommodation startup from Southwest Asia to carve out a unique niche in the highly competitive market of rental housing apps.

How the idea was born?


“The concept of this property sharing platform was born from many years of talking with friends around the globe, usually over a glass of wine, where they described their second or third homes. When asked if they rent it, almost universally they all say " No, but I lend it to friends.”

Andy Monshaw & Tom Dooley Co-Founders

“Live in your Friend’s Home as in your Own”

FriendsWhoLend lies the concept of “sharing” with friends.

Many people have a second (or third) apartment/home that is rarely used. The owners are happy to have their friends stay there, but are not comfortable with having complete strangers renting it out. The fear is that strangers will not treat it with the same care as they would if it were their own.

With FriendsWhoLend, the property owners will be sure that members of the community will treat their properties as their own as each member has their own property invested, and these are friends or friends of friends…

As it was already mentioned, a group is formed between friends and friends-of-friends thus creating a so-called ‘closed’ community. Each member of this community contributes access to their properties and, in exchange, they are granted with the access to other properties in the FriendsWhoLend network.

There is no cost to join, and all properties are considered to be equal in terms of value. These properties are “lent” for use by members of the community through an automated calendaring function, stored in the FriendsWhoLend community.


All users (property owners) will know each other, or be connected through a friend.
New users will be recommended into the group by an existing FriendsWhoLend member and after founders approve.

Owners take the time to ensure easy-to-use instructions
for all things like home theater, Sonos, most appliances, internet, as well as ensuring instructions for all basic appliances are available.

Property is available at least 2 months in-season (primary), and 6 months overall each year.

There is no limit to usage by a Friend (FWL member)
As long as properties are available, they can be used. Only FriendsWhoLend members can use properties. A FriendsWhoLend member can bring another couple or family members. The owner will determine the capacity (beds / people). FriendsWhoLend members should respect this – just like friends would.

Insurance will be up-to-date on all large items
(home, cars/boats if applicable, etc). Its fine to exclude the use of some contents, please outline them and make it clear upfront (ie. Grandma’s dishes, an antique boat, or the Cuban cigars there for the once a year treat.) . Use the same criteria you would if a close friend were using the property. If you drink the wine, or eat the tunafish, just replace it like you would normally

A bonded cleaning company is secured
The guest will pay for the cleaning (and laundry) to be done when the guest leaves. Cleaning service will update the owner and leave a record of the service.

All properties are of equal value
There is no “value” attributes assigned to the property

If something is broken, the guest agrees to replace it(of equal value)
User lets the owner know, just like a friend would. If it was just old or defective, the owner will replace the item. All agree to communicate.

Main Objectives

The main objectives that should be reached:

  • To let property owners lend their own properties
  • Personalized decoration with images, drawings and text

Key Features

Admin Features

  • Community management
  • My bookings – page
  • Attractions, restaurants, etc. + name of the Guest to leave a comment. (comments are post-moderated, i.e. can be disapproved/or removed after being posted)
  • User management
  • Property management – page
  • Open blog area where guests can comment on then property and mark as favorite
  • User account/profile management
  • Statistics of the bookings and the property availability
  • Booking management
  • Friends’ Properties tab/page – for owner (SuperAdmin) Community admin only

Front End (for all users)

  • Login
  • Booking of the property
  • Property details page
  • Join Request
  • Property list page



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