Enterprise Video Solution

This is a cloud-based service that connects multi-site ministries with time-shifted video playback to ensure the inspirational experience of your main campus is shared with consistency at remote or temporary locations worldwide. Using low-cost Internet connections, this end-to end solution includes everything from the source encoder to the dedicated playout appliances.


The customer contacted *instinctools while looking for a contractor to help them implement several new features on their platform. The main challenge for our team was to implement:

  • New UI
  • A caching feature to increase the quality over the public Internet.


We have:

  • Integrated Haivision’s high-quality KB encoder, Akamai’s industry-leading Content Delivery Network (CDN), and the compact and powerful Display Engine DVR remote appliances.
  • Integrated KB Internet media encoder and local caching.
  • Provided synchronized dual video streams.
  • Implemented new UI.
  • Developed a caching function to increase public Internet quality.

Key Features

End-to-End Simplicity

  • The solution integrates customer’s high-quality KB encoder, Akamai’s industry-leading CDN (Content Delivery Network), and the compact and powerful Display Engine DVR remote appliances.
  • Staff and volunteers can easily connect to preview, play, and share inspirational messages from the main campus at remote locations.

The Highest Quality of Public Internet

  • Delivery of the highest quality HD experience to remote campuses.
  • Using low-cost Internet connections allows the distribution of streams, without sacrificing quality.
  • Low-cost Internet connections help save time and money.
  • Local caching makes sure new content is safe.

Complete Control, with Flexibility

  • Haivision Connect DVR gives remote campuses control and flexibility.
  • Remote campuses can preserve either the full stage and IMAG camera angles or the presenter and presentation, from the main campus.



  • HDMI / DisplayPort

  • FFmpeg/mpv

  • Video streaming

  • HLS


  • hls.js

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