Cross-Browser Website Development For a US Marketing Agency

How developing and launching three websites on WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace for a US-based marketing company led to a 46% boost in web traffic and a 22% ramp-up in loyal customer base, all while maintaining seamless operational continuity.


Our customer is a typical problem-solver. Their team primarily deals with clients who have already tried digital marketing…but nothing magical happened – no leads, no sales – except for the marketing budget that ran out wondrously fast. Our customer’s team does a thorough research on the peculiarities of their client’s business, analyzes the arising problems and, finally, comes up with a perfectly calibrated plan on how to upgrade their client’s digital strategy. The next equally important step is to make this plan work. That’s why they were looking for a technical partner who would work as part of a large team of marketers and designers and whose expertise would make a substantial contribution to the common goal.


The task was to create adaptive cross-browser websites using completely different CMS platforms according to clients’ specific needs.


When you are building a site using a CMS, you are effectively creating Lego pieces that editors then use to piece together their pages. This also forces developers to think about how to support different use success-stories and placements of functionality and content.

The main complexity of the project lay in the necessity to adapt really quickly to the constantly changing circumstances, which meant jumping from platform to platform, keeping pace and high quality. The use of different platforms [in its turn] was conditioned by a wide variety of sites and their specific features.

While working on the project we were dealing not only with well-known platforms but also with less popular ones, which had just started to compete with big players. However tempting it might be to follow the beaten track, you need to take the path that will lead you to your goal. And that’s exactly what we did, exploring the possibilities of different CMS.

  • Squarespace turned out to be definitely the best option in terms of templates. It caters to small or mid-sized businesses. It is not as customizable as, for example, WordPress, but it’s not lacking in any important functionalities.
  • For sure, WordPress is the leader for the online site builders. Around the world, countless companies rely on WordPress to keep their business up and running. The open-source nature of WordPress makes it a lot more flexible than Squarespace, but it can be a lot harder to use too.
  • Shopify is clearly one of the biggest and most popular platforms for ecommerce site building in the digital world. This elegant and easy-to-use platform comes with a range of customizable templates in both free and premium formats. There’s also plenty of easy integration with third-party apps. Shopify is particularly good for companies that want access to advanced functionality, like social media, customer service, dropshipping, and inventory management.

Our team’s slogan for this project was “we code what you need and even more”. Meticulously meeting all the customer’s requirements, we, nevertheless, didn’t miss a chance to see the room for improvement and offered more suitable options, such as using another slider or library.

At the end of the day, it was up to the customer whether to agree to the changes or not. But we always had an ace up our sleeve and were happy to use it.


Thanks to this project, we proved to the customer and once again to ourselves that we can perform the task by one hundred percent. Some of the CMS we had to work with were completely unknown to us, but being proactive and navigating swiftly in a new environment is our jam. So we didn’t wallow on the surface and dived deep in the context straightaway. As a result, we created the websites that allow our customer’s clients to get maximum ROI from their sales strategy: impersonal “clicks” and “likes” turned into loyal customers that keep coming back.

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