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As veterans in JavaScript development services, our engineers know how to tame JavaScript to bring your vision to life. Whether you’ve come up with a new idea or want to develop a web app inspired by tried-and-tested concepts, we’ll help you capitalize on JavaScript strengths and create efficiencies that make all the difference.

Push the boundaries of what is possible with our JavaScript development services

We combine a wealth of industry experience with the latest JavaScript development approaches to create a web app your users can rely on. Whether you need an idea to be shaped into a solution from the get-go or want to fine-tune an existing system, your project will be in capable hands.

JavaScript consulting

Our team provides full-cycle consulting services no matter what stage your project is at – from concept validation to implementation to deployment. Our consultants can assist you in selecting the most optimal JavaScript framework, architecture, library, and development workflow to achieve your goals.

Database design

As part of  JavaScript development services, our experts take care of database design, implementation, and maintenance. Efficient database architecture is one of the biggest prerequisites for making data management hassle-free, ensuring fast response times, and handling spikes in user activity.

Backend development

Laying the foundation of your app right from the beginning will ensure its success in the long run. Our backend architects are true server-side code experts that are ready to make your app fault-tolerant, high-performant, and secure.

API development and integration

We specialize in the seamless integration of payment gateways, CRM systems, analytics tools, and various APIs, enhancing the functionality of web applications. Make sure your web app can converse effortlessly with other external systems and exchange data with no hiccups.

Frontend development

Developing a robust frontend calls for an intricate understanding of a range of JavaScript libraries and frameworks.

  • React. We rely on React’s component-based architecture and virtual DOM to create dynamic user interfaces with lightning-fast rendering times, significantly enhancing user experience.
  • Angular. Our engineers use Google-backed Angular to build complex enterprise-grade apps that can be easily scaled and maintained.
  • Vue.js. Vue.js is our go-to choice for lightweight apps with reactive UIs. Its simplicity and flexibility allows us to seamlessly integrate Vue-based apps with your existing solutions.
  • Next.js. We use Next.js to decrease maintenance costs, ensure customizability, and make content more available to search engines by enabling server-side rendering.
  • Meteor. To decrease development time, achieve limitless scalability, and enable real-time data synchronization, our team leverages Meteor. 
Legacy app migration to JavaScript

Revive your legacy application and ensure business continuity. We enhance the performance of your existing app by carefully modifying code and modernizing outdated architecture with the help of JavaScript, so you will never have to worry about growing user demands again.

Discover how JavaScript
transform your business

JavaScript-based solutions at their best

With JavaScript being ingrained in our DNA, *instinctools’ developers are ready to build scalable SaaS platforms, seamless web applications, or hybrid mobile apps that will propel your business forward.

Web applications

From cryptocurrency exchanges to document management platforms to ecommerce solutions, we know how to get the most out of JavaScript to get ahead of the competition in your industry.


Subscription-based is the new black. We build multi-tenant SaaS solutions that are ready to adapt to fluctuating user loads and scale along with your ambitions without tethering the app to a specific platform or device.14


Win over the hearts of your target audience with an app-like experience on the web. Push notifications, lightning-fast data exchange, and SEO-optimized code is the perfect recipe for ensuring high user engagement.

Native and cross-platform mobile app development

Extend your reach beyond desktop browsers and unleash the full potential of your idea on mobile. Our seasoned developers are steeped in multiple JavaScript frameworks to create high-class, feature-packed mobile apps that run like a charm on both iOS and Android devices.14

Let’s build your custom JavaScript solution

JavaScript programming superpowers for winning results

In a world driven by rapid innovation and finding the next “big thing”, few technologies can claim the longevity and influence of JavaScript. As a result of 27 years of being at the forefront of web development, this programming language has no shortage of benefits. 

Fast and efficient development

With comparatively simple syntax and an abundance of libraries and frameworks, our JavaScript engineers can prototype faster, iterate seamlessly, and, ultimately, cut the time-to-market of your app.

Cross-browser compatibility

Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge – JavaScript treats them all equally. Developing with JavaScript guarantees that your users will have the best possible experience regardless of their browser preferences.

Engaging user interfaces

The Document Object Model (DOM) manipulates HTML documents, enabling developers to create interactive user interfaces that will keep your users coming back. With the right libraries, we can help you equip your web app with sliding menus, drag-and-drop capabilities, and other UX boosters.

Extended functionality

Real-time data exchange with other external systems is seamless with JavaScript. From geolocation APIs to complex analytics tools to sophisticated data visualizations, there is always an opportunity to advance your app’s capabilities and elevate user experience.

Seamless experience across multiple platforms and devices

JavaScript has earned the status of one of the most versatile programming languages out there, allowing developers to write device-agnostic code. By ensuring cross-platform capability, you can minimize bounce rates and broaden the target audience.

Awards and recognition

Why choose *instinctools as your JavaScript development company?

Partnering with us means getting access to an established JavaScript development agency with consultants that are ready to exploit market opportunities and developers with inside-out knowledge of every JavaScript framework and library.

Adhering to code quality best practices

Striving for JavaScript code readability and maintainability is a mutual interest of both us and our clients. Our developers adhere to stringent coding standards, take manual code reviews seriously, maintain detailed documentation, and utilize battle-tested code inspection tools. 

Cooperation flexibility

We understand that every project has unique requirements. That’s why we offer flexible cooperation models tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require full-cycle development or need to augment your existing team, we adapt to your preferences and ensure smooth collaboration.

Affordable costs

Regardless of your project scope and complexity, we take pride in delivering cost-effective solutions and utilizing transparent pricing models. By choosing us as your development partner, you can rest assured that you will pay only for the work performed and nothing else.

Global software services provider

With five international development centers and a steady inflow of clients across different time zones, we now feel confident to call ourselves a global software service provider. Our team gets the work done wherever you are.

92% senior and middle JavaScript developers

To ensure that your project gets the expertise it deserves, we assemble a dedicated team of developers and consultants that are truly on topic, provide the necessary domain expertise, and have the real commercial experience to give your project the care it needs.

Leveraging JavaScript in 70% of our projects

Developing web and mobile apps with JavaScript is a cornerstone of our success. With 70% of our projects requiring the use of JavaScript, we accumulated vast experience in working with different JavaScript frameworks and libraries, making ourselves a safe choice for your development needs.

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Related services
to elevate your development game

Here, at *instinctools, we believe in a holistic approach. That’s why we complement our JavaScript development services with a range of related offerings to ensure that no aspect of your digital transformation goes unnoticed.

Digital product engineering

From cryptocurrency exchanges to document management platforms to ecommerce solutions, we know how to get the most out of JavaScript to get ahead of the competition in your industry.


We enable clients to focus their resources on product development and leave tedious DevOps tasks to our certified experts. Our automation-driven solutions are designed to make deployment, integration, and monitoring as streamlined as possible.

Cloud development

We assist our clients in selecting the most optimal cloud technology, architecture, and deployment model to ensure business resilience. Our team leverages microservices, containerization, and other modern approaches to ensure efficient resource utilization and infinite scalability.

Quality assurance

Whether it’s long loading times, visual glitches, or a security vulnerability, it doesn’t take much to drive users away. With two decades of industry experience, our leading QA specialists figured out the most efficient methodologies to make sure that your JavaScript app is truly trouble-proof.

Maintenance and support

We take post-launch support as seriously as development and implementation. Alongside periodic security audits, timely bug fixes, database administration, and feature updates, our team stays on the lookout for new opportunities to decrease maintenance costs and optimize JavaScript code.

UI/UX design

Well-thought-out UI/UX design is the backbone of high user retention and engagement. Way before the first prototype, we conduct thorough research on the target audience and your business objectives. Based on the findings, our designers deliver eye-pleasing interfaces that reflect your brand identity and drive conversions.

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What is JavaScript programming used for?

JavaScript programming is used by web developers to build interactive web pages with dynamic content. JavaScript’s versatility is hard to match as it can be used to build social media apps, browser games, ecommerce platforms, and many other types of web apps.

Is JavaScript the same as C++?

No, JavaScript and C++ are totally different programming languages used in drastically different scenarios. C++ can be utilized to build browsers or even operating systems, while JavaScript can be used only for web development.

What is JavaScript used for in development?

JavaScript is often a preferred choice for creating interactive elements like pop-up menus, buttons, and sliders, as well as animations, 2D and 3D graphics, and data visualizations.

Can you build an app with JavaScript?

Yes, you can build web, mobile, and even desktop apps with JavaScript.

Is Flutter better than JavaScript?

First, Flutter is a framework rather than a programming language that can be used solely for mobile app development, while JavaScript is a programming language that can be used to create both dynamic web pages and build mobile apps. Flutter can perform and look better on mobile when compared to specific JavaScript frameworks, but ultimately, the choice depends on your specific project’s requirements and budget.

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