Digital Transport Booking Platform To Rewire Last Mile Delivery

How *instinctools put the project back on track and developed both web and mobile solutions that directly connect haulers and transport buyers, allowing the client to double the number of new users.


Before the company turned to *instinctools, they had already begun a project involving website and mobile app creation. But their contractors had coped badly with the tasks assigned, so the company asked *instinctools for help. We had to complete functionality which had already begun to be developed, and develop new functions.

  • The customer turned to us for the finalization of modules for an already existing web application. It was necessary to develop the frontend part. We were asked to complete the website sections that involved order execution, transport search, planning, price-list and settings.
  • We were asked to complete the mobile app development for the project. Three developers for iOS and Android had already worked on the development, but the code which was written for the app was of very bad quality. That is why the *instinctools team had completed the basic functionality and corrected the bugs.

We completed the functionality in the same way for both the mobile application and the website.


We developed all requested functionality on the website with clean and valid code, and a sophisticated look and modern style.

As for the mobile application, after the code was corrected and the functionality was improved, our developers began to add new functions to it.

Our developers created large code refactoring for both the Android and iOS versions of app. Thanks to this, we reduced the time for new functional implementation and improved the quality of the code.

Now when a new developer works with the project, much less time will be needed for implementation because the code has become clean and understandable.

Key features

view information about the registered companies

work with a list of orders fast and with ease

invite other users to the service

view and edit order details

calculate the cost of transportation

create an order in three steps

view service users’ profiles

seek trucks for transportation quickly

make an order and see details using mobile app

view operator’s information about transportation


Script (ES6 syntax)

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