Ecommerce Solution For an Italian Manufacturer

How redesigning their existing website and optimizing the purchase process helped a sports accessories manufacturer to take the online shopping experience to the next level with customer satisfaction increased by 18%, reduce cart abandonment rate from 74% to 53%, and boost website performance by 30-50%.

About the Company

We were assigned to work with one of their brands, a manufacturer of sports glasses, shoes and accessories.


We had the task of developing a new functionality on the ecommerce site for selling glasses.

  • The first and the biggest stream of this project was the development of a new checkout for the customer site. The checkout is a service for processing online payments. The buyer chooses the product on the site, the product is added to the shopping cart and the buyer pays for the product with the help of a checkout.
  • The second stream — RX Prescriptions. During this stream, we created a functional for the selection and ordering of glasses with diopters, according to the doctor’s prescription.
  • The third stream — Pick Up in store. During this stream, we had to create a functional that would allow the user to choose a way of obtaining the goods, e.g. “pick up in store”.
  • Catalog Review — here we processed the catalogs structure, updated the mechanism of sets composition and redesigned the product page.


On behalf of *instinctools, backend developers participated in the project. We joined the current development team and were integrated with the client’s developers.

Our team worked on several streams of the project.

  • The main stream, on which the majority of the efforts were concentrated, is a new checkout for the customer site. The purpose of developing a new version of the checkout is to facilitate its design and to optimize the steps for purchasing the product. Our customer developed a new design for the checkout, and analysts described its simplified version. Our team has embodied this idea, taking into account the features of the Hybris platform.
  • RX Prescriptions. Various frames were presented on the Hybris platform. For each frame, the user can choose several options for the lens.
  • Pick Up in store. If the user would like to pick up the goods in the store, they use the search to select the store in the desired location. Furthermore, if the user is logged in, their personal information is filled in automatically. If not – the user enters the information manually and proceeds to the payment window.

Within this task, we redesigned Checkout Flow, added some changes to Backoffice and integrated the platform with external systems.

  • Catalog Review. In accordance with the customer’s requests, a new category tree was created and migratory scripts for existing data were developed. We have significantly optimized the SOLR index, full-text and facet search. We added functionality for the dynamic formation of collection pages, which doesn’t require the addition of new categories. Backend was redesigned for the new PDP design (goods page). As a result, the productivity was increased by 30-50%.

Key features

For the user

A modern and convenient website


Ease of transactions

For the system

Obtaining all necessary user data for ordering


  • Hybris platform

  • Hybris Commerce Accelerator

  • Multistep Checkout

  • Cockpit Framework

  • Solr

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