App for Shopping

Together with our international partner, we have designed Android mobile app for shopaholics.

We’ve created one the most popular application in its category in the Asian region. By the end of 2013, the app had 6,000+ users and more than 3,000 discounts available, attracting three new merchants every week.

Main app features

  • browse categorized and geo-targeted sales
  • subscribe and get notified about new sales from chosen categories
  • view information about shops organizing sales
  • get and activate e-coupons to get exclusive discounts
  • create lists of chosen sales and coupons in online/offline mode
I’ve hired top US engineers, and I’ve hired *instinctools engineers – as individual engineers and as a fully managed team. Simply put: the quality is right there with top US-based engineering, but the price isn’t.


Android Location API
Google Maps API
Facebook SDK
Android Volley

Budget and project details:

  • Analytics – was not needed
  • PM – 8 m/days
  • Graphical Design – was not needed
  • Programming – 52 m/days
  • QA – 12 m/days
  • Delivery – 5 m/days
  • IN TOTAL: 77 m/days
  • Project budget: $17 900

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