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High performance, limitless scalability, and advanced technological functionality — here, at *instinctools, a trusted Android app development agency, we help you check all these boxes and cut above the competitors.

Turnkey Android app development services to hit it big, not hit a snag

With our seasoned experts, capturing the untapped potential of the Android platform is a walk in the park. From idea to delivery and post-rollout, we provide full-scale services and remove all the roadblocks standing in your app development way.

Android native app development consulting

Transform your vision into a dynamic Android app with *instinctools’ expert guidance at every step. Our team specializes in crafting tailored strategies and detailed roadmaps, ensuring your project’s success from concept to completion.

UX/UI Android app design

We follow Android’s Material Design guidelines for impeccable visuals and onscreen touch experiences. To deliver an intuitive flow and seamlessly fit your application into the user’s world, our seasoned designers pack the software with hallmark Android features, such as a floating action button, custom animations for touch feedback, among others.

As an Android app design agency, we start with the user interface’s concept and transform it into a full-fledged visual design matching your product vision.

Visual design
Third-party integrations

Support your Android app and maximize the value it can provide through seamless integration with other solutions:

  • Payment software to ensure
    a top-quality customer experience.
  • Business intelligence software to dive deeper into insight-rich analytics.
  • Corporate apps such as CRM, ERP, etc., to take advantage of a smooth data flow within your digital ecosystem.
Android plugin development

Leverage native Android plugin development to enrich your cross-platform solution with native functionality. Access to GPS, camera, and Bluetooth unlocks boundless customization possibilities for implementing your innovative ideas.

Android app quality assurance

Transform the challenge of adding quality assurance to your workflow into an opportunity for growth. Collaborate with a reliable Android mobile app development company to let them manage this intricate process for you. Instinctools’ experienced team builds a flawless testing environment and runs only relevant functional and non-functional tests to help you release stable, glitch-free software.

Pre-publishing app review

After your app undergoes QA tests and proves its efficiency, stability, and security, we move on to preparing your solution for publication and distribution across app stores. Instinctools’ aces ensure the software’s compliance with diverse guidelines and policies:

  • Prepare app accounts across the stores
  • Provide mandatory documentation, such as end user license agreement (EULA) and a privacy policy
  • Fill out forms in the app developer console, such as the distribution agreement
  • Create app files in various formats, from AAB and APK to RPK, in line with the requirements of different stores.
Android app ongoing maintenance and support 

Business resilience and continuous growth don’t happen on their own. Therefore, our assistance as an Android apps development company doesn’t end after the product’s release.

By taking advantage of our all-encompassing Android app development services, you gain continuous support that spans from L1 to L3 maintenance requests. This ensures your solution not only functions seamlessly but also consistently aligns with the stringent benchmarks set by your SLAs. Let us fortify your application, guaranteeing it stays ahead, uninterrupted and impeccably serviced.

Android app optimization

Instinctools’ Android developers keep an experienced eye on users’ ever-rising expectations and trailblazing technologies to adjust your solution to the customers’ needs and bolster the app with top tech capabilities.

Alongside enhancing the apps built by our very own team, we offer optimization services that are equally effective for the software developed by other vendors. Our Android app engineers take on projects that require changes, be it minor finetuning or a complete head-to-toe transformation of the existing application.

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Up your game with our top-notch technological expertise

Instinctools’ Android developers take advantage of deep hardware integration to bolster your solution with front-line technologies based on the access to the Android device’s camera, GPS, and Bluetooth without putting at risk end users’ sensitive data.

NFC (Near-field communication)

Open up a world of possibilities with close-proximity communication between devices. Our expertise in Android NFC technology ensures your app offers users convenient, secure, and interactive functionality.

  • Mobile payments (Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Huawei Pay, etc.)
  • Smart home control
  • Data transfer (contact information, photos, etc.)
  • Access control
  • Ticketing
  • Inventory management
OCR (Optical character recognition)

Enabling access to the device’s camera for text recognition allows you to speed up daily manual tasks for individual customers and corporate employees. 

  • Document scanning and processing
  • Real-time translation
  • Digitizing notes, book pages, etc.
  • Data entry automation
  • Assisting visually impaired users by reading aloud texts captured from images
IoT (Internet of Things)

Leveraging the Android operating system’s accommodating policies on device geolocation and sensor access, we strategically seize this opportunity to create apps with IoT at their core. Secure and autonomous data transfer over networks bolsters decision-making processes with real-time data, while enhancing customer service across a wide range of industries.

  • Remote patient monitoring devices
  • Intelligent climate control
  • Equipment wear and tear audit
  • Inventory and fleet management
  • Self-driving vehicles

Reimagine personalization and data processing with machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. Engineers at our Android software development company help you get the most from the mind-boggling amounts of data and enhance predictive analytics.

  • Recommendation engines
  • Credit scoring
  • Early diagnosing of diseases, pathologies, and disorders
  • Optimizing inventory and last-mile delivery

As a seasoned Android mobile application development company, we take access to the touch, press, and gesture functionality to the next level and embed augmented and virtual realities into Android apps. Let us create mobile software with outstanding features that will drive up the number of your loyal customers.

  • Virtual try-ons
  • Interactive education experience
  • Pre-building inspection of construction sites’ models
  • Virtual tours
In-built analytics

With *instinctools’ support, in-built intuitive business intelligence features and data visualization capabilities can become your heavy hitter in attracting and retaining users. By seamlessly integrating advanced analytics within the app’s interface, we help your app users gain real-time insights and personalized data analysis right at their fingertips without ever leaving the app.

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Let’s get to crafting
wow-worthy Android apps

Reach your audience wherever with our multiplatform Android app development services

Instinctools’ well-versed Android experts create applications for any device within the Android ecosystem — seamlessly and effectively.

Android smartphones and tablets

While an iOS platform demands distinct strategies for iPhones and iPads, the versatility of the Android operating system concurrently encompasses both smartphones and tablets. Our developers know how to make use of this and other specific native Android capabilities. Don’t miss the chance to kill two birds with one stone at a budget-friendly cost.

Android Wear

Messaging, making payments, tracking wellness and sports activities, managing smart home devices, and much more — we know the ropes of building glanceable and powerful hardware-driven apps. Create outstanding solutions for wearable devices with *instinctools as your custom Android app development company.

Android TV

Extend your apps for Android smartphones and tablets to TV devices. We take into account the user interaction model for larger displays, ensuring that our tailored layouts adapt seamlessly across all TV screen sizes. This guarantees your customers a pixel-perfect, cinematic viewing experience, elevating your app to new heights of engagement and quality.

Android Auto

Develop mobile apps with top-level interaction experience through a vehicle’s onboard computer to give your customers driver-optimized software. Offer end users the ultimate convenience of controlling their smartphone features directly from their car’s touchscreen, all while keeping their hands on the wheel thanks to intuitive voice commands.

Kickstart your Android project with us

Android app development to meet the needs of different target audiences

Instinctools’ Android developers are skilled at dealing with B2C and B2B head-scratchers and think in terms of solving specific business problems.

Customer-facing Android apps

A sleek look and feel is what you get when reaching out to us for Android app development services in the USA. Our dedicated team helps you keep up with the ever-changing customer expectations and adjust your Android app to the market demand from a design and functional perspective.

  • Customer-driven design
  • Deep personalization
  • Unlimited customization
  • Integration with payment systems, social media, location services, and more
Corporate Android apps

To streamline your business operations, we create apps that simplify and empower your field workers to get things done on the go. Enable next-level flexibility in using internal apps whenever and wherever without compromising data security and performance.

Instinctools’ expertise goes beyond Android application development

Our prime focus is bringing you business value. To span your market reach over various audience groups, we offer expert guidance in iOS and cross-platform engineering alongside Android application development services. 

Native iOS app development

We play our strengths in crafting five-star iOS applications able to bring you a sharp upturn in loyal customers and ROI.

Flutter app development

Build platform-agnostic mobile applications to cover different operating systems and broaden your audience at a lower cost compared to native mobile development.

Drive outsize growth of your audience with *instinctools

The go-to Android application development company, as acclaimed by our clients

Patrick Reich, CEO of Bonnet, about their mobile MVP for EV drivers, where accurate GPS data is a backbone of the app’s killer features:

The expectations were very high for the quality of the initial product. And I think, *instinctools did a great job ensuring those expectations are met.

Matti Vesterinen, Solutions Development Manager at Helvar, about their brand-new app for intelligent lighting hinging on the Bluetooth connection:

The quality has been good: things come on time, we have a good visibility on the things that *instinctools developers are doing and performing for us.

Nadine Walther, Co-Founder & CEO of SpexAI GmbH, about their AgTech app based on Bluetooth and AI technologies:

We’re pleased with *instinctools’ work. Their business analysts are exceptional. They serve as the spokespeople between technology and business, representing both sides effectively.

I’m also impressed by *instinctools’ transparency and open communication. The team is dependable when it comes to managing time and finances, consistently staying within the designated budget. And usually, the *instinctools team delivers before the deadline, which is fantastic.

Unlock your growth opportunities in the mobile market

*instinctools as your committed partner in crafting impactful Android app solutions

We have an X-ray vision when it comes to unveiling value-creation opportunities. Coupled with proficiency in developing custom Android apps, it makes *instinctools your not-to-miss highway to top positions.

Android-specific expertise

We bring 15 years of battle-tested Android development expertise to your project. Scale your team up and down with the Lead, Senior, and Middle Android professionals.

Businesslike mindset

Our primary goal isn’t just crafting a superior Android app but providing predictable value and delivering you business growth.

Security-first approach

We implement the latest security protocols from the onset of your Android app development. Our team runs regular code reviews and QA tests to guarantee Fort Knox defense against any potential threats.

Visibility-driven communication

Arranging regular catch-ups to keep Android app developers and stakeholders on the same page, and providing consistent and timely reports are our core principles in business relationships.

On-time and on-budget delivery

Renowned for steadfast adherence to the promised budget and schedule, our Android app agency never misses a chance not just to stay on the project track, but go the extra mile to deliver exceptional added value under the given circumstances.

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Android app company is
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Our native Android development toolkit

Android TV
Android Wear
Android Auto
InApp Billing
Firebase Remote Config
Android Studio
Firebase App Distribution

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What is the Android app development process?

The Android app development process follows the standard mobile app development framework.

  • Initially, your Android app development agency gathers your project requirements to choose the beneficial technology stack, outlines the development strategy, and prepares the app’s UX/UI concept and wireframes.
  • Then, the team of Android developers moves to prototyping, frontend and backend development, bug fixes, and pre-deployment testing.
  • The final stage includes the app’s rollout, publishing assistance on Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, and other platforms, and ongoing tech support.
What is custom Android app development?

Custom Android app development is one of the services Android app development companies offer. It differs from the off-the-shelf approach by the unlimited customization capabilities. If you want to put a premium on customer data protection and overall security and provide top-level UX to boost user satisfaction and engagement, custom Android app development is your go-to option.

What is an Android app development company?

An Android app development company is a tech agency with extensive on-field expertise in the Android OS and can craft robust and efficient applications for devices within the Android ecosystem, from smartphones and tablets to wearables and TV devices.

What does an Android app development company do?

An Android app development company saves you from dealing with the technical part of the project. Android experts cover a bundle of head-scratchers, from technology stack selection to designing and maintaining a feature-rich mobile app that helps you win customers and make them stay.

What are Android application development services?

Android application development services start with delving into your app idea and capturing project requirements. When sufficient, accurate, and consistent project documentation is on the table, Android app developers move forward to:

  • Backend and frontend development
  • Integrations and plugin development
  • UX/UI design
  • Quality assurance
  • Publishing assistance on the app stores
  • Maintenance and support
How to choose an Android app development company?

After outlining your product vision and business goals, identify several Android app development companies that meet your expertise, budget, and time zone expectations. Look for proof of the hands-on Android experience by checking their relevant case studies and verifying their presence on the IT directories, such as Clutch, DesignRush, TechBehemoths, etc.

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