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Landmark Digital is a digital and new media company based in Cork, Ireland.

Landmark Digital operates several of Ireland’s leading and emerging websites which cover news such as sports, entertainment, business, as well as jobs and local content and these include, and more recently Landmark Digital is a digital content provider for TV websites and mobile and provides advertising and sponsorship opportunities on a network of websites.

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Breaking News is the fastest source of trusted news, monitored by many of the world’s largest newsrooms, companies and governments.

See what’s breaking right now around the globe and near your location, wherever you go. Breaking News editors give you an edge when minutes matter by sifting through social media and thousands of news sources.


  • Redevelop push notification to all apps via Parse
  • Incorporate the latest versions of the Admob SDKs on all apps
  • Incorporate social sign-in using Gigya
  • Video playing using an SDK from a company called Bluebillywig
  • Migrate to latest Android SDK and material design
  • Incorporate the latest versions of the Admob SDKs on all apps
  • Improve our use of enriched content by improving our embedded code (where, e.g. the app displays twitter or facebook content but in a native app, or migrating story display to a web view)

Key features

get notifications about big news nearby

get real-time alerts for any topic

mute stories you do not want to see


Google Analytic
BlueBillywig SDK
Google DFP
Google Admob
Parse SDK
Gigya SDK
Custom widgets

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