Our client is a worldwide yoga community. They faced with a choice: close the app or introduce a small fee for premium features. It was decided not to stop but to continue to improve the application. The entire base of asanas, which includes 289 positions, remains free, and 37 yoga programs will be part of the premium package.

About the client

The world’s favorite and most advanced mobile yoga studio to date! Enjoyed by over 7 million fans worldwide.

This app is beautiful, simple and delightful to use. 289 poses and breathing exercises, all shown in stunning HD video, make it the largest database of yoga poses. Search for poses by skill level, fitness goal or by type.

37 Programs pre-installed

  • individually designed for better health and wellbeing
  • suitable for all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • four soothing breathing exercises to aid relaxation and meditation


  • 289 poses and breathing exercises
  • 37 predefined programs
  • HD video demonstrations for all poses
  • 3D muscle images for every pose


TapJoy SDK
Google Analytic Services
Facebook API
Twitter API

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