Mobile Weight Tracker For a HealthTech Company

How expanding the offering with iOS and Android mobile applications helped a HealthTech company grow its user base by 24%, stabilize its position among the peers, and increase profits through premium functions by 32%.


The Customer approached *instinctools with the request to improve the existing web application to bring a competitive mobile product for weight tracking to the market in the shortest time possible.

Project’s goals

  • Deliver simple, user-friendly mobile application for both iOS and Android
  • Upgrade functionality with new features
  • Improve product quality


Agile approach allowed our team to develop and deploy a high-quality product within 1 month.

Key features

Detailed graphs showing weight history:

  • Body Mass Index calculator
  • Daily Calorie Intake calculator
  • Total Weight Loss/ Gaining calculator
  • Average Daily/ Weekly Loss/ Gaining calculator

Monetization through premium functions:

  • online consultations from a certified coach
  • personal diet system management
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PIN lock to secure your privacy

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Multiple language localization

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Time-to-goal estimate

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Track body measurements

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