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Your vision, our expertise — that’s how our iOS development services go. Instinctools transforms your iOS app idea into a distinctive, captivating, and high-performing mobile application that works seamlessly in the Apple ecosystem.

Our iOS app development company is at your service when addressing the challenges of building a premium iOS app

With our native iOS app development services, you can leverage the maximum of device-specific capabilities, build superior user experiences, and reduce the time and cost of mobile development.

Power your application with top-notch performance

Rooted in platform-specific techs, native iOS applications offer unbeatable performance for your AR apps, live streaming apps, and high-end games. They directly access system resources with no middleware in between to get the speed and efficiency needed for lightning-fast response.

Put an extra coat of security on your data

Native development is a perfect match for applications that deal with sensitive data and compliance requirements. Our iOS apps are tightly integrated with the platform, making sure no data can slip through the code cracks.

Get multi-pass access to hardware and OS features

Achieve a tighter integration with device-specific hardware and OS features to take your application beyond generic. Our native apps team up with advanced camera functionalities, plug into BLE and GPS and establish connectivity with HealthKit and WatchKit to enable health and physical data tracking.

Rewire user experience with advanced visuals

Your app doesn’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Our native iOS apps wow your users with complex animations, gestures, and custom UI elements complimented by a responsive, fluid, and pixel-perfect user interface — all based on the native iOS UI/UX design standards and the latest interface technologies.

Tap into the latest iOS features

You can’t stand at the forefront of innovation if your mobile app lags behind. At *instinctools, we build native iOS experiences amplified with the latest iOS features, such as ARKit for augmented reality, Core ML for machine learning, and more, so you can lead the way in your market.

Make your app a multi-tasker

Turn your application into a brain capable of parallel processing. By leveraging native iOS technologies, your app can run complex data, enable background processing, and integrate with Siri at the same time — a winning combo for high-load solutions.

Become a digital native in the Apple ecosystem

Our native iOS apps work seamlessly across the entire Apple ecosystem, including its frameworks, standards, and communication protocols. We can extend the app to MacOS, transfer it to iPad or design a custom WatchOS app extension to go with it. Native iOS apps are easily connected with iOS-specific features, including CarPlay framework, Apple Pay, HomeKit, and Siri.

Bring your vision to life

Awards and recognition

Jet-fuel your idea implementation with our iOS application development services

Instinctools’ iOS developers don’t just run with your requirements. They take a deep dive into your project idea, apply multiple perspectives in finding a solution and go out of their way to find unique resources that fit your budget and goals.

iOS app optimization

Even the most cutting-edge mobile applications need upgrades to stay in tune with user expectations and business needs. We help you ditch performance bottlenecks and breathe new life into age-old features.

  • Analytics monitoring and analysis
  • New feature development (AI, IoT, gen AI, and others)
  • Device/OS compatibility updates
  • Re-architecting and code refactoring
App quality assurance

Turn to our iOS mobile application development services to get your app tested and validated for top performance. Instinctools’ team performs all types of testing, QA activities, and compliance audits.

  • Full-cycle testing services
  • Quality engineering
  • Complete test coverage
  • Compliance testing services
UI/UX app design

High-quality UX and crisp layout? Our iOS mobile app design and development services have got you covered. We are always on the same page with Apple, putting their design principles to work in your app and adhering to Human Interface Guidelines.

  • Wireframe development
  • Mockup development
  • UI prototyping
  • UI/UX development for iOS
iOS application support

Launch and forget? Doesn’t work with lasting mobile experiences. We provide comprehensive support services for iOS applications to keep them in their prime state at all times.

  • Hotfixes and troubleshooting
  • Security management
  • Compliance management
  • Platform-specific app maintenance
Backend development

As a part of our iOS mobile app development services, we put a robust back end at the core of your iOS solutions to keep them lightweight, agile, and lightning-fast.

iOS app migration

Instinctools’ app developers move your applications between environments and OS versions to optimize maintenance costs, achieve uniformity, and extend your business reach without big-time investment.

Third-party integrations

Push the boundaries of your Apple ecosystem and connect your mobile applications with other platforms to promote easier data access, introduce more features, and provide a consistent brand experience.

  • Backend application integration (CRM, ERP, POS, CSM, and others)
  • Analytics and BI integration
  • Payment and shipping integration
iOS development consulting

Our iOS app development services company provides strategic advisory on the development approaches, and resource allocation to give you a head start on your initiative. 

  • Implementation roadmap
  • Pre-launch and launch strategy
  • Audit of the existing mobile apps
iOS plugin development

Add native iOS capabilities to your cross-platform application and benefit from never-ending possibilities of customization and adaptation. Our developers build custom plugins that enable your app to interface with connected products, consolidate geo data, and access other native functionalities.

All-in-one partner for your iOS project needs

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Start small and run from there with our MVP iOS development services

A well-researched, user-centered MVP is the ultimate jumping-off point for successful mobile products. Through detailed research, planning, and strategizing, our company grows your product from a fragile concept to a market-ready solution.

  • Running market analysis, competitor audit, and target audience research to distill the non-negotiables for your Minimum Viable Product
  • Developing a Proof of Concept to check the viability of your mobile product idea
  • Wireframing your app design to refine navigation and visualize an app’s structure
  • Building high-fidelity prototypes for your MVP to get a firmer grip on the needs and behaviors of your users
  • Leading your MVP from launch to product-market fit and beyond

Build apps for any screen with our multi-platform iOS app development

The expertise area of our custom iOS application development services stretches across the entire iOS ecosystem, allowing you to build state-of-the-art applications for various Apple mobile devices — as platform-agnostic solutions or as standalone apps.

iPhone app development services

Our iPhone app developers build native iPhone apps for diverse use cases ranging from video streaming to EHR management to eLearning.

iPad app development

We bring captivating, well-optimized products to iPad users, tapping into the exclusive capabilities of the iOS platform and sticking with iPad User Interface Guidelines.

Apple watchOS app development

From messaging apps to medication tracking to fitness applications, our team develops Apple Watch applications that explore the full capabilities of wearable technology.

Apple TV app development

Minimalistic design, ample functionality, stellar user experience — our Apple TV applications have everything you need to expand your connected TV presence.

Deliver memorable experiences on every device and screen

iOS app development services for all groups of end users

Our iOS development process is guided by the unique needs of your target audience and grounded in the business context of your company.

Corporate apps

With secure data storage and optimized performance for different screens, our enterprise applications enable smooth and easy access for your teams from anywhere. As an extension of your business systems, they bundle the same, but portable functionality and remain interoperable with the rest of your ecosystem.

Consumer apps

Our developers create apps designed to support the day-to-day needs of your target audience and skyrocket your revenues. Fueled by scalable architecture, innovative features, and reliable connectivity, our consumer applications keep in step with evolving user expectations.

Industries we serve

and Media
Oil and Gas

Put your iOS app security on top of your priority list

Building and keeping customer trust in your application is easier if you have advanced security safeguards integrated into the solution. Our developers leverage Apple security framework to stand guard over your user privacy and sensitive data, making sure your application is up to the latest security standards and compliance requirements.

  • Incorporating mature security practices in the development process from the very start
  • Developing a secure architecture design
  • Identifying compliance specs for your application (HIPAA, HL7, GDPR, FDA, PIPEDA, and others)
  • Devising a risk mitigation plan and conducting penetration testing
  • Updating and patching your application post-launch

Innovative for many, commonplace for us: reimagining your iOS apps with top tech

Lay hold of the cutting-edge technologies to get the tools and resources you need to succeed. Our flexible palette of the latest tech keeps your application sharp, not overkill.


Become the buzz of your industry and set a new standard for user experience by making AI-based features the heart and soul of your application. Our AI engineers harness the power of AI to elevate the security, UX, and analytics capabilities of your app.

  • Chatbots
  • Digital assistance
  • Speech recognition
  • Image recognition
  • Predictive analytics
Internet of Things

Backed up by over 20 years of experience, we deliver IoT-based applications for varied use cases in 10+ industry verticals. Our IoT apps serve as a control center for your IoT devices, giving you better control of the connected environment. 

  • IoT data visualization apps
  • Remote control applications
  • Real-time asset-tracking apps
  • Supply chain management applications
Embedded analytics

We build companion apps for your parent workspaces to get advanced business intelligence tools right into the hands of end users. Optimize marketing campaigns, plan inventories, or allocate budgets without toggling between systems.

  • Data visualization and analysis
  • AI actionable intelligence
  • Self-service BI apps

The immersive experience is what keeps users hooked to your mobile app. Our AR/VR experts bridge the physical and digital worlds so your product can emerge from the pack, attract more adopters, and support conventional tasks with an unconventional approach.

  • Custom AR/VR development
  • Mixed reality
  • Location-based AR apps

Amplify your mobile presence with next-gen tech

We address accessibility issues to ensure every user feels seen

Our iOS software developers build mobile applications that meet and exceed the foundational expectations every person has of technology: inclusive, accessible, and user-centered. Applying the latest and greatest standards of accessible design, we make your apps ADA and WCAG-compliant — so you can promote a fair environment and better social integration for everyone.

Our native iOS development toolkit

Core Animation
Core Graphic
Core Audio
ML Core
Deep linking
Crash reports

Craft an iOS app that goes beyond the usual

We don’t settle for mediocre mobile applications. Our experienced developers create solutions that set the bar high, break new ground, and reshape your business into a strong brand.


We don’t bloat your product with unnecessary features. We keep it light, performant, and functional so it can provide a seamless user experience under any load.


Following your business requirements, our developers reduce tech fragmentation by making your application compatible with different business systems, iOS devices, and OS versions.


Putting your actual and future users at the center of what we do is our greatest focus. Our team puts a special emphasis on market research and user analysis to distill every feature that makes your application irresistible.

Secure at all times

Our team has mature quality and security management strategies backed by ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 protocols to keep your application vulnerability-free and up to the latest data security standards.

Precisely compliant

With hands-on experience in HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations, we make sure your product keeps up with regulatory requirements, while also providing top-grade experience.

Why *instinctools’ iOS app development service is your go-to choice

As your product development partner, we work side by side with your team to build innovative products that make the grade.

15 years in mobile technology

Our experience in iOS app development is measured by hundreds of successful projects. And we’ll help you succeed with yours, too.

Compliance with Apple guidelines

Our developers know the ins and outs of App Store guidelines and practices to make sure your application aligns with the technical, content, and design criteria of the ecosystem.

Bringing value across 10+ industries

Healthcare, automotive, fintech, and others — we know the struggles and limitations of your business landscape and address them head-on.

A team of tech aces

Our mobile development teams include 93% of Senior and Middle iOS app developers who bring their expertise to your table.

Cost-effective innovation

We stick with budget-friendly collaboration options and rely on our experience to reduce the costs of development and maintenance for your apps.

On-demand team resizing

Scale up or scale down — the choice is yours. At *instinctools, you can extend the team as your company grows, without hiring hassle or admin burdens.

Cross-functional teams

We see the big picture, applying our product, management, tech, and business analysis skills to ideate, design, and grow your mobile products.

Get your app done, the way you envision it

Hear it directly from our clients

We were impressed with their professionalism, language proficiency, high-quality deliverables, and flexible pricing. Once *instinctools joined the team, appreciative customer feedback increased and has remained consistent.

The guys at Instinctools weren’t satisfied with doing the bare minimum. They went an extra mile to meet our most demanding expectations and deliver the end product we’re satisfied with.

The team at *instinctools took full ownership of the project, they handled everything from getting the resources to the actual iOS development. We were pleasantly surprised with the high quality of deliverables and budget-friendly collaboration.

Build a winning mobile experience, wherever

Our company is committed to identifying an optimal solution for your unique needs, no matter the platform, technology, or type of application.

Android app development

We build custom, high-performance, and reliable Android apps that integrate easily with web platforms and get you ahead of the competition.

Flutter app development

Reach a wider audience across multiple platforms by implementing a platform-agnostic application designed specifically for your needs and target environments.


Which company is best for iOS application development?

You should opt for a company with full-cycle expertise in native iOS app development. Along with the end-to-end iOS app development process, your tech partner should possess a complimentary knowledge of other technologies that amplify the functionality of mobile apps.

What are iOS backend services?

Our backend developers set up database, storage, authentication, and server-side processing so your mobile application can boast great user experience and high performance.

How much does iOS app development cost?

The average cost of iOS developer services depends on the complexity of your mobile application, the type of services you need, and the integration of cutting edge technologies such as AI, IoT, and others. Contact us to get an accurate estimation for your project.

Where can I develop iOS apps?

You can either use mobile app builders to get your application built or turn to a custom app development company to get your application developed from a business idea to an MVP and beyond.

How to choose an iOS app development company?

First, you should solidify your product vision and its end goal. Once you have a more defined vision, reach out to a few iOS app development companies with hands-on experience in mobile development and a solid track record of projects. Make sure to check the background of the company and the social proof of their experience.

Can you develop an app for iOS and Android?

Yes, we can. Our company offers both Android and iOS app development services to increase the market reach of your application.

How much does it cost to hire an iOS app developer?

The costs of hiring an iOS developer vary depending on the location and the seniority level of a developer. For example, iOS app development services in the USA may cost up to $80 per hour, while in Poland, you can hire an experienced developer for $50 per hour.

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