Presentation Platform For a World-Leading Chemicals Manufacturer

How crafting a mobile app for multitouch devices allowed a leading specialty chemicals corporation to provide their clients with full transparency in the company’s offerings in the easy-to-grasp visual format.


It was required to create a presentation platform for launch of Evonik group of companies to IPO. The platform must represent the company in vivid and dynamic form using multitouch devices.


The platform consisting of several components has been developed:

  • the application for editing, storage and distribution of presentation data;
  • the application for iPad for viewing infographic, images, video of files and other data;
  • the application for Polytouch tables for information viewing.

The solution has impressive dynamic UI which widely uses possibilities of multitouch devices.


Cocoa Touch API,
UIKit framework
NET 4.0, WPF
Eclipse RAP

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