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*instinctools provides a full suite of Flutter app development services and assists you in building equally impressive mobile and web applications. We help you release new ideas at high speeds so that budget and time will no longer limit your ideas. Our vetted engineers bring the best of the two domains – native and cross-platform development – so that you leverage a unique set of benefits.

  • Increase time-to-market by building multi-platform applications faster
  • Invest in a tech stack supported by Google and trusted by a global community
  • Take advantage of a single codebase to save money on building and testing

Pivot your app with our Flutter development services

With over a decade of experience in mobile development, our Flutter app company has been helping global businesses to deliver top-notch user experiences and excellent app performance. Whether you need to build quick prototypes or sophisticated apps, our Flutter development teams have it all.

End-to-end Flutter development

As one of the top Flutter app development companies, *instinctools takes over the whole development lifecycle – from complete planning to launching your working solution. Our maintenance specialists also provide post-launch support to add new features and maximize value.

App migration and upgrade

We add cross-platform potential to your existing application with the least disruption and minimized costs. By creating a library or module, our Flutter development team integrates Flutter code into an existing iOS or Android app to make it multi-platform.

Maintenance and support

Our app developers keep tabs on your app by 24/7 Flutter performance monitoring. We make sure your application runs to the best of its abilities with new features and regular updates.

Insights on our Flutter development process

An established tech partner, *instinctools follows a battle-tested development approach that is both flexible and consistent. With Agile at heart, we continuously polish your Flutter app to make it functionally rich, aesthetically pleasing, and chart-topping.


We start our collaboration with meticulous research and planning. Our business analysts assess your idea’s viability to ensure the best market fit and user relevance. After studying your business needs and resources, we come up with a solution idea that will maximize your product quality and ROI.


During this stage, your business idea takes a well-defined shape. By researching user persona, our dedicated team of UX/UI designers ideate and create the app’s flow and structure as well as add visual appearance to your solution. We make sure your app’s interface clicks with the target audience and provides a seamless user flow. The result of this stage is a ready-to-go MVP with core functionality validated by the end-user.


At this stage, your app’s design architecture is transformed into a full-fledged solution. Our team of app developers create the required components and app functionalities based on design specs and MVP feedback. We then perform several testing rounds to make sure your app is in sync with the predefined targets.

Go beyond the ordinary with *instinctools

Here’s what makes our Flutter company a standout in the market

Always at the edge

We keep up with the latest Flutter news to take full advantage of the capabilities the framework offers and constantly improve our work. Our developers stay au courant with trending engineering features to create industry-first digital products.

Fast delivery

We are advocates of Agile best practices that add flexibility and help us respond to change quickly and iteratively. Our developers apply continuous automation to set up a regular rhythm of risk-free deployments.

Track record of native application projects

As one of the established Flutter development company, we also know the ins and outs of device-specific development. Our hands-on native app experience allows us to develop your multi-platform application on par with a native experience. We craft a single codebase for any type of operating system without compromising app performance.

Solid experience in Flutter projects

We are behind a number of app development projects in various industries that help our clients deliver product excellence and uninterrupted user flow across devices. Technical competence and domain expertise allow us to build innovative Flutter projects that make a difference.

Choose the best for your app with *instinctools.

Flutter development: Join the market leaders

Named the #1 cross-platform mobile framework, Flutter sets highscores as the most popular technology in the niche.

As an all-around solution, Flutter is a platform-agnostic kit that helps you reach a wider audience with low costs, fast development speed, and a single body of code. Here’s why your application needs Flutter:

Impressive cost savings

A leading portable technology, Flutter allows you to deliver natively-compiled apps across platforms from a build-once codebase and one development round. This, in turn, reduces your development, design, and testing costs.

Fast time-to-market

Due to the platform-agnostic nature, multi-platform technologies save over 30% of application development time. Not to mention Flutter’s hot reload feature that helps developers build aesthetic interfaces, deploy features, and write code fast and easily.

An avid community

The world’s biggest companies, including Google and the BMW Group, rely on Flutter application development due to its excellent design and development features. The technology gets regular updates and keeps up with the business landscape.

Inspiring look and feel

The Flutter framework excels at delivering custom and animated interfaces of any complexity thanks to a wide array of widgets. Its spectacular interfaces behave natively on almost any platform, including older Android and iOS versions with no extra costs.

Wide talent pool

With Flutter’s popularity on the rise, you can hire Flutter app developers regardless of your location or local talent gaps. Flutter talent is always available and ready to address your tech needs.

Consistent brand image across web and mobile

Deploying the same interface and business workflows across platforms, Flutter app development maintains your unique corporate style regardless of the device. Multi-platform apps can support your brand image through both custom and pre-built UI elements.

Stepping up with Flutter 2 app development

There is only one thing that’s better than the Flutter technology and that is Flutter 2. Our app development company helps you take the lead with the latest Flutter iteration and tap into its competitive differentiators.

Rich OS support

Leveraging Flutter 2, we can reuse the same set of code lines to ship your native applications to one of the five operating systems. The second version readily supports a wide range of platforms – from Android to macOS, and others.

Device compatibility

Owing to the portability of Dart and the stable web version, Flutter 2 can reuse the code and make your app accessible across three platforms. We can port your existing app to the desktop, using Flutter source code.

New widgets

With only a few lines of code, Flutter 2 can add new functionality to your application, including autocomplete and asynchronous actions. The widgets we use are independent of the platforms and offer huge visual capabilities for your UIs.

Better app performance

Sound Null Safety update prevents null error crashes and makes your digital product more stable and crash-free. The feature also helps us optimize your app code and adds a tailwind to your app’s speed.

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